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Top 5 Luxury Hamptons Furniture in Australia

March 9, 2023 Posted by La Maison Luxury Hamptons Furniture

Think of the Hamptons style as the perfect blend of what can only be called opposing effects. It’s at once modern and rustic, chic yet understated, and minimalistic yet bathed in an unmistakable luxurious feel.

The style that comes courtesy of New England homes blurs the line between the indoors and the outdoors. The sum effect is a space that is so welcoming in its earthiness and comfort that you can’t help but sit back and enjoy its charm.

Above all, it’s a timeless look that plays with natural light, airiness, and spaciousness, and added to all of that is the laidback coastal vibe that brings back memories of happy summer days.

The Australian love affair with the Hamptons style!

Hamptons style luxury living room furniture

The hard-to-resist look is not the only factor that has led to the popularity of the Hamptons style in Australia. The fact is that when you merge the outdoors with the indoors, along come all the benefits of spending time outside.

For instance, the abundance of natural light chases away the blues while the decongested and open look of a Hampton’s style home immediately lowers stress levels. Plus the Australian Hamptons look has evolved to bring in the natural colour palette of down under.

So, greens, caramels, and blues are all added with a wholesome amount of white and just a dash of black to create a look that is Hampton’s yes but also inimitably Australian.

Hamptons is just the right kind of cool and more!

To top it all, because this style has found immense favour with Australians, if you are looking for luxury furniture Australia, you will find a wide array of options for just about every kind of piece.

For instance, La Maison, a leading manufacturer of high-quality furniture has just about everything you need to imbibe the Hamptons style in your home.

From plush, upholstered sofas and chairs to an inviting Hampton’s bed and from top-of-the-line Amalfi outdoor dining sets to striking cushions that complete the coastal chic look, La Maison has them all and more. And, here is how you can use these striking furniture options and accessories to create an eye-catching Hamptons look for your home.

Upholstered furniture

What makes the Hamptons style so unique is the emphasis on comfort. And nothing is as relaxing as luxurious, soft upholstered furniture pieces.

The idea is to create a space that is perfect for lively conversations, leisurely me-time, and inviting enough to simply curl onto at the end of the day. So, ample seating is the hallmark of the Hamptons home.

But it’s important to strike a balance when choosing the seating arrangements and pieces. You are going for comfort without the clutter.

Starting with the sofa: The central feature of your room could be a decadent sofa upholstered with comfortable, soft, and luxurious fabrics.

You could opt for the famed Hamptons striped look when choosing the fabric design or you could stick to block colours in the Hamptons palette and add designs in the form of cushions. After all, no Hampton’s home can be complete without a profusion of pillows and cushions.

Choose a plush Devonshire Sofa as the focal point of the seating area, La Maison has multiple options in a variety of ranges. For instance, their 3-seater Simonata sofas available in blanc, grey and natural, are moneyed nonchalance at its best.

Balancing with the chairs: Because the Hamptons home is all about bringing together friends and family for some unforgettable and even casual conversations, you will also need a few armchairs in the setting. Once again, La Maison does not disappoint with its assortment of pieces including its Ritz armchairs.

For example, the Saint Malo range in saffron and white is the coming together of sturdiness in design, comfortable cushioning, and of course top-notch ergonomics. The Belfort armchairs in Hampton blue and linen are all about combining wood and fabric to add soul to the living space; not to mention that they are the most comfortable chairs that you can sit on.

Creating the look of spaciousness with an ottoman: While ample seating is a veritable must-have for the Hamptons style, your aim should be to offer enough seating for everybody without cluttering the space. And no other piece of furniture can achieve that goal like an ottoman.

La Maison’s Conran ottoman is just the thing when you want to judiciously adhere to the open plan that is the hallmark of all Hampton’s homes. The Conran ottoman is a 2-seater masterpiece with clean lines that will add to the airy feel of your living area.

The bench seat is an ideal choice for both modern and classic Hamptons décor, and it can be used in a narrow hallway or the foyer just as easily as in the living area. The strong yet neat design offers comfortable seating without dominating the space. Talk about an understated statement piece!

 Dining room furniture

Hamptons luxury living dining room furniture

Like the Hamptons living area, a dining room done up in this style is also about bringing together loved ones over hearty meals, unending conversations, and peals of laughter the memories of which will resonate for years to come.

So, when choosing the furniture for your Hamptons dining room, marry style with exceptional functionality. Every piece should be about comfort yet add a distinct value to the space.

Getting the décor going with the dining table: Ample room for everybody and a non-fussy, functional look that reflects strength and paradoxical informality, that’s what the Hamptons dining table is all about.

La Maison’s Hamptons dining tables offer all of that and more. Built with solid wood, these will stand the test of time in terms of sturdiness and their ageless elegant appeal. They are available in 3-sizes, so picking one that is the perfect fit for your dining area certainly won’t be a problem.

If you are inclined towards round dining tables, La Maison has these in petite and grande versions. The best part is that all dining tables are designed to brave the elements. So, you can use them indoors as well as outdoors to create an ultra-elegant and chic look.

Adding the chairs: To continue with the core Hampton’s theme of open-airiness, you will have to combine the solid dining table with dainty yet comfortable chairs.

