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Gather round and entertain beautifully with our range of Hamptons dining tables. Create a beautiful centrepiece in your dining room with a round dining table, a rectangle dining table or an oval dining table Australia. Choose from a Hamptons style dining table or coastal dining table and brighten your everyday meals with comfort and style.


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Whether you are looking for a Hamptons style dining table or a coastal dining table, such as an oval dining table, our collection has a wide range of coastal Hamptons dining tables.

What are the characteristics of a Hamptons dining table?

The Hamptons style reflects the architecture and decorating of holiday homes in the luxury seaside communities along New York’s neighbouring Long Island. Meanwhile, Hamptons style dining has made its way to homes across the world. Coastal Hamptons dining tables are a lifestyle. The look is defined by classic, coastal or elegant designs. The fresh, airy palette of whitewash, natural textures and solid timber is the main characteristic of Hamptons style dining tables. And the best, the designs and material work beautifully in Australian Homes.

Our Hamptons dining tables are mostly made of solid wood, like ash or teak wood. Durable and resistant materials, which will bring you a long life joy. Due to the climate-resistant material, our Hamptons dining table is as well ideal for undercovered outdoor areas. Therefore a Hamptons style dining table is ideal for family gatherings, kids birthday parties, or celebrations with friends in summer. Keep in mind, Hamptons style dining tables are the same as other directly exposed products. Direct weather exposure will age the product, and it develops cracks quicker. Oval wood dining tables are more popular in Australia. The oval wood dining table is visually light and gives people a sense of comfort. The curved edges for the oval wood dining tables are safer for you. If you also want an oval dining table in your dining room, we’ve got it for you, there are four oval dining tables in the product showcase list above.

Why you need a Hamptons style dining table at home?

White beach, crystal blue water and palm trees are what comes into our minds thinking of the Hamptons. Once fell in love with the relaxed elegance of the Hamptons style, you want to create this feeling at home. A Hamptons dining suite will make your home feel light, relaxed and inspiring. You can easily recreate a Hampton dining room with Hamptons style furniture such as a dining table Hamptons style and matching decor. Hamptons dining tables fill your home with memories and happiness, they are more than just a place to eat.

Around the dining room table, we not only share our daily life. Furthermore, we create laughter and good times with family and friends. Ordinary days begin and end at the Hamptons style dining table. A healthy breakfast with your family at the Hamptons dining tables are a great to start a nice day. And after work, you can have a feast at your coastal dining table and invite friends and family.

What’s the best use for a coastal Hamptons dining table?

You will see, your Hamptons dining table will quickly become your family’s best friend. Hamptons style dining tables are flexible and provide you a multipurpose space. Rectangle dining tables are great for a shared home office for you and your husband. While Hamptons round dining tables provide a relaxed homeschooling zone or crafts space. A Hamptons dining suite can be your family space as well as hosting meals for guests. The dining table has taken on the role of a home office, homeschooling zone, crafts space, as well as hosting meals and guests. Hamptons style dining suites will make your home more harmonious. A white Hamptons round dining table suits perfectly 4 till 6 chairs for small gatherings. If you have a big family or organise frequently dinner parties, you can choose a Hamptons extendable dining table for 8 till 10 seats.

How to take care of your coastal Hamptons style dining table?

Our Hamptons dining tables are mostly made of hardwood, a durable product for you and your home. With the right care, you will enjoy your Hamptons style dining table for years to come. With the right care and upkeep, a Hampton dining table can usually be used outdoors. You want to protect it in a covered area, to avoid direct element exposure and a quick tear and wear.

In order to prolong the life of Hamptons style dining table, please keep it dry and clean. Especially when it’s raining, you better put the Hamptons style dining table under a protected space. Secondly, to protect you and your loved ones, keep the dining table away from open fire at any time. Our Hamptons dining tables are wood-coloured or painted. To keep your Hamptons dining table shiny as smooth, you can apply frequently wood polishing or wax.

How to style your Hamptons dining room?

Go with a minimalistic, classic look when decorating Hamptons style dining suites. In addition to the signature whiteness in Hamptons style, accent colours are the best reflection of the Hamptons style. Pair your Hamptons style dining table with upholstered dining chairs in shades of blue. Soft furnishings in a range of blue compliment your dining space for an exquisite arrangement. You can create a harmonious contrast with warm beige, bleached coral or soft charcoal. Play with creatively arranged florals and statement ceramics to give a variety of textures to your colour palette. Cane and rattan are also wonderful furniture choices for the Hamptons style dining room. We have a wide range of rattan furniture which will complement your space in a wonderful way.