How to Choose the Right Dining Table for Your Home

March 2, 2022 Posted by Sarah hamptons dining chairs

For many of us, a dining table is considered the heart of the home. It’s an integral piece of furniture where family and friends sit together, talking, laughing while enjoying some delicious food. But, how to choose the perfect dining table can be very challenging. An ideal dining table is one that not only fits in your budget but is also solidly built, looks good in your space, and is durable. If you are thinking to invest in a dining table for your home, read below our details guide that will help you in making the right decision:

1. What Is A Dining Table’s Use?

No, this isn’t a bad question at all because a dining table set has a lot more use to it than just being lined with plates of food.
Firstly, a dining table is where you’ll be sitting every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This basically means that at least a little portion of your day will be spent eating on the dining table and chairs, which is why you need to pick a dining table set carefully.
Secondly, a dining table set isn’t just for you. If you’re having people over, they’re bound to be seated at your dining table set. So, you’ll need to pick something that makes your friends and family go, “oh wow! That’s a really beautiful dining table!”
Thirdly, depending on where you place your dining table, it can also double as a working station. No, we are not saying to turn it into a office table. When you are working remotely, you can simply put your laptop on dining table and work while you enjoy your food.

2. Why Do I Have to Plan So Much for A Dining Table Set?

We know it sounds silly now but a few months from now, you’ll be sitting at your dining table, and you’ll realize how well it blends in with your home; and you’ll be thankful for that. The real challenge is, choosing a dining table that blends in well with your other furniture. Or maybe you find this really beautiful round dining table and bring it home only to realize it does not fit in the room. There are quite a few things that can go wrong in picking the first piece of furniture that pops up, which is why you really need to think it through.

3. How Do I Figure Out What Size I Need?

Lifestyleshot Ovalis Dining Table Natural
INDI COASTAL Dining Table Petite
alfresco hamtpons dining sest

Contrary to popular belief, size does matter! While your dining table set is majorly for you, it can be a little embarrassing inviting people over and not having enough space to seat them. And it can be opposite too; imagine picking out a huge dining table but you rarely have people over. That’s why figuring out the size and capacity is important.

(1) 2-4 Persons; Smaller Capacity: 
A 4-seater dining table seats 4 people and doesn’t take much space. So, if you’re a small group of people or are short on space, this is the one you go for.

(2) 4-6 or 5-8 Persons; Medium Capacity: 
A 6-seater dining table or an 8-seater dining table is for larger families or groups of at least 5 people. 6-seater dining tables do not take too much space so if you’re a family of 5-6 and have little space, you should get a 6-seater. An 8-seater is much larger and takes up more space, but it’s perfect for those who like having people over all the time.

(3) 8-10 Persons; Large Capacity: 
The 8-12 seater dining tables are larger in size and take a lot of space. But on the other hand, these dining tables are best to seat groups of people. It is advisable to go for these big dining tables if you have plenty of space and you’re a casual caterer to larger parties.

4. Does the Material Matter

People usually go for a wooden dining table, but if you’re not a fan of rusticity, you can always go for a glass-top dining table instead. However, when it comes to something even as simple as a wooden dining table, there can be variations in material, and choosing the right material comes a long way.

Round Dining Table
Dining Settings Ovalis
Montferrano Dining Table Black

(1) Glass dining table
Glass table-tops don’t usually project a heavy feeling, so if you’re looking for something that can blend in with the room and not make it look over-crowded, you may go for a glass dining table. However, some glass dining tables can look heavy, especially if they’re extremely thick. In this case, you might want to go for a tempered glass tabletop (but make sure to have it protected because it’s really sensitive!)

(2) Teak Wood dining table
Would you like to go for a wooden dining table but want something that’s dense, durable and water-resistant? Then, you should go for a teak wood dining table. It sits well in a room and allows the rest of the furniture to look lighter in nature.

