How To Choose The Perfect Work Desk For Your Home

October 6, 2021 Posted by La Maison Hampton style study room furniture

Desks are an essential part of any work environment, whether it’s in an office or at home. It’s tough to stay focused and productive if you don’t have a comfy and appropriate work desk. To find the perfect home office desk, begin by assessing your demands: the size of your room, which helps you to choose the size of the desk, and particular storage options that meet your needs. We’ve scribbled down the fundamentals to assist you to navigate this and make an informed decision.

Your home office is a quiet haven where you catch up on work, make plans and get organised. It works even more effectively when you introduce a work desk that blends form and function to meet your needs, while looking great. Before buying a work desk for your home office, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. With our step-by-step desk buying guide, it’s easy to find best work desk with all the key features you need for day-to-day use that complements your existing decor.


1. Measurements

Prepare your measurements according to the space available to you before choosing a work desk. Consider the size of the room and calculate the height, length, and width. Appropriate dimensions can assist you in finding the right home office desk. Exact measurements will assist you in choosing the ideal size that fits perfectly with the rest of the room.

Another important factor is the access area to your home office. Can your large table be dismantled to move through the door? Or will it fit through the access passage?

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2. Size

in 2021, most people need choose a comfortable desk for working from home because of the special situation. A large work desks with drawer has a good market according to the data. But  also some people want a small work desk for living room area if they do not have a office room. What’s more, someone also prefers a small bedroom desk with storage. As the desk buying guide, please avoid purchasing a work desk that is too small to simultaneously hold your computer and the other items that you use multiple times each day, while also allowing room to work. Choose a desk that is large enough to provide the work surface that you need. But avoid selecting one that takes up too much space in your office. Massive desks can be visually overpowering, and they often waste valuable space that you need for visitor chairs or other furniture items.

If you have a large home office space, you could get a large work desk with lots of shelving. A large surface area desk will allow you deal with your work more effectively. If you have to fit a small size work desk into a nook, consider a corner desk that will fit compactly in a corner, under which you can tuck in your chair as well. 


3. Shape

After you’ve determined the appropriate size, you’ll need to determine which table form is best for you. Depending on how much space you have available in your home office, you may either select a rectangle standing work desk or a corner table. It’s simple to concentrate on your work when you have the proper workplace size and table form.

Space considerations play an important role when you’re choosing a type of work desk. Think about how the following shapes and styles and how they can fit into your room as the desk buying guide:

  • Regular desks: Available in many sizes and styles and work in almost any shape room.
  • Corner desks: Provides a lot of surface area and plenty of leg room in a relatively small space, making them ideal in compact rooms.
  • Floating desks: Keeps the floor space free by affixing to the wall. Position the desk high up the wall to use as a stand-up desk, which creates even more space by eliminating the need for a chair.
  • Credenza desks: Suitable for use in a dining room or living room if you don’t have a dedicated office space, and features lots of storage solutions.

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4. Material

Every furniture’s material refers to its lifetime. The material of your work desk should also be of high quality in order to ensure long-term use. Consider buying high quality material to use for generations as an investment.

Most tables are made of wood, and the kind of wood you choose could affect your work environment. Softwoods like pine and birch are comfortable, but less durable and marked easily. Oak, teak and mahogany are hardwoods that are slightly expensive but hardy and long-lasting. Modular work tables made of MDF or plywood are also popular choices.

Materials often determine the colour and style of a desk; choosing materials that pair with your office decor makes it easier to enjoy your time in the space. While your personality and decor determine the style of desk you ultimately choose, remember to think about ergonomic design. Such as the different roles that you want your work desk to play, to ensure the desk you buy meets your needs. The wide selection of home office furniture available makes it possible to find something perfectly tailored to your space.


5. Style

When selecting the correct table size and comfy chair, you must choose pieces which match your home decor and make it more appealing. An eye-friendly design that boosts your efficiency while working. Select the correct colour scheme to boost work and study enthusiasm. Make sure you receive your room’s best fit.If your living room is Hamptons style, maybe a white work desk is better. Of course, a black work desk also look well in a modern office room. 

Pay attention to the décor of the work area while picking a work desk and a matching chair. Try to furnish the home office with a contemporary style, which will give the space an interesting aspect. Choose the right design, model, and style that matches the workspace or the surrounding decor. Try to choose a work desk that is also going to match other furnishings.

Modern work desks are designed for contemporary urban décor. sometimes, a glass work desk usually appear in the living room for some reading. Choose a work desk that matches your decor with the correct style or design.


6. Appropriate for Use

The most important element of your work desk should be ergonomic and ecological aspects. Your health during long working days must above all else be maintained. Select materials that are resistant to termites. It is important to make it eco-friendly and nontoxic if the product is painted. You should get a work desk that fits your height and age. While working, you can keep a good posture.

Your desk should provide clearance for your legs; standard desk heights of 73 to 76 cm from the floor are sufficient for most users. Sitting behind the desk, there should be at least 100 cm of space. A minimum of three feet of space should also be available in-between the desk and another piece of office furniture, and in front of the desk if you use a guest/client chair.

Desktop equipment and materials should be within easy and comfortable reach, and should have sufficient space so as not to overload the desktop.

If the desk has a sharp edge, consider placing a wrist pad along the edge to help prevent unnecessary pressure and pinching on the inner surface of the wrists.


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7. Storage

Consider your storage needs when selecting a work desk. A desk with very few drawers may have modern visual appeal, but such a desk might not be practical. However, a work desk with more drawers than you will actually use can seem too cluttered and busy. Think about what items you need to keep within easy reach when you are seated, and use that information to determine how much drawer space you need.

Holes or channels for cords are an excellent way to keep those pesky wires hidden. You could even have a hidden storage box mounted just under your table to store the unsightly wires and cables.


8. Quality

Drawers should readily open and close when in use. You want the drawers to glide to their maximum length, so that space may be used fully and easily. The wooden cabinets of high quality are constructed using dovetails; they are stronger than cabinets with staples or merely glue. Look at the drawers when they are closed, natural wood desk is not positioned correctly when you observe a gap where the drawer meets the desk.


Conclusion Work Desks

There are many types of work desks in the market that are likely to meet your unique requirements. If the study desk has the right depth and height to suit the chair, it is likely result in increased productivity. In short, remember to take your time to check every aspect, including little items like storage and desk movement, before choosing the right work desk. The tips provided above will help you to choose the proper work desk.