Hampton Style Furniture: What Colours are best for Hampton Style?

January 6, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hampton style furniture

The Hampton style is built for comfort without compromising on a relaxed yet refined style. If you want to incorporate a holiday feel into your home all year round, Hampton style furniture and decor is the way to go. With its bright, welcoming and elegant colour palette, it creates an inviting and soothing home. The typical Hampton style embraces an enduring appeal, including bright whites, neutral tones, nautical accents as well as greys and every shade of blue imaginable. Furthermore, the Hampton furniture style thrives on high-quality materials, such as solid wood, natural linen or cotton and comfortable upholstery.

At La Maison we specialise in Hampton style furniture Australia, so we thought we give you a few ideas for styling a Hampton inspired home. Read our introduction to typical Hampton colours and tips on how to choose the ideal Hampton style furniture and decor for your home.


Types of Hampton Style

When thinking of Hampton style furniture and decor, most people have the idea of all white and blue. But in fact, Hampton style is much more diverse and therefor fits in any kind of home.

Traditional Hampton Style Furniture

The classic style is inspired by the Long Island holiday residences of upper class New Yorkers. It embraces crisp white walls, timber mouldings and refined details and natural textures like linen and rattan. The combination of a soft palette of furnishings and natural materials enhances a relaxed vibe while spreading a touch of luxury and elegance. To complement the classical look, you can decorate in blue & white and add as many hydrangeas as you can find.

Living Room Hamptons Style
MORENO White Sideboard
Mc Donald Jones Homes – Orient Bay Dining Chairs
ORIENT BAY Dining Chairs, Photo by @mcdonaldjoneshomes

Modern Hampton Furniture Style

The modern Hamptons style embraces clean lines and simplicity, while still incorporating key traditional Hamptons features like natural textures and touches of coastal blues. To achieve the contemporary look, we recommend selecting a few key pieces, which will draw the attention. Keeping it simple yet refined is the key to nail the look. For example, the Brooklyn coffee table with a material mix of elegant iron and natural rattan sets a beautiful statement without making the room look overloaded.

Lifestyle shot Sassoon 3seater flax and brooklyn coffee table
BROOKLYN Coffee Table Set
masterton homes conran
CONRAN Nesting Coffee Table, Photo by @masterton_homes

Rustic Hampton Style Furniture and Decor

The rustic Hampton furniture style contains many elements from the sea and reminds of long past days of fishing towns. Whitewashed or natural furniture with a little shabby chic, beachy tones like sand and beige and natural materials such as jute and rattan reflect the ideal rustic charm. Coastal elements and soft blues complement the look and lead to a casual home perfect for family life.

round hamptons dining table
HAMPTON Dining Table, Photo by @littlewhitelabel
FRENCH Bedside Table

What Colours are typical of Hampton Style Furniture and Decor

The colour palette is an essential element to the Hampton style. Start with creating a neutral base with crisp white or soft beige tones in walls, flooring and window frames. By using a neutral colour for the room, you create a perfect backdrop for the rest of your design and set the foundation for relaxation.

Coastal Hampton style furniture
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If you want to create a sense of airy and light ambience, opt for white furnishings constructed from hardwood with simple lines and fine details. By setting accents with rattan or linen, you can add warmth and laid-back vibes to the space.

A modern Hampton home could contain contemporary elements such as black furnishings, materials like steel and iron and colourful accent such as a bold blue. Look for some gilded elements to add some extra glamour and luxe feeling to the styling.

Hamptons Living Room Unsplash WgkA3CSFrjc
Photo by @sidekix via Unsplash

How to Choose the Right Hampton Furniture Style?

When styling a Hampton inspired home, you want to achieve a look that makes it easy to relax and unwind after a long day. Yet it should be elegant and inviting. Here are our top 5 tips for you:

1. Comfort is key
Choose an oversized sofa and armchairs to add generous comfort to your space. Either stick with neutral tones or set an accent with blue shades. By adding patterned cushions and cosy throws, you not only play with layering but create a space for long lounging.

2. Timeless over Trend
One key feature of Hampton style furniture is its versatile and timeless design. You want to choose pieces that you will still love decades later. Therefor, opt for high quality materials and make sure it’s not just pretty but practical.

3. Simply natural
Adding natural wood as well as rattan or cane furniture works beautifully in a Hamptons design as it embraces the typical “bring the outdoors indoors” Hampton scheme. Especially cane enhances a rustic charm while rattan sets a coastal touch.

Hamptons Dining
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4. Details and accents
Opt for furniture with mouldings, shadow lines, cross and tufted details – all of these are typical Hampton furniture style features. Carefully crafted details and accents are what enhance the sophisticated and elegant look of Hampton style furniture.

5. Balance
The ultimate rule for choosing Hampton style furniture and decor is to keep an eye on symmetry and balance. The proportions of each furniture piece should work harmonious in the overall arrangement. So should the colour scheme. Having too much of one colour will make the room styling look dull and boring.

If you need a little extra help with styling a Hamptons home, read this blog post with valuable tips from the two Hamptons Style experts Melinda Hartwright and Annette Nardini on how to bring Hamptons home.



A neutral colour scheme, high-quality furnishing, nature inspired decor and textiles are all essential elements of the Hampton style. Together they create a look that is timeless, elegant and inviting. Whether you are looking for a Classic Hampton, Modern Hampton or Rustic Hampton Look, at La Maison Australia you can find a wide range of Hampton style furniture and decor.

Beautiful hand-crafted coffee tables, bedside tables, sofas, armchairs, sideboards and homewares from quality materials at affordable prices is what we create for you. Find the perfect piece for your home online or visit our Sydney showroom.

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