And no other dining room seating option achieves this effect like Louvre dining chairs. With their cushioned seats and open backrest, these elegant chairs roll together style, functionality, and ergonomics.

While La Maison boasts an exceptional range of dining room chairs, their Orient Bay and Malawi chairs are lightweight and compact enough to complement the solidness of Hamptons all wood dining tables. Made by combining cane, rattan, and teak, these chairs are built to last and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Upping the functionality with the buffet: No matter whether the dining area is indoors or outdoors, ample storage space is an uncompromising requirement and you’ll get enough room for storage with La Maison’s elegant and sophisticated Hamilton buffets.

Their Louis White buffet is a truly unique statement piece that is inspired by tambour doors and rounded lines that are all French elegance. But, if you want more than just storage for your dinnerware, check out their Frejac Buffet and Hutch. It is elegant, casual, and chic and has ample storage with an exceptional potential to put all your gorgeous china on display.

Bedroom furniture

Hamptons luxury Bed room furniture

The Hamptons bedroom brings to the fore the idea of functional grandeur. It hinges on the premise that your bedroom is your sanctum, and as such, it ought to be a reflection of you that at once makes you feel comfortable and confident.

So, for this space, combine the sense of familiarity and safety that comes from traditional forms with the casual elegance that can be derived from modern lines.

The bed: This is the one piece that you can afford to be truly extravagant with in terms of space. At the end of the day, the idea is to create an area that is so inviting and relaxing that you cannot help but sink into its all-encompassing tranquillity.

Hampton’s beds from La Maison, along with their impressive line of bedheads, do just that. You can take your pick from their Bold Coast, Eclectic Boston, Luxe Statement, Sanctuary Cove, and other lines.

The bedside tables: Opting for a particular bedroom décor line from La Maison does away with the hassle of selecting individual pieces and trying to put them all together to create a coherent look. But, if you enjoy experimenting and want to add your own individual touch to the space, couple their Hamptons beds with Newport bedside tables.

They are the perfect, compact addition to the opulence of their beds. Their Aimee white is a classically designed piece while their Tommy wood bedside table is rustic charm at its best, and there are many others from where they come.

The dresser: La Maison also has a lust-worthy selection of dresser chests of drawers that can be coupled with their range of mirrors to create the ideal dressing area for your Hamptons bedroom. For instance, the Cape Cod dresser range has the Moreno white, which is a classic with its high-quality finish and brass handles. Then, there is the Aime chest in black, which offers the perfect element of contrast along with superior style.

Outdoor furniture

You cannot possibly have a Hampton’s style home without an outdoor area that is just as elegantly and simplistically designed as the indoor space.

Once again, you can rely on La Maison to bring you the best of top-of-the-line craftsmanship and classic designs. Their Hampton outdoor lounge sets are meant to invite you outdoors while their Amalfi Outdoor Dining Set is all about designing an area that is simply perfect for entertaining guests and fun times with family and friends.


Hamptons style luxury furniture Australia

Finally, you can add your own distinctive touch to your décor with accessories. Now, remember that when styling in the framework of the Hamptons, your aim should be to infuse elements of the outdoors into the space inside your home.

The goal is to seamlessly blend what you see outside with what you have on the inside to create one cohesive layout. So, when picking statement lamps or accent lights, chuck the crystals in favour of transparent glass, ceramics that combine blue and white, rattan creations, and even wood.

For instance, La Maison’s Boule chandelier or a Hampton’s White Hurricane Lamp would be an ideal finishing touch for a Hamptons-style living room or bedroom.

Similarly, when you have already done the white-on-white and are using sofas or armchairs in two different colours, you can tie it all together with pillows in the same hue/print. For instance, check out this living room, in which the Simonata sofa in natural has been paired with the Toulouse Grey armchair.

The arrangement has been brought together by using classic Hamptons-style striped and geometric pattern cushions in white and grey. Similarly, a pop of interesting colour has been added with the cushions to balance the influence of white and blue in this living room. Here, the leaf motif of the upholstery of the cushions creates the sense of bringing in the greenery that can be seen outside the large windows.

Along the same lines is this bedroom, where the bold black and striped black and white cushions have been used for a striking accent. But your search for accessories for a Hamptons-style home need not be restricted to just cushions.

Mirrors are another spectacular way to accessorize a Hamptons home because they create the illusion of space. Moreover, a well-placed mirror is a fabulous way to bring in the outdoors in the form of a reflection.

For example, take a look at how a mirror has been used in this living area to elegantly add to the white-on-white effect of the walls and the sideboard and to get more from the plant placed in the corner. In fact, when used as such, a mirror will add a dash of colour in a way that attracts without overpowering.

Finally, the one core principle that you need to remember when accessorizing is this- As with all other elements of Hampton’s décor, you should be going for the minimalistic and understated look that is nonchalant, casual, and above all- All YOU!


The best part of doing up your home in the Hamptons style is that although this look is about moneyed luxury at its casual best, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create this ambiance. For instance, La Maison’s luxury furniture Australia-Hamptons pieces are pocket friendly yet exceptionally built and superlatively designed.

So, if you are looking for luxury furniture, enter the world of La Maison Hampton homes.