Rattan Bedhead or Linen Bedhead: Which one is more suitable for you?

May 16, 2022 Posted by La Maison LM rattan bedhead

Most of our time we may be sleeping in the bedroom, but why not making it a personal getaway to relax in as well? When it comes to bedroom styling, the bed is still the focal point. Dressing it up with a beautiful bedhead will do wonders. There are some easy ways to uplift your bedroom, one is for sure a stylish bedhead. With the help of a comfortable bedhead, you can transform the whole space without renovating. The right bedhead will perfectly frame your bed and set the tone for your bedroom. Not only it will enhance the style of your room, it will also improve the comfort. There are many options to choose from, but none is so popular as the rattan bedhead and the linen bedhead. Both come with certain advantages, and choosing the right one can be tricky. So, let’s have a closer look at bedheads from rattan and linen.

What you need to consider before buying a rattan bedhead or linen bedhead.

To make the right choice when it comes to buying a bedhead, keep a few things in mind:

1. Size

No matter how pretty a bedhead appears, if it doesn’t have the right fit, it’s useless. It’s important to check the dimensions and make sure the bedhead will match the bed size. The height is also worth to consider, especially if you have a low bed frame. Choosing the wrong size may interrupt the proportions and balance of the room.

2. Material

Bedheads are available in various materials, like wood, metal, fabric and more. Choosing the right material is depending on your personal preferences and design taste. Linen bed heads are typically come in an upholstered style filled with foam for extra comfort. They may be more sensitive to stains, therefor it’s important to choose a good quality linen bed head that will hold up to wear and tear. Rattan bed heads are usually paired with solid wood for a sturdy construction. They may appear less comfortable, but if you style them with pillows, they won’t lack any comfort.

Coastal Bedroom
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The advantages of rattan bedheads and linen bedheads.

Rattan bedhead – Versatile and easy to maintain.

In general, rattan furniture does not need frequent cleaning and dusting. So, it’s easy to keep it clean. It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to move. If you are someone who loves to rearrange the room, a rattan bed head is ideal for you. Furthermore, rattan bed heads are affordable and long-lasting, while looking elegant and adding a wow factor to your bedroom.

Linen bedhead – classy and comfortable.
Have you ever wondered why linen is so often used for summer clothing? That’s because it’s resistant to hot air and stays cool to touch. Plus, linen is a made of durable and strong fibres. A strong fabric is essential for a linen bed head to avoid damages and tears in the future. Better yet, linen bed heads are a great choice for anyone who suffers from allergies. The natural fibres are a pretty good repellant for dust particles and have antibacterial properties.

The different styles of rattan bedheads and linen bedheads.

King rattan bedhead, queen rattan bedhead and single rattan bedhead

As rattan is a very flexible material, it’s the perfect source to create outstanding designs. Due to the natural look, rattan bed heads generate mostly a beachy or coastal feeling. Especially hand weaved cane bedheads look amazing in a combination of crisp white walls, natural fabrics and seagrass rugs. Furthermore, the traditional design of our Hampton rattan bed head is a masterpiece for the classic Hamptons bedroom style. Place it in front of a blue statement wall, and you have a relaxing oasis that you don’t want to leave anymore.

Hamptons bedseide and bedhead
HAMPTON King Rattan Bedhead
Cane Bedhead King Single Front With Transparent Background
HAMPTON Single Rattan Bedhead

You prefer a modern or versatile look? The CAYMAN rattan double bed head will be a standout in any bedroom. It’s crafted from a combination of timber wood and wrapped rattan. The perfect choice if you want an elegant but also laid-back look. Its bright natural colours make it easy to pair with all kind of design schemes.

Lifestyleshot Cayman Rattan Bedhead King Single
Cayman King Single Rattan Bedhead
Cayman Bedhead Queen Front With Transparent Background
Cayman Queen Rattan Bedhead

linen bedhead queen

Linen is a long-cherished fabric in the bedroom, as it’s very soft and highly breathable. While upholstered bedheads sometimes appear voluminous, the MARGAUX linen bed head is classy in style and comes with a sophisticated look. Its button tufting allows comfortable leaning back. Opt for the Hampton Blue to make a statement, or go for the natural or dark grey for a soft and subtle style.

Lifestyle shot Manolu Bedside Black and Margaux Bedhead Linen
MARGAUX Linen Bedhead King
MARGAUX Bedhead Blue King Front With Transparent Background
MARGAUX Linen Bedhead Queen - Hampton Blue

A linen bed head is also a lovely choice for the calming coastal or Hamptons look. The Camille linen bed head is a classic bedhead with clean lines, framed by solid timber wood. A nailhead trim freshens up the look and makes it an effortlessly chic piece for any bedroom. Choosing natural or dark grey will ensure a calm bedroom atmosphere. For more attention and an eye-catching detail, the Hampton Blue will set a statement.

Lifestyle shot Manolu Bedside Chalk and Camille Bedhead Hampton Blue
CAMILLE Linen Bed head Queen
CAMILLE Bedhead Grey King With Transparent Background
CAMILLE Linen Bed head King


How to maintain your new bedheads.

Rattan and cane furniture is easy to maintain and with the right care you can lengthen its lifespan. Just ensure to clean the material frequently from dust using a soft, damp cloth and lukewarm water. Don’t place your rattan bedhead too close to a window, as direct sunlight can weaken or even damage the material.

From all upholstery fabrics, linen is one of the easiest to maintain. Simply vacuum or dry brush the fabric regularly. Stains can be removed with a mild detergent. For a some extra stain protection, you can spray your linen bedhead with a professional stain protector. Just make sure to test it on a tiny spot in a hidden area to make sure it doesn’t lead to discolouration.

Ready to uplift your bedroom style?

Have you made up your mind about rattan bed head and linen bedheads? Linen bed heads might provide more comfort and classic style, but rattan bed heads come in versatile and creative designs. At least, both are easy to clean and maintain.

Bedheads from La Maison are not just beautiful, they are functional and meet many style preferences. Whether you are looking for a classic charm or an outstanding focal point for your bedroom, our wide range of king single bedheads, queen bedheads and king bedheads will suit your needs.