How to Style a Hamptons Style Sideboard

April 23, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style sideboard

A Hamptons style sideboard is not only the most versatile furniture piece you can have in your home, it’s also a key piece in Interior Design. Hamptons sideboards are a must-have storage solution, they store all the clutter as well as provide display space for decor. Traditionally a sideboard was used in a living or dining room, but it is actually perfect for adding storage to any space. With modern designed sideboards you can create a beautiful coastal decor scheme without compromising on design.

Read on for our interior design tips to achieve a calming coastal look at home. From choosing the right accessories to creating balance and symmetry, this guide covers everything you need to know about sideboard styling.

The Basics of Hamptons Style Sideboard Styling

While sideboards are available in many designs and styles, we highly recommend opting for natural materials to enhance the warmth and comfort of the coastal look. For example, solid wood is a sturdy material and ideal for a Hamptons sideboard. Wooden sideboards can hold a lot of weight and are available in various finishing, from natural to whitewashed or black which gives you options for your sideboard styling.

Hamptons Sideboard
FREJAC Hamptons Sideboard and Media Unit

Tips on choosing the right sideboard for your space

Whether you are looking to add a Hamptons style sideboard to your living, dining or bedroom, ensure the size matches the available space and is in proportion with other furnishing. Choosing the wrong size will make a space feel unbalanced.

Depending on your needs you want to look for certain functionality aspects of your Hamptons sideboard. For example, if you’re looking for a solution to display your decor, you need a larger surface. For hiding all your clutter you can choose a sideboard with additional drawers.

Your Hamptons style sideboard should go well with your overall home style. If you’re opting for coastal decor, you might like rattan sideboards or classic Hamptons sideboard with rattan baskets. For a modern design opt for black sideboards which add an elegant touch.

La Maison Living Modernist Haven
Tommy Sideboard

Choosing the right accessories for a coastal decor

As you may know decor is a major factor in interior design to achieve certain looks. And Hamptons style sideboards have the great ability to display many decor items. Here are some tips what accessories work best in a Hamptons coastal decor style:

Adding a mirror above your sideboard is a great way to create an optical illusion and make a room appear bigger. Black metal mirrors are an ideal contract to the natural beauty of wooden sideboards or rattan furniture.

Photos and art
Placing your favourite photographs in some stylish frames can add a lot of personality to the space. Alternatively you could place coastal prints alongside with dry flowers on the sideboard to enhance seaside flair.

An oversized lamp makes a great statement piece on your sideboard. Place it on the side to have an eye catching focal point. You could even place it on a stack of your favourite books or pair it with a smaller decorate vase filled with fresh flowers.

Sideboard styling and decor
Photos by @Spacejoy via Unsplash
Interior design styling

Creating Balance and Symmetry:

A thoughtful way of styling your Hamptons sideboard is the well-known secret in interior design – a visual triangle. By creating a visual triangle with your decor items you can ensure balance and harmony.

Here’s how the triangle rule works:
Start with your tallest accessory, for example a table lamp and then add lower items left and right. You can do this on one side of the sideboard or incorporate the whole surface including the wall. Keep in mind that uneven numbers are visually more appealing to the eye. This technique can be used generally in any part of your home, from styling shelves, to console tables or coffee tables.

Sideboard styling
Photo by @katieluka via Unsplash
Coastal Decor
Photo by @hannahbusing via Unsplash

Tips for incorporating Hamptons Style storage into your Home:

Start by deciding if you want your Hamptons style sideboard to be a centrepiece or not. For example, a rattan sideboard can be an outstanding piece and add natural warmth to your living room or dining room. To make it a statement you should opt for furniture pieces that will be neutral such as a white or natural sofa, armchairs or simple rattan dining chairs. Keeping a neutral colour palette and sticking to clean lines will amplify a calm ambience.

To achieve a cohesive look you can combine similar colours and materials. Natural wood furnishings and rattan accent pieces are an excellent addition to soften hard lines. Another beautiful and easy way is to choose furnishings from the same collection which matches the style perfectly.

Hamptons Dining Chairs dining room furniture
Orient Bay Dining Chairs paired with Henwick Sideboard

Hamptons Sideboard Styling Ideas

French Beauty
The Louis buffet is inspired by french cottage design with a traditional form and a wonderful presence. Detail enhanced doors make it a classic statement piece while providing great storage. It works best in elegant dining spaces, paired with upholstered or fabric dining chairs.

Ovalis Dining Table and Bahama Dining Chairs
Louis Buffet

Sculptural Design
The Crawford Recycled Pine Sideboard has an exquisite design. Crafted from pieces of sustainably obtained salvaged pine it reminds of Japan’s famous Wabi Sabi aesthetics. Its distinctive character with complex geometric carvings and handles makes it perfect for modern living room designs.

Crawford Recycled Pine Sideboard Angle With Transparent Background
Crawford Recycled Pine Sideboard

Coastal Classic
Enhances the true beauty of the Hamptons style, the Henwick sideboard. A simple yet refined design evokes a casual coastal decor. Practical rattan baskets add warmth but also storage to your space. Works great in the living room as well as the dining room.

Henwick Sideboard
Henwick Sideboard


Adding more storage space to your home can be easy and tasteful with a Hamptons style sideboard. With the variety of styles and design available in our shop you can create a beautiful coastal decor whether in your living room, dining room or bedroom. Simply keep the rules of interior design in mind when it comes to sideboard styling to keep your home inviting and interesting.

We hope our article gives you some ideas for your Hamptons style home. For more inspiration browse our wide selection of different sideboard styles and Hamptons style furniture. Plus, we’d love to see how you style your Hamptons sideboards in your homes. Tag us on Instagram using @lamaison_australia and #lovelamaison.