Console Tables

A console table is the most practical and versatile piece you can have in your home. We can also call hamptons style hallway table. It can function as a display table, as a statement piece, or as a storage unit.

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The Hamptons console table works anywhere in your home – the hallway, behind a sofa, the dining space, as a make-up table in your bedroom. Discover our selection of console tables that work wonders in your home.

Why do you need a Hamptons style console table in your home?

There’s every reason to bring a Hamptons style console table into your home. The most common spot to place a Hamptons style console table is in the hallway. Decorated with fresh flowers, a mirror, and decorative bowls for keys and small clutter, it welcomes you and your guests in a stylish manner. In your living room, a Hamptons console table in Australia could be a multi-functional eye-catcher. In an open-plan living concept, a modern wood console table with drawers functions well as a divider between living, dining, and kitchen. Therefore, a Hamptons console table is a beautiful storage solution for your silverware, cutlery, napkins, and all you need to set up a delicious dinner.

Not only does a Hamptons style console table provide additional storage, hamptons style hall table also works perfectly as a display for decor items. Additional baskets from seagrass or rattan can function as extra storage and hide clutter away. If you lean the Hamptons console table towards a wall, it’s a great base to present art, a gallery of framed photos, or even an elegant mirror. And which woman hasn’t dreamed of a spacious and decorative hamptons hall table in the bedroom for all your make-up, jewelry, and accessories?

You see, there is no limitation in use for a console table. It can even function as a desk when you work from home but are limited to a small space. Plus, console tables with storage come in various sizes, designs, and styles. You can always find a fitting console table for all your needs. With the right choice of a console table, you can complement any interior design scheme.

How to choose a Hamptons console table?

The choice of a console table depends on your available space, your personal taste as well as the design of your existing furnishing. A black Hamptons console table goes well with a modern design. While a white Hamptons console table is the ultimate piece in a classic Hamptons home. Do you have a spacious room with only a few furniture items? You could go for a long console table to underline the elegance of the space. When you lack space, a small console table or a narrow console table(narrow black console table or narrow white console table) fits in small rooms or niches. If you want your console table to hold heavy items such as marble decor, a heavy vase, or a big lamp, a wood console table with a sturdy base will do the work. To achieve the famous Hamptons style, go for a white console combined with accessories in blue shades.

Tips how to style console tables.

The styling of your Hamptons console table sets the mood for the whole room. A Hamptons style console table does not only bring function to your home, it reflects your personality. To make your modern console table a statement piece, we recommend keeping things simple. Don’t overload your Hamptons console table with clutter. Instead, place only one or two items, such as a classic lamp or a hardcover book, on one side of the black console table. Baskets on the lower shelves of the console table help you to keep clutter in order.

Opt for an oversized mirror or abstract painting above your console table to add a dramatic touch to your room. Work with layers on your white console table to create dimension and interesting aesthetics for the eye. This could be a pile of books or vases in different sizes and decorative boxes. Unexpected pairings such as iron next to fresh flowers create interest as well. In general, flowers are great to add height and structure to your decor styling.

Whether you want to leave a fabulous first impression for guests in your entryway or you love to see all your treasures from bed every morning when you wake up, a console table with storage does all of it. Scroll through our wide selection of Hamptons console tables and find your perfect match.