Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Study Desk?

June 21, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hampton style study room furniture

The comfort of working from home becomes more and more popular. Therefor, the home office is a central space within your home, whether it’s a separate room or a niche integrated in the living or bedroom. It should be a quiet and comfortable place to ensure you’re being productive. So, how do you create a space that supports your work and helps you to focus? There’s one important key piece for your home office: the right study desk. As you spend most time of your work day at your desk, you should make sure it suits all your needs. Learn more about the key elements to consider when selecting a study desk.

Why is choosing a study desk so important?

A Hamptons style desk is not just another furniture piece in your home. The right study desk with drawers improves productivity as well as mental and physical wellbeing. At the same time, it helps you to keep your work space organised, functional and comfortable. It’s important to know and consider your personal needs when choosing a study desk. So, think of how you are going to use your desk. How much space you might need for your laptop, maybe additional screens? Do you need space to scribble and draw? Or do you prefer spacious drawers over a large surface? All these little details make the difference between a productive space or something that rather bothers you, because you didn’t make it right.

Like with all furniture and interior items, there are several considerations. Keep in mind, it’s not just something for the moment, but for your future. You want to think about, how your desk may suit your lifestyle and work life in one, five or ten years. Just as you may adjust your career, your study desk should adjustable as well. You might change the job or move to a new home, but your study desk should stay with you.

Hampton style study room
Croix Study Desk, Photo by @carlislehomes
Modern office design
Jasper Black Desk, Photo by @ carlislehomes


1. Size matters

A good start is to ask yourself about the right size. Can the study desk with drawers accommodate all your equipment and work utensils, which you use on a regular basis? Is it wide and long enough to sit and work comfortably? How much surface and storage space do you really need? An easy way to get a feeling of your required space is to lay out your work situation right in front of you. For example, you can do this on your dining table and place everything you need on it and then measure the borders.

But not only the size of the desk matters, also the available space in the room. While in a separate room, you will have plenty of space, it may look completely different if you need to integrate the desk within a room. There’s no sense in buying a huge desk, if you only have a tiny corner available. Therefor, it is really important to measure properly and get a feeling for where and how a study desk can fit into your interior layout.

2. Ergonomics

There’s nothing worse than an uncomfortable study desk that brings you nothing but back pain. Ideally, the study desk height should be around 66-75 cm for a comfortable seating position. You should be able to place your arms on it in a natural position and to cross your legs underneath. Alternately, if the desk height doesn’t feel right, you can still opt for a height adjustable chair to find a comfortable position. Make sure you always check the ideal desk height along with a chair, to make sure it works out.

Croix Black Desk
Croix Desk Black, Photo by @masterton_homes
Croix Desk Natural
Croix Natural Wood Desk, Photo by @carlislehomes


3. Storage Solutions

A standard desk might appeal modern, but won’t be very practical. While a practical study desk with drawers comes with plenty of storage facilities, whether in the form of drawers or compartments. Determine what you need in easy reach, maybe even on the table tap, and then think of all your work utensils you need to hide or keep organised inside the table. This will give you an idea how much drawer space your study desk needs to have.

Don’t forget to check drawers and hardware when you purchase a study desk. They should be sturdy and easy to slide in and out.

4. Matching Style

Once you figured out what practical features your Hamptons style desk needs, it’s time to think about the style, material and finish. Especially, if you integrate the desk into an existing interior scheme, you want to ensure it fits into the overall aesthetic. Design wise, you have many options to choose from.

If you love clean lines and a modern appearance, the Jasper simple study desk is your perfect match. Inspired by the Manhattan city glamour, it stands for “work in style”. A luxe finish paired with a black mat iron frame and coupled with spacious drawers, it’s a simple yet efficient desk.

open plan living and work space
Jasper – Black Desk With Drawers


You prefer a Hamptons home? Something more coastal vibe, which warmth and fine details? The Croix white modern desk is an elegant statement piece with signature Hamptons elements. With its good deep work surface and practical drawers, it’s the perfect size for small homes and apartments. Available in three colours, it gives you all the flexibility you need to fit it into your home.

White modern desk: the traditional choice for a Hamptons home and easily to combine with existing furniture.

Black desk with drawers: brings elegance and a touch of glamour. Shadow lines and wood grain can set special accents.

Natural wood desk: gives your home a rustic touch, while enhance an earthy and relaxed mood.

Croix Work Desk Chalk
Croix White Modern Desk, Photo by @advantagestyling
Black Desk With Drawers
Croix Black Desk with Drawers, Photo by @furnishandfinishstyling


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With the right knowledge about the essential factors of study desk, purchasing a study desk online isn’t that difficult anymore. We hope you find this guide helpful and feel confident to find a desk that’s functional and aesthetic.

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