Dining tables Sydney – the finest range for the best price

Of all the pieces of furniture in the home, the dining table is one of the most important. It’s a real focal point, a place of gathering, and it dominates whatever room it is in. Of all the furniture purchases that you make, this one is the most important. Whether you’re sharing a meal with the family after a long day or entertaining with very special guests, LA MAISON Dining sets the scene perfectly.

From formal and occasional dining suites through to the special touches for your existing decor, La Maison Dining lets you entertain beautifully, no matter what the occasion.

Designs to suit every style

While LA MAISON doesn’t stock cheap dining tables, Sydney homeowners know that our tables are among the best value out there. We don’t compromise for quality on any level; we stock only the finest range, made from the finest materials, to ensure that your dining experience is unparalleled. Are you looking for a traditional long table dining experience? We have you covered there at LA MAISON, with examples such as the popular Marcus dining table. As a modern twist on the traditional trestle table, the Marcus dining tables might be casual family orientated in design, but they’re still beautiful and quirky enough that they’re a point of difference to what you’ll see in the typical home. Or you could go for a sophisticated “round table” with models such as the Fleur, where elegant, rounded curves and a circular design that facilitates conversations makes for the perfect setting for dinner parties and social gatherings.

Buy dining tables online, or come and see them for yourself

At LA MAISON, we have a table to suit every person. Feel free to browse our range on the website, and order online. We ship across Australia, so regardless of where you are you can enjoy the luxury of truly fine dining. Alternatively, drop in to one of our stores, with the added benefit that one of the friendly staff would be more than happy to discuss with you the kind of dining experience that you’re looking for, and recommend some tables based on your needs and wants. Contact us today for more information on 02 9186 8195.