Side Tables

The side table is so much more than just a decorative piece of the living room or bedroom furniture. A Hamptons side table plays an important role in providing both aesthetic style and functionality within your home. A wooden side table with storage for living room is the best choice. You can choose from various designs, such as a rattan side table, small wooden side table, glass side table, and more. Our range of Hamptons style side tables is endless.

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Whether you love a simple, minimalistic design or a side table with drawers, we have plenty of designs for you. With the matching Hamptons sideboard, you can achieve a harmonious style within your home design.

Why you need a Hamptons side table in your home.

The moment you realise you need a Hamptons side table is when you lean over to put your drink on something, but end up putting it on the floor. Side tables, sometimes called end tables, are small yet functional tables. Where do you actually put a Hamptons style side table? It depends on your needs. Sometimes you just need a decorative small table to fit in that empty corner of your home. Other times, you need the Hamptons side table to sit next to your sofa. Some people opt for multiple side tables next to their sofa instead of a coffee table. Practical, so they don’t have to bend forward to reach any beverages or the remote control.

How to use a Hamptons side table in Australia?

Side tables can serve many purposes and home furniture needs. These handy tables come in a variety of materials, from wood and metal side table to glass. They may have shelves beneath the surface or even a drawer or two for hidden storage. Whether placed in the living room, bedroom or hallway, side tables can add style, character and versatility to a space. Apart from looking great in the living room, our end tables work well for the bedroom too. In this way, it not only serves as a Hamptons side table but as well as a bedside. So does a wooden side table not only provides additional storage, it’s a decorative piece too. With stylish, modern and contrasting designs, a small side table can blend with the interiors of your space. Hamptons style side tables are not only there to serve a functional purpose. The perfect Hamptons side table combines form and function and deserves to be highlighted in your space. A small round side table or a nesting table next to the sofa or bed can work wonders in your interior. Especially if you style it with the matching Hamptons sideboard.

How to choose a Hamptons style side table?

To ensure that you end up with a side table that you love and that lasts you for many years to come, it is vital that you follow your needs. Choose a Hamptons style side table and Hamptons sideboard based on your needs for the room. A sturdy timber side table is a good choice to hold a big lamp, while a Hamptons style sideboard can easily hold heavy items. If you prefer minimal design and no clutter, a glass side table provides a tidy look. Black side tables paired with a Hamptons sideboard add character and a sense of luxury to any room. If your space needs something lighter and simple, go for a white side table with drawers or a white Hamptons bedside table. It gives your room a bright appearance and provides comfort. Natural rattan side tables are a great choice for coastal style rooms to reflect nature in your home. No matter what you choose, don’t be afraid to experiment. Hamptons side tables are flexible furniture pieces, that can be mixed and matched with various design schemes. Enjoy choosing your side table. It sure adds character and personality to your home. Don’t forget to choose a matching Hamptons style sideboard to compliment your home design.

How to style side tables?

When styling a Hamptons side table think about height, colour, shape and features. The overall look of your side table styling will depend on the style and shape of the table. Round side tables look great styled with simple objects that enhance the circular lines. Whereas small side tables and square side tables suit objects that have curves to balance out the straight lines and angles. If you have a large timber side table you want to offset the heavy elements with softer accessories and colours. A white Hamptons bedside table works great as a surface for colourful flower arrangements. Balancing the style of your white side table with different shaped decor helps to create a cohesively styled space. Your side tables don’t have to match. As long as both tables are about the same height and have similar aesthetics or finishing, they will work to complement each other. Keep the decor items the same and add similar styling touches to both. Choose your new small table to match a cosy sofa, a Hamptons style sideboard or a stylish bedhead from our range. The La Maison collection of Hamptons side tables can easily give a personal touch to your home. Our side tables have been lovingly designed with your every need in mind, creating the perfect mix of function and style. Our collection includes everything from Hamptons-inspired wood to modern metal designs, so there’s something to suit every aesthetic. Pair your Hamptons style side table with our Hamptons Sideboards to curate a look that’s uniquely yours.