Oval Dining Table Decor Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

January 11, 2023 Posted by La Maison Oval Dining Table with Dining Chairs

While some people prefer classic, traditional design, others are looking for modern looks and outstanding design. If you are the unconventional type, an oval dining table might be the perfect fit for you. Their shape creates visual interest while enhancing a cosy and inviting dining environment. Especially, a wood oval dining table in a natural or whitewashed finishing adds warmth and comfort to a Hampton or Coastal design scheme. And did you know, that an oval dining table fits more people than a classic rectangular dining table?

In the following guide, we talk about the advantages of an oval dining table, as well as oval dining table decor ideas and how to work with oval dining table centrepieces.

Wood Oval Dining Table for Beautiful Gatherings

The advantages of an oval dining table are clearly in sight. A wood oval dining table gives you the length of a rectangular dining table, but with the flexibility of a round dining table. Means style and practicality all in one! The lack of corners allows you to fit more dining chairs if needed, while the shape provides softness and the right ambient for intimate conversations. An oval dining table is surely a statement piece for any dining area. As the main focal point, it will create interest and can help to soften harsh edges in the room. But remember to give the table the space it deserves to shine and stand out.

It can be a bit challenging to style a wood oval dining table. Whether it’s for daily life or for special entertaining occasions. Let us show you some oval dining table decor ideas, that will easily wow your guests.

Oval Dining table
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Oval Dining Table Decor Ideas for a Standout Space

Create Cluster
A simple rule with big impact for styling an oval dining table is clustering. When you place various items tightly together, they look related despite their shape or size. This way you also don’t have to choose between vases, bowls or candlestick – just use all of them. By placing the items on one end of the oval dining table, the oval dining table decor will look dynamic, textured and unique.

Add Freshness
Fresh flowers brighten up any space in your home, and they are great for decorating a wood oval dining table. But have you ever considered to use fresh fruits to decorate your dining table? Not only it will remind you of your daily vitamin intake, but can also add a pop of colour and personality to any dining space.

It may come with a bit more work to replace fresh flowers and fruits on a daily or weekly basis but therefor it looks and most important, smells amazing!

Oval Dining Table Decor Ideas
OVALIS Dining Table Grande Rustic Black
Oval Dining Table Decor Fresh Flowers
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Style the backdrop
If you prefer practicality and don’t want to invest too much time in styling your oval dining table, then leave it. Focus instead of the surrounding and the backdrop. Place a stylish buffet behind or close to your dining table and focus on decorating it. Experiment with table lamps, vases, bowls or even mirrors to achieve a look you like and won’t easily tire off.

Dining Room Decor
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Oval Dining Table Centrepiece Ideas

A special attention is to be given to the centrepiece of dining table decor. Which can be anything from a large vase, a sculpture or various candle sticks – everything that catches the eye is allowed.

Tone in Tone
While most of us seek contrast in our decor, a sleek tone in tone look is the way to go for a sophisticated modern look. Styling your dining room with chic black interior and complement it by only one curated centrepiece is a brilliant yet easy way to create a statement. Make sure to keep the proportions of the table and the oval dining table centrepiece in balance. You don’t want it to look cramped or too empty.

Mix not Match
Again, you don’t have to choose only one piece for the centrepiece styling. Mixing items, especially those who differ in style and design, can build a beautiful centrepiece. You can either cluster them or arrange items symmetrically to enhance a unified look.

Lifestyle shot Boule Chandelier Black
OVALIS Dining Table Grande Rustic Black
Oval dining table centrepiece
Photo by @ Spacejoy via Unsplash

Blank Space
If your dining room feels already perfectly in harmony with all the furnishings, chandelier and wall decor, the best and maybe most thoughtful design decision could be to leave your table simply the way it is – blank. Don’t be afraid of a blank surface, not every space needs decor to be special.

Oval Dining Table from La Maison

The Ovalis dining table from La Maison comes in a beautiful shape with an oval top and a geometric crafted base. With its unusual combination of curves and lines, it incorporates a modern look and feel into a space and enhances elegance. A perfect choice for contemporary and Hamptons homes a like.

Depending on your available space, you can choose from two size options, petite and grand. The petite size is ideal for narrow dining rooms or niches, while the grand size can be multi-functional and serve as a conference or craft table.

Constructed from sturdy ash wood, it provides a solid stand and will last you for many years. The washed natural finishing adds warmth and natural textures to your space. While the deep grain of rustic black provides a touch of luxury.

OVALIS Dining Table Washed Natural
Ovalis Dining Table and Bahama Dining Chairs
OVALIS Dining Table Rustic Black


Oval dining table decor ideas are a great and easy way to show your personality. Whether you want to use rainbow candlesticks, a funny looking statue or black roses – enjoy the fun task to style your oval dining table. There are no limitations when it comes to oval dining table centrepieces. Play around with items, take risks. Worst case, it might look odd and you just quickly change it. Best case, it looks stunning and leaves your guests speechless.

At La Maison Australia you can find oval dining tables in different sizes and colours, which makes it easy to choose a matching one for your space. And don’t forget to pick the right dining chairs! Shop our wide selection of dining tables and dining chairs online or visit our Sydney showroom.