Rattan Chairs: How to add Warmth and Comfort to Any Space

October 26, 2022 Posted by La Maison Alfresco Design with Rattan Chairs

Durable and versatile, these are only some of the great attributes of rattan chairs. Originated from Southeast Asia, they came into fashion when the British Empire was stationed in tropical locations and brought back home rattan chairs as souvenirs and home decor. You see, rattan chairs have been around for ages and had several comebacks over the years. While long considered as outdoor furniture, they meanwhile find their way indoors and embrace coastal vibes in Australian homes.

In this article, we will show you some ways how rattan chairs can add warmth and comfort to any space, as well as a selection of rattan lounge chairs and rattan outdoor chairs available at La Maison. Not only can chairs made of rattan enhance your home, they come also with many great benefits. Here is how to make your home a tropical sanctuary with rattan chairs.

Introduction Rattan Chair

Let’s have a look at the many benefits rattan chairs have to offer.

  • Sustainable
    Rattan is a natural material and therefor very eco-friendly. It’s the perfect material for long-lasting and durable seating furniture.
  • Outstanding Design
    Rattan can be easily curved, bent and woven in any shape and design. Furthermore, it features a soft golden hue which adds a tropical feel. This enables refined and beautiful chair designs.
  • Versatile
    Rattan is a light weighted and nearly impenetrable material. Therefor it is easy to move around as well as withstand heat, cold, humidity and insects. Means a rattan chair can be used comfortably indoor and outdoors.
  • Affordable
    Last but not least, Rattan is more affordable and cost-effective than any wood or cane furniture.
Outdoor Rattan Furniture
Calais Range, Photo by @threebirdsrenovations

Rattan Lounge Chair

A rattan lounge chair is a functional furniture as well as a statement piece. With the right rattan lounge chair, you can add interest and warmth to any room. As chairs set the mood of a space, you can play with different designs and hues. They come in modern and traditional shapes, upholstered, plain or painted.

Rattan lounge chairs can also be a combination of various materials. A natural look can be achieved in the combination of rattan with 100 % linen or soft cotton, for example with seat cushions. While a wooden frame combined with rattan creates an opulent, exquisite look. No matter which style you prefer, they are all comfortable and cosy. Let us introduce you to the best-selling rattan lounge chairs by La Maison Australia.

Hamptons Coffee Table Decor
ORIENT BAY Armchairs, Photo by @oakandorange

Rattan Lounge Chair

The Grande Slipper Chair
With its generous proportion, the Hampton Slipper chair can be easy a stand-alone piece. The Hampton slipper chair is an armless lounge chair with short legs that sit closer to the ground. Thanks to this design feature, it provides an elegant silhouette which is space saving. Therefor, it is an ideal piece for a reading nook or your alfresco area to catch sun rays while reading your favourite book.

Composed with a hard wood frame, cane weave and comfortable seat cushions, it is a great chair rattan lounge chair for casual living or a covered alfresco space.

Hampton Cane Slipper Chair Natural Front With Transparent Background
HAMPTON Slipper Chair
Hampton Rattan Club Chair
HAMPTON Slipper Chair with black cushions

The Traditional Wingback Chair
The Toulouse rattan lounge chair has a classic wingback armchair design. It is a beautiful accent chair that works perfectly well along a white sofa or as a reading chair in your bedroom. The traditional design of a carved timber frame combined with an intricately woven rattan veil turns in into a piece of art for modern living. A high back as well as the cosy seat and back cushions offer dreamy comfort.

TOULOUSE Armchair, Photo by @ islandinteriors

The Statement Chair
The big advantage of rattan is that it can be formed in any shape. No wonder, the Calais rattan lounge chair comes in an eye-catching design which will give every room that wow-factor. Designed with a beautiful curved back and armrests, it comes with a unique shape and airy style. Pair one or two with an oversized sofa, or let it shine alone. The hand-woven rattan also makes it a perfect piece for outdoors. Just make sure to protect it from rain and direct sunlight.

Calais Outdoor Armchair Old Grey
CALAIS Armchair, black cushion
Lifestyleshot Calais Armchair Old Grey
CALAIS Armchair

Rattan Outdoor Chair

Each of the above presented chairs you can easily use outdoors as well. But certain styles simply work better in an outdoor space than others. Here are our three favourites.

The Tropical Chair
No other chair enhances a tropical coastal flair than the Malawi rattan outdoor chair. The Malawi chair is all about aesthetics and comfort. Celebrating the design and skill of African artisans, this chair is always a trending piece. Whether for outdoor dining or an alfresco lounge, this chair sits just beautifully along solid wood furniture.

Malawi Outdoor Dining Chairs
MALAWI rattan outdoor chair Black
Malawi Chair White Synthethic Front
MALAWI rattan outdoor chair White

The Contemporary Chair
If you are looking for a rattan outdoor chair that goes well with any design scheme, look no further. The Calais range offers a variety of seating furniture, such as dining chairs, armchairs or lounge chairs. A solid wood frame makes it a sturdy and durable collection to last for years to come. Woven by hand, the unique shape enhances a warm and comfortable flair. Each chairs from the Calais range comes with comfortable seat cushions, where you can choose from Natural or Black.

Calais Easy Chair Black Angle
CALAIS Easy Chair Black
Metriconhomes Calais Dining Chairs
CALAIS Dining Chairs, Photo by @metriconhomes

The Hamptons Chairs
For a typical Hamptons style, you can’t go wrong with the Orient Bay rattan outdoor chair. It features a simple cane design, with a high back and comfortable armrests. Accompanied by generous, soft seat cushions, this chair offers great comfort while being light and stylish. Available in three colour variations, it effortlessly matches any existing interior style. To complete the Hamptons look, you can opt for the matching Orient Bay dining chairs.

Neutral Living Room with Rattan Chairs
ORIENT BAY Armchairs, Photo by @oakandorange
Orient Bay Cane Armchair
ORIENT BAY Armchair Old Grey


Far from just being additional seating, rattan chairs can create a calm sanctuary within your home. The design and styling possibilities are endless. Besides being pretty, they have many benefits to protect the environment as well as safe your budget. Make sure to choose a design that fits your style preferences and all above provides comfort. Look out for rattan chairs with seating cushions to ensure comfortable seating.

Browse our collection of rattan chairs, including armchairs, dining chairs, rattan outdoor chairs and rattan lounge chairs. Don’t forget to visit our Sydney showroom to get a glance at our designs.