Stylish TV Entertainment Units to Level Up Your Living Room

January 5, 2023 Posted by La Maison TV entertainment unit

Integrating a TV entertainment unit into the aesthetic of your living room or bedroom can be a challenging task. The key is to choose an entertainment unit that makes your screen an integral part of the space, which means it needs to match your TV as well as the existing decor in the room.

Modern TV entertainment units come in many designs and styles, ranging from classic and elegant to sleek and minimal. They become an integral part of the living room and not only an eye-catching furniture piece but also practical in terms of storage and display.

Learn in this guide how you can level up your living room with the right TV entertainment unit and what to keep in mind, when choosing one.

What are the Many Varieties of Living Room TV Entertainment Unit Designs?

Let’s have a look at some types of TV entertainment units.

Wooden TV entertainment unit
The classic wooden design is an evergreen that will never go out of trend. While styles and designs changed over time, one particular attribute make it a classic. It’s durability and longevity when constructed from solid wood.

The Malval wooden entertainment unit is the go to for Hamptons inspired homes. It is versatile and looks absolutely stunning, whether you integrate it in a traditional or modern home design – it goes perfectly with many styles. Not only it holds your TV but comes with plenty of storage space like spacious shelves, drawer and additional doors to keep the clutter hidden.

Malval Media Unit Chalk
MALVAL White Media Unit
Carl Isle living room styling with Malval entertainment unit
MALVAL Black Media Unit

Long Entertainment Unit
A long entertainment unit looks beautiful in large and small living rooms alike. It has the potential to make a room look bigger and more spacious. Furthermore, it can be used for multipurpose, such as store a DVD collection, all TV gadgets and remotes and showcase decor items.

The Conran long entertainment unit is a perfect fit for contemporary and modern homes. Its lower height and airy design provides an elegant appearance while being functional with 4 storage units and shelving space for all your gadget.

Conran black entertainment unit
CONRAN Black Media Unit

Sideboard Style Entertainment Unit
An entertainment unit in a sideboard style is a smart way to integrate your TV seemingless in the room. Such a modern TV entertainment unit acts as a multipurpose TV cabinet that enhances your overall look while being an ideal storage solution.

The Frejac media unit is perfect for everyone who dislikes classic TV units. Its Hamptons inspired look enhances laid back living with a touch of sophistication. This unit features three sliding doors, with a glass door in the middle, perfect for your entertainment devices, whilst the other two doors offer a hideaway space for every home.

Lifestyleshot Frejac Media Unit Chalk
FREJAC Media Unit White
FREJAC Media Unit Black

Upgrade Your Living Room with Entertainment Units

Just as important as finding a style that compliments your decor is to find the right size. A big screen on a small TV entertainment unit or a small screen on a long entertainment unit can look odd and ruin the overall room balance.

How long should your entertainment unit be?

The secret to a harmonious appearance are the proportions of TV and your entertainment unit.
Your entertainment unit should be a few centimeters wider and deeper than the TV. This is not just about aesthetics, but for safety risk as well. You want to make sure your TV has a solid stand and won’t knock off accidentally.

Here is a general recommendation for matching sizes of entertainment unit and TV size.

Entertainment Unit Wide

How high should an entertainment unit be?

Another factor to consider when choosing a TV unit is the height. You want your screen to sit at a good viewing level and angle. The optimal position for a TV is just below eye level.

Low TV stands come in a height up to 50 cm. Usually they are designed minimal and sleek, with the right balance of aesthetic and functionality.

Medium TV stands have a height of 50-60 cm. This is considered the right height for TV, and most entertainment units on the market follow this rule.

Tall TV stands have a +60 cm height. They work great in the bedroom as the viewing level is elevated as well. Because of their tall height, they come with many storage options, like built-in drawers and shelving.

Classic Living Room with TV Entertainment Unit
Photo by @3dottawa via Unsplash

How to Style an Entertainment Unit?

Finally, you purchased an entertainment unit and your TV looks great on it. Now it’s time to decorate and make it a part of the room. Here are just a few ideas, how to style your entertainment unit.

  • Build a gallery with framed photos and pictures around your television. This way, your screen will appear like another framed piece.
  • If you choose a low and long entertainment unit, opt for mounting your TV to the wall a few centimetres about the entertainment unit. This leaves space for a few decor items, like a stack of coffee books, a vase or large candle arrangements.
  • Play with symmetry when decorating your entertainment unit. Place the TV on one side and your decor items on the other. Make sure the decor items are lower than the TV, otherwise the focus will be distracted.
  • If your entertainment unit comes with open shelving units, use them to display stylish decor items such as books, baskets, bowls, etc. while storing all the clutter behind doors.
Hamptons Living room with entertainment unit
Photo by @sidekix via Unsplash


We hope our guide on entertainment units will help you to determine which type of TV entertainment units will work best in your home. Modern TV units are great options to elevate your living room and make it not only a practical but stylish piece in your home.

Browse our collection of entertainment units or visit our Sydney showroom. Our designs are timeless and versatile, which makes them a perfect fit in any home. We also have the matching living room furniture like coffee tables, sofas, side tables and sideboards. This way you can create a beautiful, coherent look to embrace a homey and comfortable space.