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January 2, 2023 Posted by La Maison hamptons armchairs living room

Never before has one’s home become so important than in the past months of self-isolation and quarantine. We have been forced to stare at the four walls around us and might have realised that something is not right, or we’re not in our dream home yet. If you feel the need for a few simple changes to turn your space into a more serene and stylish home, we got you.

Now is a good time to create a dream home that fulfils all your needs for comfort and belonging. Various elements of style and design can create a complete harmonious image. Carefully selected colours, furniture shapes and their dimensions, as well as various little things: pillows, carpets, lamps, paintings, allow you to achieve a truly holistic stylish interior in a room for any purpose.

A Wonderful Living Room With Simonata Sofa Blanc and Saint Malo Armchair Crisp White

1. It’s all about you

Your home is supposed to reflect you and your family. It’s not for any guests or the aunt that maybe shows up twice a year. It’s YOUR dream home. Your needs and the available space are central points to find the right solution. Many children, a lot of friends or family get-togethers, all watching television at the same time while you also need to work from home.  And needs are very different in different periods of one’s life.

Your first step should be defining your needs and be totally honest with yourself. Do you really need a dining table seating 10 people, if it’s only you and your small family, and you barely find time to invite and entertain a large group of guests? Maybe creating a smaller dining space and use the extra space for a home office or play nook would be more useful to you. Be creative in using the space you have and remember nothing is permanent as long as you are flexible and open to changes.

2. Let it shine

Vitamin D is the best source for a mood booster and it’s completely free. So, why not welcome it into your dream home. If your window dressings aren’t allowing natural light to flood the room, then it’s time for an update. Window dressings can make or break a room. You want to find the perfect balance between privacy and the all-important natural light. Heavy, dark and low hung curtains can make a space feel small and uncomfortable. A sheer textural curtain creates a serene feeling in a room and when hung from floor to ceiling, maximise the ceiling height.

Hamptons living room

3. Choose your colour

Colours are great and influence us in different ways and our mood. Colours can be used in so many ways – a quick refresh, a full makeover or a lifelong companion. Having a neutral base is always good as it doesn’t out date so quickly. You can always set accents with bold colours for highlights such as window frames, doors or decor. Just remember the bolder you go, the more often you might want to update it to avoid the space feeling dated or adjust the space to current trends and your changing taste.

4. Make a change

And no change is greater than a furniture update for your home. Is your sofa still comfortable? Are your dining chairs still in line with your taste? New furniture can easily modernise a space and also help with zoning your room by creating a multi-use zone for work, dining and play.

Quality yet affordable furniture is essential for those working within a budget. With this in mind we have put together insider tips on buying furniture and advise on how to find the perfect sofa.

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5. Create your comfort zone

Soft furnishings are the most easy and affordable way to update your home. Throws, cushions and floor rugs are the essential finishing touches that bring comfort and personal style to a room. Not only does decoration create visual interest in the room, but it’s a great way to create zoning, especially in an open-plan space. Proportion is everything when it comes to zoning and designing a multi functional space.

You see, creating a dream home that is calming, cosy and energising is very simple and doesn’t require much effort. At La Maison our soft furnishings, colour palette and furniture make it easy. We hope your dream home becomes a true sanctuary from the crazy world out there.

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