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Why you need Hamptons Dining Chairs?

While the dining table may be the focal point of the dining space, the Hamptons dining chairs are the true essence of every event. Imagine you have a beautiful dining table but the chairs are so uncomfortable that your family can’t wait to get up quickly and your guests are moving nervously from side to side out of discomfort. By choosing Hamptons style dining chairs that not only match your style but also provide comfort, you can ensure that every moment is enjoyable.

Especially since the dining room gained more importance and turned into a multi-functional room, comfortable Hamptons dining chairs are a must-have. Not only they serve an entertaining purpose but also support you while working from home or craft with your kids at the table. Your Hamptons dining chairs can be the foundation of productivity, good conversations, never-ending dinner parties or a spot to casually hang out.

How to choose the right Hamptons style dining chairs?

How to buy dining chairs? Hamptons style dining chairs set the tone in your design scheme and come in various sizes and styles. Cross back dining chairs, high back dining chairs, dining chairs with arms… the options are endless. To find the perfect Hamptons dining chairs, you have to take a few things into consideration. First, get an overview of the room where you want to place your Hamptons dining chairs. How much space do you have available? Will the chairs accompany a small dining table or full Hampton style dining suites? This will give you an idea about the room dimensions and what size to look for when buying Hamptons style dining chairs.

The size of the dining table gives you a direction to find matching Hamptons style dining chairs. The dining chairs should easily fit under the dining table while providing enough room for people to sit around it comfortably. Wicker dining chairs are a good choice. You want to consider as well that each seated guest has enough space to move. Whether it’s for reaching over the table or to put the elbows down. No one likes to feel crowded and poked by a table neighbour’s elbow.

Apart from the basic factors, choose Hamptons dining chairs that complement your home design and your personal taste. Look for fabrics, materials or shapes which either set a contrast or align with the rest of your dining interior. Don’t forget, you want your dining room chairs to be of good quality to last many years while leaving an everlasting impression on your guests.

Which Hamptons style dining table and chairs work well together?

At La Maison you find a variety of Hamptons dining chairs, that will suit your style and needs. Within our range, you can choose from different materials such as cane dining chairs, wooden dining chairs, metal dining or oak dining chairs. If you prefer to choose by colour, we have a selection of black dining chairs, white dining chairs, blue dining chairs, hampton chairs, natural dining chairs along with some accent colours.

For a classic Hamptons dining room, we recommend pairing a long rectangle dining table with white Hamptons dining chairs or even white painted cane dining chairs. To create an elegant Hamptons style, black dining chairs are the best choice. With a clean and sleek design, they bring a touch of luxury into your dining space. Modern dining chairs are usually very versatile, which gives you the flexibility to combine them with various tables designs. Rattan back dining chairs not only bring a coastal touch into your home, they work great in a covered alfresco area.

Keep in mind, no matter how beautiful your Hamptons style dining chairs look, the most important factor is comfort. In terms of comfort, upholstered fabric dining chairs are unbeatable. They come in many types and styles plus give you the option to bring colour into your home. Especially, slipcover dining chairs with removable covers give you the flexibility to quickly change the whole look of your space while being easy to maintain.

How to take care of your dining chairs?

To make sure your dining chairs last a lifetime, it’s important to choose good quality. At the same time, maintaining proper care will let your dining chairs always look fresh. Independently of the material you choose, frequent cleaning and wiping ensure a clean look. Depending on the material of your dining chairs, it might be necessary to use special care products. For example, wooden dining chairs will benefit from applying furniture oil or polish from time to time. The maintenance of the fabric dining chairs is also very important. Remember, do not leave the fabric dining chairs in the sun for a long time. The high temperatures will cause the fabric dining chairs to fade. To learn more about how to take care of your dining chairs, please visit our care of products page.

Buy your dining chairs from La Maison.

Do you want to improve your dining experience and gatherings? With Hamptons dining chairs from La Maison, you get quality and comfort. With our mix does not match philosophy, each piece of our collection works in various design schemes. Our philosophy gives you the flexibility to recreate your home as often as you wish. Designer dining chairs, black wood dining chairs, black rattan dining chairs … the choice is yours.