What are the 5 most important Elements That Define Hamptons Style Homes?

February 7, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style bedroom

A Hampton style house provides a relaxed and laid-back style of living while reflecting a touch of glamour. Hence, Hamptons style furniture is a combination of classic design mixed with modern and elegant elements. It is truly a beautiful design scheme and fits perfectly into Australian Homes, even though the origin style is from America. The Hamptons style became popular due to its refined balance between sophistication and comfort. If you are planning to style your home or build your house in the Hamptons look, there are certainly a few things to consider doing it right.

As one of the biggest shops for Hamptons style furniture in Australia, we clearly love the style. So, we put a guide together and share with you which five features are important to create a unique and desirable Hamptons style house.

Why is Hamptons Style so Popular?

The Hamptons style is so popular because it creates a summer-holiday feeling with a luxurious yet timeless feel. Furthermore, it is welcoming and encouraging indoor-outdoor living, entertaining and relaxing with friends and family. A Hamptons style house is filled with natural light, crisp white walls and an inviting open space – all elements to make a place truly feel like home. Hampton style interiors emphasise the beauty of natural materials such as teak wood, linen, cotton and cane which all enhance a serene environment and make it possible to enjoy a holiday feeling but in the comfort of your own home.

Hamptons style interiors
Hamptons Style Living Room – Click here to shop the look

What are the key elements of a Hamptons Style House?

One of the main characteristic features of a Hamptons style house is the abundance of light. Large windows and doors along with an open space floor plan is essential to create the typical Hamptons atmosphere.

A Hamptons style house has ideally crisp white walls and light flooring. The goal is to reflect a light, soft and breezy atmosphere throughout the whole house. Additionally, a neutral backdrop with light colours provides an ideal base to implement colours such as the typical Hamptons Blue.

Hamptons style furniture
A Hamptons house is filled with furnishing that perfectly reflect the style. A combination of luxury, relaxation and functionality is key. Hampton style furniture includes a generous sofa with lots of cushions, upholstered armchairs, white furniture or elements with glass and timeless steel.

Mayfair Side Table and Etagere
Hamptons style Armchair SAINT MALO, Photo by @stevecordony
Mc Donald Jones Homes – Orient Bay Dining Chairs
Hamptons Style Dining with ORIENT BAY dining chairs, Photo by @mcdonaldjoneshomes

3 Tips to Achieve the Classic Hamptons Style Interiors

1. Natural Textures
The Hamptons look is all about bringing the outdoors inside. Think of wooden and wicker furniture, sisal rugs, linen curtains, cotton cushions, sisal rugs and lots of cream and beige tones. Combining it all carefully and work with layering to achieve a harmonious, calm yet interesting space.

2. Beyond Whites
While the essential Hamptons colour palette features all kind of whites, adding subtle shades can evoke a modern look. Typical tones are shades of soft or bright blues, neutral greys and sandy beige. For a more sophisticated and contemporary Hamptons look, you can play with black furniture or add accents of gold.

3. Decoration
Luxurious interior decorations are the final touch up for a Hamptons inspired home. You want to keep the overall space and large furnishings as simple and neutral as possible, which then gives you plenty of possibilities to play with decor and change it easily without investing heavy in new furnishings. You can opt for rattan as well as stylish accessorise for summer to add warmth, or try silver elements and decor for the cooler months.

Modern Hamptons style bedroom
Modern Hamptons style bedroom with ST LUCIA Bedside, Photo by @studio_kate
Hamptons style hallway
Hamptons style Hallway with MALVAL Console Table, Photo by Woods & Warner

How to Choose the Right Hamptons Style Furniture

When choosing Hamptons style furniture, you want not only look for typical features, but also be authentic and find pieces that reflect you and your preferences – whether that might be in the decor or furnishings. Always opt for timeless pieces and rather invest in a good quality to be able to enjoy your Hamptons style for several years.

When it comes to sofas, dining chairs and bedheads, go with pieces that feature curves and generous upholstery. Nice accents could be tufted fabrics or studded detailing. Other furnishings work best in natural and solid wood, such as teak. When shopping for Hamptons style furniture look for classic features such as pedestals legs, cross detailing, and flared or moulded edges.

The Frejac and Malval range both feature all the important details to create a Hamptons style house. They are not only pretty but come with plenty of storage space and offer you functionality and style. Both collections include side tables, sideboards, console tables, entertainment units and bedsides as well as buffet and hutches. Working with matching designs makes it easy to choose, and you don’t risk buying furniture pieces that don’t go well together or have slight differences that could bother the eye.


Hamptons Style Furniture at La Maison

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We are specialised in Hamptons style designs. Some of the many things we love about Hamptons style interiors are the chic aesthetics, effortless comfort and livability designs. In our store, you can find everything you need to create your own personal Hamptons sanctuary at home and live a truly beautiful lifestyle of luxury and relaxation.



With the right elements and key features, Hamptons furniture on sale can turn your home into the perfect Hamptons style house. Providing a relaxed yet elegant design, this style has the ability to make everyone feel at home and on vacation at the same time. Are you ready to implement the beautiful Hamptons style into your life?

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