How to create a classic Hamptons Bedroom

April 17, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons Bedroom Design

It’s no wonder the Hamptons bedroom design is gaining in popularity around Australia. It’s fresh, sophisticated and yet it reflects a sense of our Australian laid-back culture. While the classic and very iconic Hamptons style has its history in the easternmost part of Long Island, New York, the modern Hamptons look takes the aesthetics to a more relaxed coastal design.

Transform your bedroom into a space of rejuvenation where you can recharge from hectic days. In this article, we will guide you on how to create a beautiful Hamptons coastal style bedroom that reflects the calm and serene coastal lifestyle. From colour palettes to furniture choices, we will cover everything you need to know to achieve the modern yet timeless Hamptons bedroom style.

Colour Palette Hamptons Bedroom

One typical thing that separates Hamptons decor from other design schemes is the beautiful colour palette, in particular navy blues and greys. In a modern coastal style bedroom you can also find a lot of beige and sand tones that creates a cleaner, simpler look.

No matter if you prefer the classic Hamptons look or a modern coastal style, you want to choose colours that don’t compete against each other, but instead harmonise. Choosing a lighter colour palette for the walls, flooring, door and window frames will create a neutral base which allows you to use bolder colours for furnishings, like a blue bedhead for example. It also leaves space to implement contrast and use patterns without making the space too overloaded.

Bedroom Look Eclectic Boston

Furniture, Accessories and Bedroom Ideas

Hamptons style furniture can range from traditional to natural to clean-lined. When you’re selecting your bedroom furniture, it is worth to consider the idea of mixing certain aesthetics. Natural wood is without a doubt a must-have in a Hamptons bedroom, and it’s ideal for heavy items like console tables, chest of drawers or bedside tables. In a classic Hamptons scheme, you want to opt for white furnishings paired with blueish fabrics. While in a coastal style bedroom, whitewashed or natural wood goes very well with linen and cotton, for example as a combination in a comfortable armchair.

Another great idea of reflecting the “bring outdoors inside” theme of the Hamptons style could be implementing rattan or cane furnishings into the space. Whether as a textured cane side table or refined rattan armchair, natural materials are perfect to achieve a mix not match look along to a classic Hamptons upholstered bedhead.

LM rattan bedhead

Textiles and Fabrics

Lots of layers is the most accurate representation of a Hamptons bedroom. Think of quality bedding, quilts, throws and cushions. Opt for natural fabrics such as cotton and linen to add a sense of warmth and comfort to the space. For a traditional Hamptons look, stick with the classic colour palette of whites and blues, but for a more modern coastal bedroom style you can go with beige and even darker tones such as black. To set accents, you can use cushions in different sizes with patterns or textures.

Don’t forget to consider the floor and windows as well. Curtains in light colours will allow the sunlight to sneak in and create a soft, natural lightning. Continue the softness on the ground for some extra comfort with a rug from jute, sisal or wool.

Coastal Style Bedroom
Photo by @khloephoto via Unsplash

Lighting and Bedroom Decor

Instead of harsh overhead lightning, you should introduce lightning layers to your Hamptons bedroom. By using different light sources, you can enhance the relaxed coastal vibe. A glamorous statement chandelier can be a beautiful accent piece, while pendant lights or tables lamps are great for general ambient lightning. As with the textiles, it’s recommended to stick to natural materials such as rattan pendant lights or wooden chandeliers, but gold and brass accents add a touch of luxury and sophistication.

When it comes to decor, everything is allowed that completes your coastal style bedroom. Framed or coastal wall art can add interest, while fresh flowers in a large glass vase can add freshness or a touch of colour to the space. In case you have enough room, adding an ottoman or a rattan trunk at the end of the bed could be beneficial for extra seating and storage.

Hamptons style bedroom
Photo by @ Spacejoy via Unsplash

Storage Solutions for a Hamptons Style Bedroom

Not only in a Hamptons style bedroom you want to keep the space clutter-free. A decluttered room can reduce stress and anxiety as well as improve sleep. Luckily Hamptons style furniture offers great storage solutions. Here are a few ideas for storage pieces that fit seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of a Hamptons bedroom.

Sideboards are without a doubt the most versatile storage item for any room in your home. Besides the capacity of being a gorgeous statement piece, a sideboard offers plenty of storage space as well as options to display your decor. Our Frejac white Sideboard is the perfect addition to a classic Hamptons interior scheme.

You don’t have enough space for a sideboard in your bedroom, but still want to store some items and display your favourite mirror or framed photos? A narrow console table provides the perfect compact storage solution for your belongings, and can be a great stylish accent. The Malval console table is defined by simple design details and offers useful storage options like shelves, two good size drawers and a spacious surface. Add some rattan baskets to keep the shelves clutter-free.

Hamptons Style Including Malval Console White And Monet Mirror
Malval Console Table, Photo by @novaricollective

If you need more storage space you can also consider a chest of drawers. Their deep drawers can hold plenty of items, whilst looking stylish and tidy. You could even replace your bedside tables with a chest of drawers. The clean lines and delicate contrast of the Moreno white chest of drawers is a true centrepiece for a coastal style bedroom.


You see creating a Hamptons bedroom isn’t as hard as it seems. By sticking to the signature colour palette you have already half the look together. To complete the look shop for some Hamptons style furniture and add natural accents with textiles and fabrics.

At La Maison you can find a wide range of Hamptons bedroom furniture, from bedside tables to bed heads to practical storage. Browse or collection online or visit our showroom in Sydney.

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