(3) Ash Wood dining table
Ash wood is typically used in construction because of their extreme durability, resistance, and flexibility. But ash wood furniture has a really beautiful light tone (which comes in various colors), so if you’re looking for something that compliments nature and brings out the colors of a room, you should go for an ash wood dining table. You can find a really beautiful ash wood table at La Maison.

(4) Cedar Wood
For a more rustic, in-touch with nature and outdoorsy look, a cedar wood dining table is the optimum choice. It’s great even in bad weather and really holds up well.

5. Going With the Right Shape

Montferrano Statement Dining Table
Dining Setting Ovalis Dining Table
Indi Coastal Dining Table Petite

Choosing the right shape is much easier.

(1)Round Dining Tables
Round dining tables allow for a more intimate setting and are perfect for people who like to gossip and interact. Round dining tables also consume low space and make the rook look lighter effortlessly. If you’re looking for the perfect round dining table, then take a look at the Montferrano Dining Table, a sleek and gorgeous round dining table that will perfectly align with your furniture.

(2)Oval Dining Tables
While a round dining table is cosy and intimate, oval dining tables are much more space-friendly and perfectly seat everyone at a comfortable distance. Oval dining tables look really intricate and can tie in all the elements of a room; and if you’re going to be placing your dining set in a separate dining area or the kitchen, then the oval dining table is the ideal one for you. The Ovalis Dining Table is the ideal oval dining table; it is sleek, modern, and really brings out a room’s personality!

(3)Square/Rectangular Dining Tables
If you’re not fond of circles and would rather go for something a little more compact, then you can go for rectangular dining tables to bring your dining area a little more vibrancy. Square or rectangular dining tables are traditional, dense, and easily fit within most rooms, so if you’re looking for a dining table set that fits that criteria, you’ll be happy with a rectangular dining table. If your heart is set on a rectangular dining table but you’d like it to be a little more in-touch with modern times, consider the INDI Coastal Dining Table, which is the perfect combination of haute and contemporary elegance.

6.Picking the Best Color

Of course, just like any other piece of furniture, choosing the right color for your dining table is important because it showcases not only the room’s but your personality.

(1) Dark Shades
If you like darker colors or are really into gothic shades, then going for a dark colored dining table like a black dining table is a good choice. But a dark dining table isn’t only for when you like black; if you have a lot of space and need to pick a dining table set that makes the room fuller, then dark colors will really do the trick. The Ovalis Dining Table comes in a beautiful shade of rustic black, which will be perfect for a contemporary setting or making the room look cosier. If you’re not one for the black shade but would still like something dark, then why not go for the Hampton Round Dining Table in Instant Grey?

(2) Lighter Shades
However, if you’re short on space or are picking an already furnished room for your dining table set, then you should avoid dark colors like black or grey because they can make a room look smaller and congested. Lighter shades like chalk, beige and other shades of white can match well with most furniture and wall shades, so if you want a dining table set that blends in nicely with the curtains or your wallpaper, then you can go for lighter shades. If you’d like to bring a dining table that’s both light in color but still hints to nature, then check out this awesome Chalk Base and Natural Top Dining Table!

(3) Natural and Organic Shades
If you’re a sucker for nature and want to go for something that’s more sustainable, then an all-natural wooden dining table with a natural washed tabletop will be the right fit for you. Getting a table that is naturally colored isn’t only aesthetically pleasing but environment friendly too. And if you need a place to look, try checking out this Washed Natural Dining Table

7.Hamptons Style Dining Table

Hamptons Style furniture is recently becoming the new rage because they’re the perfect blend of aesthetic, natural and contemporary. If you’d like a Hamptons Style Dining Table for your home, chances are you won’t be taking any risk. Hampton Style Dining Tables really fit in with any room, are cosy, light-toned, flexible, and extremely refreshing to look at. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this Hampton Round Dining Table… it also comes in a gorgeous shade of white!


Now that you know how to pick the perfect dining table for your home, ditch the local market and scroll through La Maison’s website, where you’ll find not only the most beautiful and pocket-friendly dining tables but much more!