The Art of Mixing and Matching: How to pair Hamptons Armchairs with other Decor Elements

March 16, 2023 Posted by La Maison hamptons armchairs living room

The Hamptons style including Hamptons armchairs has been a steady, adored trend in Australian homes for decades now. And the reason for it is simple: the chic yet casual style combines functionality, comfort and elegance. While the classic Hamptons style is all white and navy blue, it leaves enough flexibility to go along with modern or more rustic decor elements. Hence, why interior designers and homeowners appreciate the versatile Hamptons interiors.

Especially Hamptons style armchairs are considered key pieces in a Hamptons design scheme. They can either be the final touch or a stunning accent when used with mismatched decor. If you’re looking for some ideas how to implement Hamptons armchairs into your home, here are some tips and tricks for great combinations.

Modern Hamptons style armchairs
Photos by @Spacejoy via Unsplash
Modern Hamptons style living room

Is it a good idea to have mismatched living room furniture?

Matching living room furniture is so tempting as it’s the easiest option to achieve a certain design style. But the safest solution might not be as interesting or appealing as mismatched furnishing. In fact, it might look rather boring. Mismatched living room furniture is worth a consideration if you want to create a more contemporary and dynamic look.

Combining your classic Hamptons sofa with mismatched Hamptons armchairs is the perfect example of how easy it is to style with mismatched furnishing. But of course, mismatched doesn’t mean just throwing everything together. The idea of mismatched living room furniture is to coordinate shades, shapes or patterns that have common elements yet create an interesting contrast with differences.

Hamptons style home
Photo by @Collov Home Design via Unsplash

Pairing Hamptons Armchairs with Other Living Room Decor

When it comes to pairing your Hamptons armchairs with other decor elements, you basically have two choices – match and mismatch. Your decision should be based on the overall idea for your living room.

For the matching approach, we suggest using a white Hamptons sofa as your base colour. The Hamptons style armchairs don’t need to have the exact same colour as your sofa, but should pick up the tones or fabric qualities. Another approach that works beautifully is framing your sofa with one or two armchairs in bold colours, then use cushions with patterns and textures that repeat the sofa’s shade. You could then easily extend this colour palette into decor elements like rugs, planters or wall art to create a subtle harmony.

By using mismatched Hamptons armchairs, you have the opportunity to set an accent that catches the eye. Think of material mix, like an oversized Hamptons sofa combined with rattan armchairs or armchairs with wooden details paired with a slipcover sofa. The secret to make it work lies in picking similar shapes. So, if you have a rectangular coffee table, go with armchairs that have simple lines. Opposite for a round coffee table, here would a curved shaped armchair fit better.

Lifestyleshot Juliette Coffee Table
Lifestyleshot Calais Easy Chair and Coffee Table
CALAIS Easy Chair

Adding Textures and Patterns

Hamptons-style armchairs are extremely versatile due to their timeless and classic design. Here are a few ideas for adding textures and patterns:

Lifestyle shot BELFORT Armchair Linen Natural
BELFORT Armchair & MANADO Side Table
Lifestyleshot Juliette Side Table petite
HAMPTON Slipper Chair & JULIETTE Side Table

Choosing the Right Accessories

We all know that accessories are the important factor to achieve a favoured look, especially in the living room. These simple elements will have big effects:

  • Cushions, cushion, cushions – the more, the merrier. Cushions have the power to transform your whole space, and the best: you can replace them by the season or your mood without breaking the bank.
  • Nothing adds more comfort to a space than a rug. Opt for natural materials like sisal, cotton or wool to add warmth and depth.
  • Think of Hamptons when it comes to decor. White and blue China, sand tone pottery, opulent vases, silver candleholders, large mirrors – everything that reflects elegance will work.

Layering Decor Elements

When we talk about layering, we don’t mean simply layer different textiles and fabrics. We mean styling with levels. Meaning…

  • Choose elements of different heights and arrange them in an unsorted order
  • Play with hues, shades and patterns. Keep in mind to create an interesting contrast
  • Layering also means combining different materials. For example, start with a wooden floor, then a structured rug, followed by a coffee table with coffee table books, on top a tray with candles or bowls in different sizes… and so on

Hamptons living room
Photo by @sidekix via Unsplash

Where to Buy Hampton Armchairs in Australia

La Maison makes it not only easy but affordable to decorate your living room with beautiful and timeless Hamptons style furniture. Our Hamptons style armchairs collection can perfectly complement your existing room or create a whole new elegant look. These Hamptons armchairs are perfect for the living room, whether you want to you with matched or mismatched styling.

Saint Malo
With its clean yet elegant lines, the Saint Malo slipcover armchair in crisp white is a beautiful addition to any living room. The simplicity of this chair gives you the high flexibility to pair it with a variety of designs.

Mayfair Side Table and Etagere
SAINT MALO Armchair Crisp White, Photo by @stevecordony
Saint Malo Armchair Saffron Angle
SAINT MALO Armchair Saffron

The Belfort armchair is ideal to set subtle accents in your living space. A classic wing back shape with a whitewashed hardwood frame paired with comfortable fully-upholstered seating is enhancing the typical relaxed Hamptons style.

Lifestyle shot Belfort Armchair Hampton Blue
BELFORT Armchair Hampton Blue
BELFORT Armchair Linen Angle With Transparent Background
BELFORT Linen Armchair

Infuse a tropical, coastal vibe into your space with the Seychelle rattan armchair. Compared to the classic Malawi chair, the Seychelle armchair offers high comfort and steadiness with its curvaceous woven rattan back and arm details.

SEYCHELLE rattan armchair


Hamptons style armchairs have more functionality than you would think. Besides offering extra seating in your living room or bedroom, they are great to set accents, whether soft or bold. Plus, their classic design is timeless and will never go out of style. Browse our selection of armchairs, accent chairs, rattan chairs, armless chairs, wingback chairs, and loveseats to find the perfect option that suits best your style and needs. Or visit our Sydney showroom and take a seat on your favourite design.