3 reasons why you should buy round dining tables

May 26, 2022 Posted by La Maison Round Dining Tables

Whether for family gatherings or guest entertaining, choosing a dining table is a relevant decision and sometimes lifelong decision. Because, no matter how great your interior style is, if the dining table doesn’t suit the proportions of your space, the room might appear compromised. Besides, the dining table is the heart of every home. A place where you come together after a long workday, where your kids do their homework or crafting, and where you celebrate festive events. While a rectangular dining table is more traditional, round dining tables might actually suit your space better. Picking the right shape ensures that your dining table not only suits your needs, but also looks fabulous.

The advantages of round dining tables

1. Enhances a flowing atmosphere
With the edgeless shape, round dining tables enhance an airy and light ambience. This ensures a free movement in the room and around the table. Which works great, especially if you have a modern open-plan living concept and walk frequently through the room. Furthermore, a round dining table suits formal dining settings. The round shape is a better use of space, there is less crowding and everyone can reach their seats without disturbing each other. Because there are no sharp corners to a round dining table, you can avoid bumping into them and lower the injury risk of your young children.

Have you ever noticed, that round tables have a way of drawing the eye? The circular shape merges in any room and pulls surrounding elements together. Therefor, a round table design can help to anchor the room and stand out as a centrepiece.

2. Keeps conversations going
Round dining tables often creates a more intimate feel than the rectangular table. It facilitates conversation easier as everyone has the ability to speak to everybody, not only the direct seating neighbours. Aside to this, round dining tables create a more informal feel. There’s no head seat, which often gives a feeling of a special seat or importance.

Rectangle tables are designed symmetrically and look best with an even number of guests. On the other hand, round dining tables, are more forgiving when it comes to uneven numbers. And they avoid “the bad seat” experience, where you’re placed so inconvenient that you can’t speak to many people or reach the food.

3. Works well in smaller spaces
In general, round tables are smaller in total size. The missing corners on a round dining table are actually space-saving. Whether a rectangular table might be wasting precious space in a small room. Around a circular table, everyone sits in a slight angle to each other. This provides space for interaction and a sense of openness. There’s nothing worse than too many people at the table and elbows and knees in the way.

Plus, circular tables often come with one leg or base in the centre. Means there”s more leg space for everyone to sit comfortably. And it’s easier to squeeze in an extra seat if needed, for example on special occasions.

Saint Malo combined with a round dining table
Photo by @stevecordony
Saint Malo Dining Chairs


Find the perfect round hamptons dining table

1. Hamptons Round Dining Table
If you look for a classic Hamptons style dining table, the elegant Hamptons round dining table is the perfect match for you. Crafted from sturdy teak wood, it will last for years to come. Plus, the resistant material makes it great for outdoor use as well. But make sure to protect it from direct exposure to elements.

A beautiful shadow-lined surface guarantees effortless dining experiences. Whether it’s a dinner for two or a family breakfast gathering, with two size options, the Hamptons round dining table will serve any purpose. It can be a round dining table for 6 or a round dining table for 8.

Hampton Dining Table Round Petite Front
Round Hamptons Dining Table


2. Montferrano Round Dining Table
A tables design that reminds of beautiful, preserved dining tables from an old heritage house. With an imposing, handcrafted pedestal base, the Montferrano Hamptons style round dining table adds for sure a dramatic focal point. The natural finishing of the spacious tabletop adds some extra country touch. It comes in two colours, white and black round dining table for 4.

The Montferrano is a masterpiece of traditional designs and truly multi-functional. Besides the dining room, it will look gorgeous as a centrepiece in a spacious entryway.

hamptons style round dining table
Photo Inspiration Wood Round Dining Table
Montferrano Statement Dining Table
Montferrano Wood Round Dining Table


3. Grace Round Dining Table
Not only great for smaller spaces, but also suitable for outdoors. The grace wooden round table comes in a sleek and chic design. With the clean lines, it’s a great piece for casual dining in any modern home. A versatile piece that will go well with any interior style.

It seats up to six people comfortably without feeling cramped. Opt for modern chair design to complement the look, for example the Lennox dining chairs.

Grace Round Dining Table
Grace Round Wood Dining Table

Not sure if a round dining table is the right match for you?

If you are not quite sure, if a round dining will really suit your available space, we have a few tips for you to consider.

The most important thing is to ensure the measurements of the exact, available space. Be sure to consider all things around such as doors, windows, other furnishing, etc. Once you have an idea of the space, it’s time to think about the right size and shape. If you’re still unsure, you can work around with masking tape. Mark a big cross on the floor, where you plan to place the coastal round dining table. Then you should get a real good impression of how many space the table will really take.

And don’t forget to include the space behind the chairs. You should be able to slide the chairs in and out comfortably.

In general, round dining tables will offer you more space with less volume compared to rectangular tables. This works particularly for smaller rooms and areas where space is precious and a smart arrangement of interior is important.

Invite a round Hamptons dining table into your home.

There you have it, the practical advantages of round dining tables and quick tips about purchasing one.
Our selection of modern dining tables suits all tastes and preferences. Visit one of our showrooms and take a look at our Hamptons style round dining table designs that are sure to fit your dining room style.