Top 10 Best Comfortable Armchairs 2023 in Australia For You

March 2, 2023 Posted by La Maison Top Armchairs

The armchair is often underestimated in home styling but may affect aesthetics, comfort, and lifestyle considerably. The comfortable armchair is at the top of everyone’s priority list these days. Getting high quality while keeping the price low makes sense most of the time if you are at home. If you’ve been reading a lot of books recently, as we have, you’ve definitely considered investing in a good, comfy chair. Slipper chairs or comfortable armchairs are also ideal for working from your home.

The best Armchairs Australia are designed to let you get away from it all, with modern shapes and comfortable materials that are ideal for napping, reading, or relaxing. They’re proof that form and function can coexist. Shop our Hamptons style armchairs and comfy armchair which have been chosen for their comfortable and attractiveness. Let’s introduce the Hamtpon style furniture for you in detail.

Most comfortable armchair Australia: Wingback Armchair

Classic wingback armchairs are getting a modern facelift as traditional interior design rises in popularity in Australia. A wingback armchair is a style of upholstered accent chair with “wings” attached to the seatback. Wingback armchairs are characterised by a high back and “wings” that project out and usually extends down the armrests. While it has an upright silhouette, wingbacks make for highly comfortable accent chairs, adding instant sophistication to a space. It’s also a good choice if you like a high back armchair.

Toulouse wingback armchair
TOULOUSE Wingback Armchair

Our TOULOUSE wingback chair has a unique appearance, yet it also has a traditional and serene sense about it. The TOULOUSE armchair is refined and detailed yet relaxed, reminiscent of Indochine style, a melting pot of European and South-East Asian influences. A delicately carved timber frame with an intricately woven rattan veil, is the key to relaxed elegance.

2. Best reading chair in Australia:  Rattan Armchair

Rattan armchairs made from weaved rattan are surprisingly far comfier than they appear. Most rattan armchairs are designed to envelop your body and have a little padding. These classical armchairs are not only classy but comfy. The allure is all in its laid-back versatility – rattan armchairs work both inside and out. It’s about blurring the lines between the home and the garden, extending your living room to create a cosy alfresco area, or bringing a feeling of nature and the outdoors in. Rattan armchair Australia may not be everyone’s idea of relaxation and pleasure. Still, when it comes to mixing style with comfort, it’s a great choice.

SEYCHELLE Rattan Armchair

The traditional Malawi chair inspires our SEYCHELLE rattan armchair. It has a comfort-minded design paired with a tropical style. Its curvaceous woven rattan back and arm details celebrate the beauty of natural materials in all its glory. It comes with a removable upholstered fabric cushion for casual comfort.

3.Hamptons Style Armchair

Hamptons style armchair is a comfortable armchair. A fully-upholstered and whitewashed hardwood frame determines the refined yet relaxed style. The high back along winged sides and slender arms fit beautifully in traditional and contemporary decors. While generously holstered seat and back cushions add extra comfort. Tapered legs highlighted with fine carvings set a final touch.

BELFORT Hamptons style armchair
BELFORT Hamptons Style Armchair

Warm, washed wood combined with a stunning light blue cloth creates a wonderfully Hampton design. Our BELFORT Hamptons style armchair looks great in any living room or bedroom and provides excellent comfort with style. As a traditional Hamptons style armchair, the wooden armchair makes you quite comfy. The sophisticated yet casual design is defined by sophisticated upholstery on a delicate carved wooden frame. Its high back, winged sides, and slender arms work well in both classic and modern settings. Tapered legs provide a finishing touch with exquisite carvings for the Hamptons armchair. They look great together in front of the fireplace or across from a sofa in the living room.

4. Slipper Chair

A slipper chair is an armless, often upholstered chair with short legs that sit closer to the ground. This design feature gives them an elegant silhouette that doesn’t take up a lot of room. They’re ideal for short sitting periods in Australian outdoor settings, which means they’re genuine accent chairs intended to complement other pieces.

Slipper chairs came about in the 18th century and were mainly in women’s dressing rooms. Here, Victorian upper-class women would sit on their slipper chairs and slide into a pair of silk slippers, which is how the chair got its name. 

Hampton Rattan Slipper Armchair
HAMPTON Rattan Slipper Chair

Our HAMPTON slipper chair is reminiscent of the classic furniture that once graced the homes of our grandmothers. Tradition and old nostalgia meet a modern, beautiful delicate cane weave design. The Hampton slipper chair comes with low arms and comfortable seating. Terrific for casual living and perfect to use in covered alfresco space.

