Chests of Drawers

You don’t need to settle for boring drawers. At La Maison, we are proud to stock a stunning range of statement Hampton style chests of drawers to finish off your home’s decor. We have white chests of drawers or black chests of drawers for you. Functional and versatile, this unique range offers the storage of a drawers with the beautiful Hamptons design.

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A perfect addition to your room, our Hamptons style sideboard gives your space extra flare while providing you with extra surface and storage keepsakes and items. Combining expert, meticulous craftsmanship with ethically sourced timber, our exclusively-designed Hamptons style sideboard is truly built to last.

Our Hamptons style drawers come in various colours and sizes to suit your needs and offer a unique, durable storage option for your space. Our white chest of drawers or black chest of drawers is an absolute must-have for your bedroom and living room, able to easily store any of your clothes, books, and other items. Keep everything you love in one place and enjoy practicality in a sleek, modern design for your home decor today.

Our responsibly sourced Mahogany chests are designed for the modern home and offer plenty of storage in a small, sleek design that works better than a traditional wardrobe within your space. These white chest of drawers or black chest of drawers are perfect for storing clothes, bedding, and more and are an attractive solution to your storage needs.

1.Why choose a Hamptons style Drawers for your home?

Bedroom dressers are a versatile type of storage that can be used in any room in your home and are a great way to store your items without taking up too much space. White chest drawers give you much more storage space than wardrobes, which are usually bigger and bulkier.

A white dresser also matches almost any interior style and can fit anywhere easily, unlike enormous wardrobes that take over the whole wall. A small design makes it possible to put chests of draws almost everywhere, even if there is not enough space behind or underneath it.

2.Practicality of a Hamptons Drawers

A Hamptons Chest of Drawers is a practical choice because it offers a large amount of storage space in a small package. This makes it the perfect option for tight spaces like under the stairs or in a hallway. Offering plenty of storage space, a drawers is ideal for keeping your home neat and organized.

3. The Importance of Hamptons Chest of Drawers

The importance of having a Hamptons Chest of Drawers in your home cannot be understated – it can be used in any room in your home. White chest of drawers and black chest of drawers are fantastic because they can be used to store away anything when not in use including clothes, dining ware, kitchen items and haberdashery. They are also useful for storing blankets and other linens when you need them out of the way!

Consider what you wish to store out of sight and this will guide you in your choice for a Hamptons Drawers. Where you would place one in your home? and how many would you have?

4.Features of a Hamptons Chest of Drawers

A Hamptons Chest of Drawers is a versatile piece of furniture that comes in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials to suit your needs and style. Some Hamptons style Chests of Drawers come with matching bedsides, making them perfect for storing extra blankets or pillows. People like white chest of drawers in Australia.

5.Factors to be considered when buying a Hamptons Chest of Drawers

When shopping for a White chest of drawers and black chest of drawers, it is important to consider the following factors that will best suit your Hamptons style home: size, colour ( black or white Chest of Drawers), material, and price point.

Hamptons Chest of Drawers come with different designs and storage options – single, double or multiple ones; wide or taller; simple or modern; under bed version etc., making it easy for you to choose something that will suit your Hamptons style home.

6.Types of Hamptons Chest of Drawers

Our styles range from lower chests such as the Conran and Aime perfect for styling a foyer, a small TV unit or a spot where you need storage and style. To larger chests like the Frejac, Malval and Moreno which offer larger storage solutions with simple yet beautiful detailing.