How to pick the right Hamptons dining chairs for your home.

June 7, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hamptons Dining Chairs

Have you ever passed on a great dining table, just because you were not sure how to find the matching dining chairs? Shopping for new dining chairs is not as easy as it seems. You have to choose from an almost endless variety of styles, a wide price range as well as consider practical aspects. As the dining room is the meeting point of every home, a space where we nourish and cherish moments, finding a perfect set of Hampton style dining chairs is quite important. “Perfect” means matching with your personal preferences, but one thing counts for all: comfort is key. To help you find your perfect match, we put together these guidelines on what to consider when you pick new dining chairs for your home.

What to consider when buying Hamptons dining chairs

1. Think about the space

The size of your dining room chairs is the most important factor to consider. For your own comfort, you want to ensure the proportions of your dining chairs and table are compatible. If you do not get this right, your dining furniture might look completely out of place.

Therefor, begin by measuring the available space in the room and the preferred size and shape of your table. This will give you an idea of how many chairs you can fit in. Crucial for your measurements is the height of your table, including the thickness of the table top. We always suggest using masking tape to measure a space and to map out the size of the furniture.

Table and seat height vary a lot. As a general rule, a distance of 25-30 cm between the chair seat and the table top is considered as most comfortable. If you are looking for dining chairs with armrest, ensure to include their height in your measurements. There’s nothing worse than a chair which you can’t slide under the table.


2. Find the right size of dining chairs

Now that you know the general rule for the right distance between a dining chair and the table, you need to consider one more point. Which is picking the right seat height. Note whether the chair seat is upholstered or not. Upholstered seats or seat cushions will compress when you sit on it. Depending on the thickness, the compression might be substantial. To choose right, we recommend measuring the ideal distance between seat height and table top while sitting.

But not only the height is essential, you need to consider width and depth as well. Your dining chairs need to fit comfortable under the table without bumping into edges or the table legs. Plus, your seated guests should have enough space without touching their neighbour’s elbow or the knocking their knees somewhere.

An important visual aspect to consider is the back height of your new dining chairs. To create a proper scale, the back height of your chairs should always be taller than the top of the table. Otherwise, the chairs will look cramped.

3. Choose a material

There are all kinds of materials for dining chairs available – upholstered fabric, wicker dining chairs, white rattan ding chairs, slipcover dining chairs, just to name a few. And each of them has pros and cons.

Slipcover dining chairs offer great comfort as well as easy maintenance. They also come with the option to bring colour and pattern into your space. Compared to upholstered dining chairs, you can easily wipe and wash the fabric.

Wicker dining chairs cover meanwhile a wide range of styles – from classic natural to white rattan dining chairs. The flexible structure of wicker allows to bend a chair design into all kinds of shapes. Regardless of style, wicker and white rattan dining chairs are ideal for outside as well as inside. Plus, they are generally low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.

Folding chairs are a great choice if you have only a small space available. A soft fabric ensures a comfortable seating, even without upholstery. Furthermore, you can fold and store them away if you prefer to have more space around the table.

If you keep in mind to consider the factors we mentioned above, you come very close to your perfect dining chairs. Of course, the quality of a chair is important too. Especially if you want them to last for years. Unfortunately, the price not always reflect on the provided quality. Make sure to gather as much information as possible about the material and construction. If you prefer to buy the dining chairs in a furniture shop, you can easily test their weight capacity and fabric structure. Check also our Insider tips on buying furniture.


Hamptons Dining Chairs – Styles and Types

Besides the practical considerations we mentioned above, you can choose from a variety of styles and types, for example white rattan dining chairs, black rattan dining chairs and slipcover dining chairs. Your Hamptons dining chairs need to look good in your overall design scheme.

Hamptons Dining Chairs

The classic Hamptons look is very common in Australian homes. While the original Hamptons style is based on simplicity, inspired by the seaside summer destination of New York’s elite, Australians have taken the concept and turned it into a more relaxed vibe.

The traditional choice is the Hamptons Dining Chairs, made of beautiful cane weave. It represents perfectly the glamorous seaside dwellings while adding a little coastal Aussie flair. The Hampton style dining chairs provide comfort and relaxation for long dinner gatherings. When you style a Hamptons dining room, you can keep it traditional or infuse it with a little luxury.

