Alfresco Lounge

Why settle for just an outdoor couch when you can have a beautiful Hampton outdoor alfresco set-up that truly oozes style, elegance and a beautiful aesthetic. Our Hampton 3 seater sofa and Hamptons armchair work as a bespoke outdoor Alfredo set-up for you and your loved ones to enjoy. We stock a variety of side tables such as a rattan side table and stunning black side table to suit your entertaining needs. Design your dream alfresco hang-out area with this beautiful, unique range today.

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1. Why choose alfresco furniture for your home?

Alfresco furniture like our beautiful Hamptons 3 seater sofa and Hampton’s style armchair brings functionality, beauty and the ability to entertain your guests in a comfortable setting. Your home’s interior design isn’t restricted to inside your house, and investing in stunning outdoor alfresco furniture made from durable materials like our rattan side table and rattan armchair will allow you to design a perfect outdoor entertainment space.

Alfresco furniture is incredibly durable and can withstand weathering. It’s important to use furniture that is tailored for outdoor use for your alfresco area. Our rattan alfresco furniture work well for outdoor entertainment as they are super durable for weathering, heat and rain. We recommend shopping our Calais Easy Rattan Chair for a timeless!


2. Practicality of alfresco furniture:

Our alfresco furniture range is incredibly practical and can be used to host outdoor events or to craft a relaxing oasis in your own backyard. Style your alfresco furniture to suit your needs, whether that is to have an entertainment space for guests or to create an outdoor minibar or book nook. The options are endless with this range.

Our Hampton Rattan Dining Chair is perfect for a practical patio set-up.


3. The importance of alfresco furniture

Spending time outdoors is good for your physical and mental health. It’s important to have access to the outdoors and to utilise the space on your alfresco to ensure you can relax, unwind and enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your own home.

Alfresco furniture means you aren’t limited to entertaining just inside your home. Use our Hamptons 3 seater sofa or Hamptons armchair to create a stunning, functional alfresco entertainment space for your guests to enjoy. Pair your new chairs with a lovely rattan side table to truly polish off your outdoor space.


4. Features of alfresco furniture

Our alfresco furniture range is crafted from durable materials like rattan to ensure your outdoor furniture can withstand the effects of weathering.

Enjoy our Calais Rattan Chair and Calais Side Table set-up for your outdoor patio. Alfresco furniture allows you to create a tailored outdoor relaxation and entertainment space to suit your needs. Alfresco furniture allows you to extend your patio and living space with ease!


5. Factors to be considered (size, colour, material, price)

When choosing your alfresco furniture, it’s important to consider important factors like the function and purpose of your alfresco. Are you creating a tailored outdoor entertainment space? Then investing in a Hampton’s sofa is a good idea to give your guests somewhere comfortable to sit. However, if you’re looking to create an outdoor relaxation area, you may be better off choosing a rattan armchair.

The size of your alfresco will also determine what alfresco furniture you buy. A smaller alfresco is better suited to an armchair and side table set-up, whereas larger alfresco’s can accommodate larger entertainment set-ups like a rattan sofa.

You don’t want to blow your budget when designing your alfresco area, so make sure to choose items that are comfortably within budget. The materials for your alfresco furniture should be durable for the weather. We recommend sticking with rattan alfresco furniture.