Unique Side Tables: The perfect Living Room and Bedroom Finish

November 30, 2022 Posted by La Maison Black Rattan Side Table styled by house society

When it comes to home styling, side tables are often an afterthought. For most homeowners, side tables only serve a functional purpose – holding the remote, coffee cup or a night lamp. But unique side tables are a very important part of beautiful living. More than just a beautiful addition to your space, unique side tables can amp up the room and add interest. Especially, side tables with storage provide additional storage space, whether for the living room or bedroom, while having the potential to be a decorative piece too.

Unique side tables come in all sizes and shapes, from glass side table, rattan side table or wooden side table – the range is endless. Side tables are an easy way to enhance a specific living room or bedroom design. While it is essential to keep its function in mind, it is just as important to choose a unique side table that exhibits your personal style. Here’s our guide with lots of helpful information and some of our most fabulous unique side table designs.

Unique Side Tables Living Room

Unique side tables in living rooms bring a sense of style as well as showcase decors such as lamps or potted plants. They are also perfect as an extension to your sofa or companion for your armchair to place your coffee, drink, or book. The beauty of a unique side table is that it can work as a decorative item. Not only it can hold your belongings or decoration, but be the statement decor piece itself.

La Maison Living Modernist Haven
CONRAN Side Table

If you don’t use your side all the time, you may opt for a multi-functional design that can be used as a stool as well. This offers you extra seating, especially in a small room, when you have guests visiting.
The BARTOLO Hamptons side table is such a multi-functional piece. Its modern art deco style with simple geometric lines is a true statement that will bring depth and pattern to your space. The solid wood construction from Mahogany makes it a sturdy piece, it can hold your heavy vase as well as a person’s weight.

Bartolo Geometric Side Table
BARTOLO Side Table Black
Bartolo Side Table Chalk
BARTOLO Side Table White

Unique Bedside Tables

Side tables can also create a visual balance in a room design, which is why placing a unique bedside table on each side of the bed will add symmetry to the room and a focus on the bed. And the best, they don’t have to be matching! By choosing two different styles of bedside tables, you can create a modern yet consistent design. Just make sure they have something in common, for example the colour. This way you avoid that it will appear chaotic.

One of our best-selling side table designs is the MANOLU bedside table. And that for a reason! It’s truly a unique bedside table with surprising high functionality. Not only it comes with a good size drawer, it also has an extendable shelf which you can easily hide if not in use. Therefor, you can place all your favourite decor and bedtime items on the surface and pull out the extra shelf for your coffee in the morning, without rearranging and making space on the surface. Furthermore, it has a open shelf above the drawer for your favourite books or to showcase your personal treasures.

Manolu white bedside table
MANOLU White Bedside Table, Photo by @theedit__interiors
Manolu Modern Black Bedside Table Angle With Opening Drawer With Transparent Background
MANOLU Black Bedside Table

Side Tables with Storage

Let’s be honest, one can never have too much storage space at home. Side tables with storage can be very practical, they give you the option to tuck away all your clutter, remotes, chargers, medication, etc. This way you not only have a display for decor or a spot to place your coffee cup but actually store items way.

For those who love the unique designs, this one is for you. You don’t need a fancy or expensive side table to make your space look trendy yet functional. The BRIGITTE wooden side table will do the trick with ease. Constructed from solid wood with eye-catching cross-over legs, it’s a statement piece that sits beautifully in a living room as a bedroom. The molded-edged surface is a generous display for flowers and photo frames, while the two drawers offer space for clutter. Available in four natural finishes, the Brigitte wooden side table matches all kinds of design schemes.

Brigitte side table in bedroom
BRIGITTE Side Table Natural, Photo by @thestylingdepot
Brigitte Wooden Side Table Ash Angle With Transparent Background
BRIGITTE Side Table Ash

Nothing portrays the elegance and simplicity of Hamptons style as well as a white side table. And the FREJAC white side table with storage is a masterpiece of classic Hamptons design. Cross-detailed lines and shadow lines create structure and an outstanding character. The lower shelf is ideal for adding a basket for hidden storage. This side table strikes a perfect balance between form and function. It complements beautifully a classic Hamptons scheme in the living room.

Lifestyleshot Brooklyn Armchair Hampton Blue
FREJAC White Hamptons Side Table
FREJAC Black Side Table

For small spaces, a narrow side table with storage is the ideal storage solution. The MORENO side table can easily fit in a small corner yet serve a purpose. Designed with a mix of solid wood and brass handles, this side table is both simple yet stylish. With its compact size and two practical drawers, it is the best choice when you are lacking space but need a storage solution.

Moreno Narrow Side Table
MORENO Narrow Black Side Table
Moreno Small Bedside Table Front With Transparent Background
MORENO White Side Table


Unique side tables can be a decorative feature as well as a functional piece. Furthermore, they give you a great opportunity to add your personality to a room. The best, side table is an affordable furniture item which means you can be creative and experiment with a different style.

Before buying a unique side table, think about how you would like to use it. Do you want it to have a purely decorative purpose, or does it need a storage function? Would you like it to match your existing decor or be a stand-out piece? All these considerations will help you find the perfect match.

Neither way, at La Maison Australia you can find a wide selection of unique side tables for the living room, side tables with storage, or unique bedside tables. Shop your favorite pieces online or visit our showroom in Sydney.

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