A more updated, modernised design to endure the classic Hamptons style are opulent white slipcover dining chairs. Still chic and coastal, but with more sophistication and elegance.

Lifestyleshot Hampton Dining Chair
Hamptons Dining Chairs
Lifestyle shot Saint Malo White Dining Chair
Saint Malo Slipcover Dining Chairs


Blue Dining Chairs

Another option to integrate the Hamptons style into your dining space are blue dining chairs. Their calming colour is complementing the Hamptons style in a beautiful way. Particularly if you have an all-white dining room.

The Lennox Blue dining chairs bring a cheerful mood to mealtime with a simple yet modern design. Available in two colours, you can either opt for a classic Hampton Blue or an eclectic Indigo.

Lifestyleshot Lennox Dining Chair Hampton Blue
Lennox Hampton Blue Dining Chairs
Lennox Dining Chair Indigo Angle With Transparent Background
Lennox Dining Chair Indigo


Wicker Dining Chairs and Rattan Dining Chairs

The most loved dining chairs by interior designers are Wicker dining chairs and rattan dining chairs. Mainly for their versatile styles and their ability to add a light atmosphere to the room. Additionally, their resistant material makes them usable in and outdoors.

The beautiful lines of the Monsoon wicker dining chairs are a great item to add a natural flair into a contemporary space. Their modern shape strikes an interesting contrast to a traditional rectangular dining table.

Neutral shades, soft lines and compelling design are the endearing qualities of Malawi rattan dining chairs. Our black rattan dining chairs or white rattan dining chairs bring the tropical vibes into your homes. Completed with comfortable seat cushions, they guarantee comfort without compromising on style.

Grace Round Dining Table
Monsoon Wicker Dining Chairs
Lifestyleshot Malawi Chair Black
Malawi Black Dining Chairs


Elegant Dining Chairs

With elegant dining chairs, you have the opportunity to combine different styles and still achieve a curated look that feels authentic. A traditional approach to elegance are black dining chairs. They instantly add a sense of glamour to the table. At the same time, neutral black can be a bit boring.

With our Calais black dining chairs, you can create an eye-catching focal point around the table. The hand woven silhouette gives them an airy design while providing comfort and stability.

Metriconhomes Calais Dining Chairs
Photo by @metriconhomes
Calais Dining Chair Old Grey Angle
Calais Old Grey Dining Chair


French Style Dining Chairs

The French Style has always been a highlight in style trends – dining room chairs are no exception. It’s a chic and stylish approach to combining old and new design. French style dining chairs will always look gorgeous, regardless of the size of your dining table. Make sure to opt for contemporary pieces with upholstery rather than antique or vintage pieces.

Our Manny french style dining chairs offer the beauty and elegance of traditional french design. With a mix of modern and traditional touches, they add a sophisticated edge to your dining space.

Manny Dining Chair Natural Angle With Transparent Background
Manny French Style Dining Chairs


Folding Dining Chairs

Not many people consider folding chairs as actual Hamptons style dining chairs. But, you won’t find a chair that’s more practical and comfortable than folding dining chairs. Besides the obvious advantage of easy folding and storing, they are light weighted and can easily be moved around. You can remove them from the room when you need space and add them to another room when you need extra seating. 

Folding dining chairs like our Bahama Dining Chairs give you the flexibility of extra seating for special occasions without taking up much space in your storage. Besides the practicality, folding dining chairs are a good choice for casual dining and long seating time.

Lifestyle shot Bahama Chair White
Bahama White Folding Dining Chair
Bahama Directors Dining Chair Black
Bahama Black Folding Dining Chair

Which Hamptons style dining chair is your perfect match?

As with most decisions around purchasing furniture, there are certain things to remember. We hope we could provide you with some helpful guidance to make you feel confident picking out the most comfortable and elegant dining chairs for your home now.

Depending on your home style, you can also consider the idea of mixing dining chair styles. Anyhow, no matter if you want your Hampton style dining chairs all match or mix them up, at La Maison you can find a wide selection of styles and types. We invite you to visit our showrooms to try and test our dining chair designs. Or have a chat with one of our sales team members about your needs and preferences, we are more than happy to consult you.