Bed Heads

We understand how important it is for your bedroom to be comfortable and practical. However, why settle with just that? Our range of Hamptons style bedheads in Australia offers a timelessly elegant style that is durable, comfortable and practical for your bedroom space. Show off your individuality and get creative with our stunning range of king bedheads, queen bedheads, linen bedhead and rattan bedheads that are perfect for your needs today.

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1.Why choose bedhead for your home

A Hamptons style bedhead in Australia is a stunning choice for your home. Your bedhead works well as a statement piece within your bedroom and offers many benefits like giving support to your bed and protecting your walls from abrasions.

Your bedroom isn’t complete without a bedhead, and it’s important that you choose a rattan bedhead, linen bedhead or cane bedhead that suits your bedroom’s aesthetic. We recommend our Camille hampton style Bed Heads Queen in the blue/whitewash colour for an elegant look within your room.


2.Practicality of the hamptons style bed head

Hamptons bedhead are super practical ways to decorate your bedroom. Adding to the structural integrity of your bed, a bedhead is a surefire way to guarantee no midnight mishaps happen whilst you’re sleeping. Plus, your bedhead protects your walls from abrasions, which can save you a costly headache in the future.

Are you looking for a bedhead that is practical? Shop our Margauz Bedhead Queen Linen/Natural. This stunning bedhead works well no matter what colour your bedroom is, and offers practical protection in a lightweight, easy-to-maintain bedhead.


3.The Importance of bedhead

Bedheads are an important addition to your bedroom decor. They make your bedroom look more finished and offer added benefits like abrasion protection and improving the sturdiness of your bed. Invest in a bedhead like our Cayman King Bedhead.


4.Features of bedhead

Your bedhead will work as a wood and fabric backdrop for your bed. It may feature non-slip stilts to ensure it remains in place.


5.Factors to be considered (size, color, material, price)

It’s important to match your bedhead to your bed’s size. Is your bed a king or queen? From here, you will need to shop our range of king bedheads, queen bedheads and double bed bedheads for your needs today.

You will also need to consider the colour of the bedhead. What works well with the aesthetic of your room? Are you looking for something with a natural finish like our Cayman Queen Bedhead or something with a bit of colour, like our Camille Bedhead in Grey.

Never go over your budget for your bedhead. You can find a range of high-quality, affordable bedheads in our store, and there’s bound to be one that is perfect for your bedroom today.