A Hamptons armchair is a great statement piece to brighten up any room in your home. With a Hamptons style armchair, you not only add extra seating space, but you also show a part of your personality and style as well.

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The Hamptons armchair options are endless, and you can choose from different materials such as rattan armchairs, cane armchairs, fabric armchairs, linen armchairs. Or you pick by colour – our range of Hamptons armchairs gives you a choice of grey armchairs, white armchairs, black armchairs, and blue armchairs. Browse through our collection and find a Hamptons armchair that you’ll love.

Why you need a Hamptons armchair?

A Hamptons style armchair might be the missing piece in your home to make you really feel comfortable. Everyone knows the feeling of coming home from a busy day and the urge to relax. Well-designed, comfortable armchairs can be a safe nest, where you can cuddle up and calm down from a long day. Slipper chairs or easy chairs are smaller than a sofa, and therefor you don’t have to share the space. Classic armchairs help you to claim your own space to enjoy some quality me-time.

Besides providing you with a secure oasis, Hamptons armchairs can turn your living room into a social space filled with conversations and laughter. Place two wingback armchairs, also known as bergère chairs, opposite your sofa and see how it unfolds into entertaining moments. Armchairs for living rooms are inviting and give your guests a comforting feeling.

You see, a Hamptons armchair is more than a pretty piece of furniture. Comfy armchairs add meaning as well as function to your home while being stylish. And the best, modern armchairs come in various shapes, designs and colours. Styling your home with a Hamptons style armchair is effortless and easy.

How to choose a Hamptons style armchair?

Be clear about your intentions, why you need a Hamptons armchair. Do you want to create a little reading nook with a bedroom armchair? Or do you want to add more seating to your living space with comfortable armchairs for your guests. Depending on what you wish to achieve, you have several choices of Hamptons style armchairs.

Keep in mind how much space you have available. Some armchairs take up more space, such as wingback armchairs or high back armchairs. If you have only a small space, you want to opt for compact armchairs with a sleek design such as a slipper chair, easy chair and accent armchair. These usually come without armrests and therefor don’t take up so much space.

Don’t forget to think about the frequency of use. Are you curling up on your Hamptons armchair on a daily basis? How often do you welcome guests at home? Or is it more of a statement piece for decorative purpose? The more you use your Hamptons style armchair, the more care it might need. Therefor, it’s important to look for easy-to-maintain armchairs. For example, fabric armchairs, linen armchairs as well as slipcover armchairs not only come in various colour and pattern options, they are also easy to clean.

Another option you might want to consider when it comes to easy maintenance are Hamptons armchairs from natural materials. Rattan armchairs, cane armchairs and wicker armchairs are all easy to clean, durable and long-lasting. If you’re looking for outdoor armchairs, we highly recommend sticking to these resistant materials.

How to style an accent armchair?

By now, you know that modern armchairs come in various designs and shapes. With a Hamptons armchair, you invest in a versatile piece, that goes along with a variety of design schemes. Think about if you want your Hamptons armchair to complement the look and feel of the room, or if you want it to stand out. Neutral colours like a grey armchair or a natural armchair help to create a calm atmosphere. On the other hand, statement colours such as a black armchair or a blue armchair set a high contrast. To achieve the classic Hamptons look, we recommend choosing a white armchair, maybe even a white linen armchair and pair it with cushions in blue shades.

Rattan armchairs, cane armchairs and wicker armchairs work perfectly fine with a coastal design scheme. Their natural touch adds a sense of structure to your decor. To underlay a coastal look, opt for neutral colours like a white armchair or a natural armchair. To recreate the feeling of a relaxed beach day, you want to make sure to choose a comfy armchair. Armchairs from natural materials build a great contrast when placed opposite to a fabric sofa.

You prefer a classic, timeless look? Here, we recommend going with a wingback armchair or bergère chair. Which is the most classic armchair style you can choose. They usually work best in a big, open space like an empty corner of your bedroom or in a home office, next to a bookcase.