5. Club Armchair

Want a comfortable armchair to have a rest? A comfortable and classical armchair option is the club chair in Australia. Its plump, sink-in silhouette defines it. You can comfortably sit in this spacious armchair for hours. It’s a chair that hugs your body when you’re sitting in it because the well-padded arms and back give you tons of support all around. A club chair is perfect for long hangouts and gatherings.

Sassoon Club Armchair
SASSOON Club Armchair

A transitional modern club chair designed to suit both comfortable family living and formal entertainment, our SASSOON club armchair is defined by deep-seated comfort and elegant aesthetics. Features include a solid hardwood frame, fully upholstered with loose seat and back cushions along with supportive rounded arms. Tapered metal feet add the supportive yet finishing touch.

6. Easy Chair

An easy chair is a welcome addition to any space in Australia, from a bedroom to a living room to an office. Easy, durable comfort is the main characteristic while creating an affordable design classic with a modern appeal.

Calais Easy Chair
CALAIS Easy Chair

Our CALAIS easy chair has a solid feel but a graceful expression, as it combines solid wood with hand-woven cane. It has a unique shape and is wonderfully comfortable. Its classic contemporary look makes it the perfect pairing with any interior scheme. The cushion cover is removable so that it can be taken off for cleaning or maintenance. 

7. Slip-covered Armchair

The perfect way to describe slip-covered furniture is established value and something that will never go out of style. A slip-covered armchair is a timeless classic and works in almost every Australia home. It is a no-brainer to go the slipcover route if you’re looking for something that can be easily cleaned and cared for. Slipcovers can be removed and washed at any time.

Saint Mali Slipcover Armchair
SAINT MALO Slip-covered Armchair, Photo by @stevecordony

Our slipcover armchair SAINT MALO , a white armchair, maybe anything you want it to be. The heroic piece of your living ensemble, the right white armchair in a nook, or just the final thing to complete the style of your home. In addition, the white armchair is also a high back armchair. The comfy chair with curved arms provides a relaxing sitting experience. With coverage of white armchair on the whole floor, it’s casual enough for daily usage yet sufficiently adaptable to fit into any decoration.

8. Cane Armchair

A cane armchair is a perfect way to bring some natural texture into your home, which is now very popular in Australia. Cane armchairs are incredibly versatile. With cane, each hand-woven element represents the culmination of skills and passions passed from artisan to artisan across generations.

Cane armchairs look great paired with upholstered furniture and leather sofas, sectionals, coastal and modern pieces. They’re also perfect for the home office, your bedroom, or entryway. You can decorate with a black armchair easily and effortlessly. They’re ideal for the home office as well.

Orient Bay Cane Armchair
ORIENT BAY Cane Armchair

Our ORIENT BAY cane armchair has a classic and comfortable design. The chair is compact and light and quite beautiful, with a detachable seat and back cushion: a true cane beauty and our best-selling chair.

9. Modern Armchair

Modern armchairs are those furniture items that fit any Australian house decor. Modern armchair designs often echo or combine elements from classic styles, perhaps simplifying the details and adding a contemporary twist. The exceptionally sleek and simplified design will look superb in any home.

Brooklyn modern armchair
BROOKLYN Modern Armchair

Our BROOKLYN modern armchair integrates into any Australia living or bedroom interior scheme and offers fantastic comfort big on style.

10. Loveseat Armchair

Romantic by name, functional by nature. A loveseat armchair is smaller than a sofa but more significant than an armchair, ideal for small spaces or a statement accent piece for unused corners. A loveseat can typically fit two people, although it’s a prerequisite that you are comfortable in each other’s personal space.

A loveseat armchair is the perfect lounging destination, adding warmth and charm, and it’s also a great focal point. Loveseats will work well in a living room, bedroom, guest room, or home office, and because of their size, they’d look perfect in front of a window.

Simonata loveseat armchair
SIMONATA Loveseat Armchair

Our SIMONATA loveseat armchair is a must for its refined classic style. The design comprises clean lines and soft cushions. The SIMONATA armchair comes with a modern slipcover design is perfect for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Conclusion most comfortable armchairs in Australia

In conclusion, discovering the ultimate comfort in an armchair goes beyond mere seating – it’s about finding your personal oasis within your home. Dive into our curated selection, featuring exquisite options like the classic elegance of a wingback armchair, the natural charm of a rattan armchair, the timeless sophistication of a Hamptons style armchair, or the sleek simplicity of a slipper chair. Explore these luxurious pieces and more in our online store or visit our showroom, and redefine relaxation in style!

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