How to style Hamptons Console Table decor

May 15, 2023 Posted by La Maison Console Table Decor

Console table decor serves as an opportunity to elevate the style and ambience of your home. When it comes to Hamptons-inspired decor, achieving a balance between elegance and functionality is key. Luckily Hamptons style furniture naturally comes with a high functionality while being elegant and stylish. Their designs are versatile and easily to match with various design schemes.

In this blog post, we will explore the fundamental aspects of Hamptons console table decor and provide tips on selecting the perfect console table, styling a console table, creating a harmonious display, general home decor tips and Hamptons console table ideas for different spaces.

Understanding the Basics of Hamptons Console Table Decor

To begin, it is essential to grasp the basic principles of console table decor. Scale, proportion, and balance play an important role in achieving a visually appealing arrangement. Ensure that the console table’s size is appropriate for the space and complements the overall design style of your home. A larger room may benefit from a grand, substantial option, while a smaller space may require a narrow console table to maintain proportionality. Consider the material and finish of the console table as well, opting for classic Hamptons elements such as white or natural wood will be beneficial for the overall look. To set an eye-catching statement you can also opt for a gilded console table or bold geometric shapes.

Mayfair Console Table
MAYFAIR Console Table, Photo by @thepeartreedrive
Theodoreo Console Black Lifestyle
THEODOREO Console Table

Styling a console table: Choosing the Perfect Accessories

Accessories are the heart of console table decor, adding personality and flair to the space. When styling a console table, focus on selecting accessories and items that evoke a sense of coastal charm and sophistication. Consider incorporating large glass or stone vases with fresh or faux flowers, elegant silver candleholders, coastal artwork, and elegant mirrors to reflect light and create a sense of space. To enhance the classic Hamptons look, stick to a colour palette that includes soft blues, whites, and neutrals, reminiscent of the beach and ocean. A more modern approach could also be to stick with black and metallic tones such as gold or silver.

Creating a Balanced and Harmonious Display

Achieving a visually balanced display is crucial for a harmonious look. Depending on your desired aesthetic, you can opt for symmetry or asymmetry. For a symmetrical display, place identical accessories on either side of the table, creating a mirrored effect. Asymmetry, on the other hand, involves arranging accessories of varying heights, sizes, and textures to create an eclectic and visually interesting composition. Experiment with different arrangements until you find the one that resonates with your personal style.

Here’s one of our favourite home decor tips for you: The rule of three! It says that objects that are arranged in odd numbers (such as 3 or 5) appeal more interesting to the eye than even-numbered object arrangement.

Pelle Recycled Pine Console Lifestyle
PELLE Recycled Pine Console
Lifestyle shot Ballard Console Black
BALLARD Console Table

Adding Practical Elements to the Hamptons Console Table

To enhance the functionality of your console table, incorporate practical elements such as storage solutions. Baskets, trays, or boxes can be used to hold keys, mail, or other everyday items, keeping the console table clutter-free. Additionally, consider incorporating lighting elements like table lamps or floor lamps to provide both illumination and ambience. Opt for lamps with a coastal flair, such as those with metallic or glass bases in soothing or clear hues. And in case you place your Hamptons console table in the hallway, a mirror is very handy for last-minute touch-ups on your look.

Home decor tips: Personalising the Hamptons Console Table Decor

Infusing your personal style into the console table decor is key to create a space that reflects your unique taste and personality. Consider incorporating sentimental items or unique finds that hold special meaning to you. This could include family photographs, travel souvenirs, or treasured heirlooms. By adding these personal touches, you create a space that is truly your own and enhances the overall warmth and character of your Hamptons-inspired decor.

Hamptons Style Including Malval Console White And Monet Mirror
MALVAL Console Table, Photo by @novaricollective
Hamptons style console table styling
FREJAC Console Table, Photo by @propertystylingcorp

Hamptons console table ideas

Console tables can be styled in various areas of the home, each with its own set of design needs. In the entryway, focus on functionality by adding a catchall tray for keys, a decorative bowl for loose change, and a mirror for last-minute touch-ups.

In the living room, showcase your favourite coffee table books, add a pair of table lamps for soft lighting, and consider incorporating a small indoor plant. Here it’s also great to showcase your favourite photographs and artwork, either display on the table or hung above on the wall.

In the bedroom, emphasise simplicity and elegance by opting for a slim console table with minimal accessories to avoid obstructing relaxation. By adding a small bench or stool underneath, as well as a mirror and a tray for jewellery or perfumes, you can turn the space into a beautiful vanity area.

In the dining room, a console table can serve as a stylish storage solution for dinnerware or a display area for beautiful table linens. Pair it with a wine rack or a bar cart for entertaining guests. Furthermore, it can serve as a bar itself in case you need some extra surface and want to keep your dining table free of drinks utensils.

Regardless of where you want to incorporate a console table in your home, remember to adapt the decor based on the functionality and design needs of each specific space.

Living Look Simplicity by contrast
CONRAN Console Table


Styling a Hamptons console table allows you to transform a functional piece of furniture into a captivating focal point. By understanding the basics of home decor tips including scale, proportion, and balance, selecting the right accessories and adapting the style to different spaces, you can create a console table arrangement that reflects your personal style while simultaneously providing storage and display options.

We hope our Hamptons console table ideas inspired you to add these beautiful and practical furniture pieces to your home. At La Maison Australia you can find a wide selection of console tables as well as matching Hamptons style console table decor. Browse online or visit our showroom in Sydney to find a perfect match for your home.