Why you need an oval dining table in your home.

May 26, 2022 Posted by La Maison Lifestyle shot Boule Chandelier Black

When it’s time to gather your friends and family around the table, the most obvious choice is a rectangular dining table. But if you’re the kind of person who prefers to stand out and have a modern design, oval dining tables might be just right for you. Besides giving your dining space an unconventional look, there are many advantages to an oval Hamptons dining table. While they are similar to the classic rectangular dining tables, oval dining tables in particular create a unique visual interest. Furthermore, oval tables are considered cosier because they enable better conversations over the table. 

3 reasons why you need an oval Hamptons dining table at home.

1. Takes up less space
An oval Hamptons dining table is the perfect choice to make the most of a small dining room. Their round corners create the visual illusion that they take up less space. Furthermore, most oval dining tables have a centred or single base, which allows even bigger groups to sit comfortably around the table.

The curved shape also softens the overall design within the room. It can enhance a lighter and airier atmosphere and break a static line design.

2. Works in any design scheme
An oval dining table offers the same size of surface as a rectangular table, just without the sharp edges. This feature makes it easily adapt into different spaces and design combinations. Overall, the oval shape creates a much softer aesthetic, offers a casual vibes while still providing plenty of space.

In addition, the oval dining tables are versatile and manage to meet various tastes and styles. You can get an oval wooden dining table, or one with a glass top. Not to mention the finishing options from lacquer over metal to stone. Plus, you can even choose a different type of base if you have a preference for material mix within our interior.

3. Effortless design statement
As oval dining tables are not very common, they guarantee originality and personality. While it provides the same advantages as a regular rectangle table, it will always be a statement piece in any room. A modern oval dining table is always considered as a bold and modern choice and therefor reflects a certain design preference.

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Now that you have an idea why you need an oval dining table in your home, let us introduce you to one of the bestselling oval dining tables australia.

The Ovalis Dining Table

The Ovalis oval wood dining table comes with a unique round shape, a favourite under interior designers. It’s handcrafted from sturdy ash wood and with its robust cross base it has a weight capacity up to 200 kg. You see, it’s the perfect piece to host all your festive dinner parties.

The smooth lines and polished corners come with a lower injury risk while providing an intimate atmosphere for your guests and loved ones. It’s high quality material makes it easy to clean and guarantees many happy years of gathering.

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Oval Wooden Dining Table

You can choose between two hand brushed finishing, rustic black or handwashed natural. It also comes in two sizes. Ovalis Petite is a good choice of an oval dining table for 6 people while the Ovalis Grande is an oval dining table for 8 people.

Not sure about the oval dining table yet?

Choosing a new dining table can be a big investment. It’s not something you do easily overnight. If you’re unsure about what tables fit your requirements, read our blog about how to choose the right dining table for your home. In this useful guide, you find helpful tips which you should consider before buying a dining table.