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Outdoor Dining Setting Ideas You Will Love

December 8, 2022 Posted by La Maison Three Birds Renovations Outdoor Dining Setting Including Hampton Dining Table And Bahama Folding Chair Cream Black

Who doesn’t love a beautiful outdoor dinner with friends and family in summer? Along with good company and tasty food, the proper outdoor dining setting is most crucial for creating memorable events. Selecting a proper outdoor dining table and practical outdoor dining chairs is essential to add comfort and functionality to your outdoor space. When done right, you can be sure to enjoy days and evenings with lots of fun, meaningful conversations and delicious meals.

Are you looking for the perfect outdoor dining set? Read on for our practical guide for choosing the right dining table and dining chairs to befit your summer dreams. And the best part, with these ideas you can enjoy your outdoor dining furniture at any time. Whether you plan a delicious brunch with your family or an alfresco dinner party with friends, with the right outdoor dining set, you will always be prepared.

Outdoor Alfresco furniture
Hampton Dining Table and Dining Chairs

How to Get Started on Your Outdoor Dining Setting

Before purchasing an outdoor dining setting, homeowners should consider a few things.


    • Placement: A firm foundation should always be the first priority for your outdoor dining arrangement. Outdoor dining chairs and outdoor dining tables that wobble can lead to spilled drinks and food, besides being annoying for everyone at the table. You should always consider the material of your deck or patio, whether it’s concrete, wood, flagstone or any other popular decking material.

    • Measurements: Your available outdoor space will determine the size of your outdoor dining setting. Taking accurate measurements is therefor a necessity. This also includes the size of your outdoor dining chairs and whether you can slide them under the table or not. Don’t forget to make sure there’s enough room to walk around the table without bumping into other furniture, decor or plants.

  • Size and Shape: Once you have an idea about the available space, you can think about an ideal size and shape. How many people are typically gathering at your outdoor dining space? Oval and round outdoor dining tables can be practical and space-saving due to the lack of corners. They fit more chairs and therefor work great in small spaces. The height is another consideration. Children and smaller adults will appreciate a lower height of your outdoor dining table.
Hardwood Dining Table and Orient Bay dining chair old grey
Orient Bay Dining Chairs and Indi Coastal Dining Table

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Finding the right outdoor dining chairs can be tricky if you are not aware of what’s important. When it comes to outdoor dining, your dining chairs should be comfortable, durable as well as stylish.

One of the most important things to consider is the material of your outdoor dining chairs. Ideally, they should be able to handle all types of weather and sunlight exposure. Materials like aluminium, woven wicker and rattan are durable, light weighted and weather resistant. While wood is a beautiful choice for outdoor furniture, it can be more vulnerable to cracking and fading. Yet, if you would like to go with wooden dining chairs, make sure they made of quality solid wood like teak, oak or timber and invest some time in the proper maintenance.

Depending on what kind of dining table you choose, you will need to consider whether your new outdoor dining chairs should have arm rests or be armless. Outdoor dining chairs with armrests tend to be more comfortable, but they cost a bit more and might take up more space. Dining chairs with arm rests look more elegant, while armless chairs appear more relaxed and laid-back. The big benefit of armless outdoor dining chairs is, that you can slide them under the table or stack them away and save some space.

Popular Outdoor Dining Chairs at La Maison

Orient Bay White Cane Dining Chair Angle
ORIENT BAY Dining Chair
Malawi Chair Black Synthethic With Transparent Background
Hampton Dining Chair
HAMPTON Dining Chair

Outdoor Dining Table

Just as indoors, an outdoor dining table is the centrepiece of your dining space. It will determine the look and feel of your outdoor dining setting. You will have to match the size of your outdoor dining table with your available outdoor space, as well as the number of seats you want to include.

For formal meals and dinner parties, a long rectangular table is ideal to create an elegant setting. While a round dining table is perfect for casual gatherings and small spaces.

When choosing an outdoor dining table, the quality is essential. Cheap outdoor dining tables are more likely to break easily. Investing in high-quality materials like solid wood will ensure a long life and save you money in the long-term use.

Popular Outdoor Dining Tables at La Maison

Indi Coastal Dining Table Petite
Hampton Dining Table Round With Transparent Background
HAMPTON Round Dining Table
POLLY Wood Dining Table Natural
POLLY Wood Dining Table

Outdoor Dining Furniture by La Maison

As often in Interior Design, opposites create an interesting ambience. Just like the combination of the Hampton Dining Table made of solid teak wood and the Bahama folding chair constructed with a light weighted frame and soft fabric. Both couldn’t be more practical for an outdoor dining setting.

The Hampton Dining Table comes in a stylish yet practical design. It’s climate resistant material will make it last for years to come, when placed in an undercover outdoor area. While the Bahama folding chair is easy to move around and ensures easy maintenance due to removable seat covers.

The Calais range is most loved by Australian Interior Designers. It has a classic contemporary look, is woven by hand from light weighted and durable rattan and combined with a solid hardwood base. All the chairs come with removable seat cushions for perfect comfort. And the best, the Calais range offers outdoor dining chairs as well as armchairs, coffee tables and side tables. An easy and effortless way to match your outdoor furniture with one collection.


You see, there is plenty to consider when choosing an outdoor dining setting. We hope our guide will make it easier for you to select your ideal outdoor dining furniture and create enjoyable summer days and nights with your loved ones.

At La Maison Australia you can find a large selection of outdoor dining furniture. Browse our selection of outdoor dining tables, outdoor dining chairs and decor items and start creating your personal alfresco dining experience. You are also welcome to stop by at our Sydney showroom to try and test all our designs. We want to make sure you will purchase an outdoor dining setting that will ensure enjoyable moments.