La Maison offers a curated mix of stylish and functional Hamptons style sideboards to complement your living space. We carry a fine range of designer furniture, such as sideboards, that is perfect for modern home interiors.

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A perfect addition to your room, our Hamptons style sideboard gives your space extra flare while providing you with extra surface and storage keepsakes and items. Combining expert, meticulous craftsmanship with ethically sourced timber, our exclusively-designed Hamptons style sideboard is truly built to last.

Taking a style cue from the luxe coastal locale of the Hamptons in New York, our Hamptons sideboard features chic, contemporary designs that perfectly merge traditional French chateaux and deluxe coastal styles with sleek and modern lines. So, if you’re looking for the best white sideboard or top black sideboard buffet, the old-meets-new vibe of Hamptons sideboard is sure to impress.

Hamptons Style Sideboard

Thanks to its quiet, elegant charm, our Hamptons style sideboard is the perfect choice for any space. Our Hamptons sideboards evoke a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe that gives your dining room, hallway or bedroom an ultra-stylish yet very organic feel. The relaxed, informal tone of hardwood timber sideboards help create a warm and inviting atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the tranquil seaside of the Hamptons.

A multifunctional addition to your room

For a living area to truly come alive, you need to choose furniture that is both stylish and multifunctional. That is why a sideboard is a perfect addition to your room. A white Hamptons sideboard or even a coastal style timber sideboard increases the functionality of your space.  An aesthetic yet practical addition to your living area, a Hamptons buffet sideboard creates a great focal point that you can utilise to store your prized dinnerware, perch your flat screen TV, or showcase your delectable and mouth-watering recipes during intimate gatherings and dinner parties.  A wood sideboard also provides discrete storage so you can create an organised and clutter-free space. Regardless of style or colour – whether it is a white sideboard buffet, a retro sideboard or even a rattan sideboard would make a perfect addition to any room in your home.

Buying Guide: Hamptons sideboard

La Maison is the best sideboard furniture store to buy finely crafted Hamptons sideboards in Australia. We carry a fine range of designer furniture, such as sideboards, that is perfect for modern home interiors. Combining expert and meticulous craftsmanship with ethically sourced timber, our exclusively-designed Hamptons style sideboard is truly built to last.  From smooth-gliding drawers and smooth-sliding panels to sturdy interior shelving down to its luxuriously hand-finished surfaces, every component of our Hamptons style buffet sideboard shows supreme, unparalleled quality.

How to choose your Hamptons sideboard

When choosing a Hamptons sideboard, there are a number of factors to consider:

1. Choose the best sideboard material
Your timber sideboard’s material is very important. Hardwood timber sideboards (made from Teak or Oak) are known for their durability and is less prone to dings. Hardwood timber sideboards will work best for high-traffic areas as its less prone to damage. Softwood timber sideboards (made from Rattan or Pine) are lighter and softer in nature is best for bedrooms and other low-traffic areas.

2. Take sideboard storage into consideration
As a stylish storage piece, your sideboard is meant to store your room items. If you’re thinking of storing smaller items (like your silverware or even tech gear), consider a wood sideboard with a plenitude of drawers, like the Maison Sideboard. Looking to store more bulky items? Perhaps a sideboard with sliding panels and internal shelving would work best, like the Henwick Sideboard. Remember, your Hamptons sideboard should work well for you.

3. Pick an interior colour scheme
Choose a sideboard colour that perfectly complements your room’s colour scheme. For example, choose a white sideboard for light coloured room interiors, a black sideboard for dark coloured interiors, or a wood-tone sideboard to add warmth to an otherwise ‘cold’ looking room.

Style Tip! Our best selling Hamptons style sideboard 

La Maison offers a range of best-selling Hamptons style sideboard. One of our top sideboard styles – the Louis Hamptons style sideboard buffet in black or chalk with a signature ‘tambour doors’ is a classic statement piece that’s perfect for your dining room. Despite its classic, elegant look, its wood detailing and streamlined panelling provides a simple, timeless look that will remain stylish through the years. One of the best sideboards for a larger storage capacity is the Tommy Sideboard. This Hamptons buffet sideboard features eight deep drawers that allow you to store tons of knickknacks and other personal effects. Its dark timber panels, brass hardware and the iron base provide this Hamptons sideboard with a warm, relaxed yet modern vibe that will be perfect for your room.

 Create a stylish and functional living space and choose a Hamptons style sideboard today!