Hamptons Style Sofa

La Maison brings to you a wide range of Hamptons sofas in Australia. Featuring stylish designs hamptons couch, high-end craftsmanship hamptons sofa, and luxe materials hamptons couch, our Hamptons style sofas features chic coastal vibes that are truly on trend. Only the plushest and comfiest of fabrics are used in our Hamptons style sofa to provide you with superior comfort that you can truly sink into.

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Choose from a variety of styles that’s a perfect fit for your space. We have 2 seater Hamptons style sofas for smaller areas or even 3 seater sofas so you can create the perfect living room for lounging or entertaining.

La Maison offers a wide range of Hamptons sofas in Australia. You are truly spoilt for choice with our selection of modern white sofas, blue couches, and fabric sofas in that trendy Hampton style that’s sure to impress.

Hamptons Style Sofas

A Hamptons style lounge rooms or Hamptons style sofas attract massive appeal due to their quiet yet luxurious vibe. A Hamptons sofa style features minimal, stylish designs that combine high-end materials with top quality craftsmanship. Inspired by the grand vacation homes of New York’s Long Island, a Hampton style sofa takes its style cue from the breathtaking coastal hamlet of its namesake. That is why a Hamptons style lounge can add a sense of calm and serenity to any area.

Why choose a Hamptons style sofa for your home

The beauty of a Hamptons style sofa lies in its simplicity. This makes a Hamptons style lounge a great choice for your living space. A Hamptons style sofa works well with your existing decor while increasing your room’s style and comfort factor. Only the plushest of fabrics, such as chambray, linen or cotton are used in our Hampton style sofas to provide you with superior comfort that you can sink into. Meanwhile, exquisite shades of whites, blues and cool neutrals are utilised to create a sophisticated sofa that elevates the style factor of any living space. Because of its inherent sophistication, a Hampton style sofa lets you transform any room into a chic yet comfortable living space.

Benefits of using a Hamptons style sofa

Hamptons style lounge suites, either in a hampton 3 seater sofa or a 2 seater sofa configuration provide your living space with a myriad of benefits. With its elegant, understated look, luxurious materials hamptons lounges and the finest of craftsmanship, a Hamptons style lounge offers you a long-lasting fabric sofa that’s excellent for entertaining or relaxing for many years to come.

Choosing your sofa

Your sofa anchors your space both in a functional and aesthetic sense. Whether you plan to host intimate home gatherings or you’re simply aiming to create a relaxing lounge room to ‘chill’ after a long day, your sofa selection is vital.

Factors to consider when choosing a sofa

When choosing your sofa, consider the following:

  • Dimensions of your living area
    You want to ensure that you get the sofa-room scale right so that your space does not look too sparse or too cluttered.
  • Your room’s colour palette
    You want to make sure that your sofa colour compliments your décor. A neutral colour sofa, as seen in Hamptons style sofas, would work best as it would easily match and enhance your interior. The THEA Sofa Harbour Blue is a beautifully crafted 3-seater sofa in an elegant blue shade that would work well with any interior colour palette.
  • The room’s function
    Based on your lifestyle, think about your desired function for your room. Your room’s function will dictate what to consider in choosing the sofa type and material. Perhaps a couch with a slip-cover, such as The Simonata Sofa Blanc would suit you well if you value style and ease of maintenance thanks to its removable slipcover. You might also consider a rattan sofa like the Orient Bay 2-seater Old Grey with Natural Cushion, as it’s a 2-in-1 sofa that you can easily use for both indoor and outdoor entertaining.

    Types of sofas

    Depending on your room size and function, La Maison brings to you a variety of sofa configurations that’s truly a perfect fit. We have 2 seater sofas that would serve well for smaller living spaces such as your home office, study or guest room. We also have 3 seater sofas and so you can mix, match and create the perfect living room or rumpus room for lounging or entertaining. We also carry a range of sofas and lounge sets that can be used for your outdoor spaces, so you get a luxury sofa selection without sacrificing the style and comfort that you require.

    Style Tip! Hamptons Style Lounge

    Transform your room with the THEA Sofa Harbour Blue fabric couch and create a show-stopping centerpiece for your living space. With its stylish silhouette and stunning neutral tone, this blue couch will work well with your existing colour palette. Make your very own Hamptons style lounge suite and pair the THEA sofa with the Seychelle Armchair with Seat Cushion. A perfect pairing, the combination of the two creates a stylish and comfortable area that’s perfect for lounging, relaxing or entertaining. The warm rattan armchair, paired with our 3 seater fabric sofa creates a soft yet warm contrast that sets a perfect style cue for that chic, coastal vibe of a Hamptons inspired lounge room.
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