What To Consider When Choosing The Best Side Table

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Walk in to any room and the big ticket items – such as the sofas & coffee tables for living rooms or the bed frame in beds – are the first thing you’d notice.  At the side of these big ticket items, you would usually see a small yet functional piece of furniture – the side table.
It’s no surprise that side tables are usually overlooked. As the name suggests, the side table is usually placed – at the side – of beds, sofas, armchairs and so on and so forth. However, despite its somewhat diminutive size and the fact that it plays second fiddle to other furniture, the space will not function well without a side table.

Side tables are meant to expand surface area of a living space. Side tables provide your room with a ‘stage’ to showcase your kitschy keepsakes, provide a pedestal for lighting and an extra space to set down your reading glasses and hold your glass of coffee or vino whenever you’re relaxing.
It might not be the ‘star’ of the show, but surely, you won’t be able to fully enjoy and maximise your room’s experience without it.

rattan side table

Things to consider when choosing a side table

black side table

Despite its smaller appearance, it can be challenging to find the perfect side table for your room. Consider the following to help you get the best side table for your living space.

1. Material

Side tables come in a wide range of materials to suit your space. It is important to choose the right material for your side tables as it affects both the aesthetics and the functionality of your room. Here are three of the most popular materials used for side tables.

Montaigne Side Table Natural Angle


  • Wooden Side Tables

If you’re looking to create a classic space, you won’t go wrong with a wooden side table. Wooden side tables are a great choice for durability as it is hard-wearing and resistant to dings. In terms of style, it’s classic, timeless and pretty versatile. You’re able to choose from a wide range of colours and finishes, which can perfectly match your interior style. It does require a bit of care as it can be prone to water-stains and scratches BUT don’t let that put you off. Its very manageable to take care of wooden side tables. Check out our tips in caring for wood furniture here.

One of our favourite wooden side tables is the Montaigne Wooden Side Table. It comes with a recessed surface top that will help keep things from sliding off. Its also multi-functional as it comes with a drawer as well as shelf slab so you can utilise the space underneath.  

glass side table
  • Glass Side Tables

Looking for something more modern? A glass side table would be a great modern side table option with its sleek look. What we love about glass side tables is that it looks so light and effortless. Its perfect for when you don’t want to overwhelm your space, especially for smaller living areas. Another good thing about our glass side tables from La Maison is that we use tempered glass sheets. Tempered glass is more hardwearing than normal glass, thus giving you the peace of mind that the glass surface won’t shatter easily.  

One of our best-selling glass side table would be the Juliette Glass Side Table (comes in two sizes). It’s a round side table with a tempered glass top as well as an intricate cast iron base with an aged finish. Despite its light and elegant look, the Juliette is a durable side table that’s both classic and modern at the same time.

rattan side tables
  • Rattan Side Tables

Want to add a resort-like vibe to your room? A rattan side table is a great option to use. Rattan is a naturally growing vine that is dried, treated then woven in intricate patterns to give that chic, natural look. Rattan side tables are durable, despite its light weight and as such, you are able to move and rattan side tables easily. As with wooden side tables, you are able to get rattan side tables in a multitude of colours and finishes. Our rattan side tables are hardwearing but will require a bit more caring as it is made from more porous material, especially styles utilising natural rattan. Refer to our care guideto learn more about caring for your rattan furniture.

Our highly-reviewed Calais Side Table is a favourite among our customers. Its chic, compact style makes it’s a great side table for your living room, bedroom or even at your covered al fresco areas. Choose this side table to have that ultra-stylish Hamptons-inspired feel to your living space.

2. Function

white side table

Side tables should not be another piece of furniture that clutters your space. It should serve a purpose and help elevate the look and feel of your living space. It can be a great accent piece that can echo and complement your interior decoration. Apart from aesthetics, your side table should also be multi-functional. You want your furniture to be hardworking. That’s why whether you’re choosing a bedroom side table or a white side table for your living rooms, it would be a good idea to get a side table with storage – something that would have both 

like the St Lucia Hamptons Side Table in Chalk. We love a great side table with drawers as this type of side table allows you store decorative pillows when not in use. Meanwhile, the small bottom drawer can store small items, such as cords, chargers and other tech accessories.

3. Shape

Different shapes serve different purpose. That is why side table shape & style is an important consideration when choosing a side table, especially when considering floor space.


(1)Round Side Table

A round side table, like the Bartolo Hamptons Side Table, is a chic, space-saving modern side table that allows you add extra style and surface area to your room, without eating too much of your floor space. Pro-tip: Round side tables are great options for high-traffic spaces, especially when you have kids. Round side tables are less prone to bumping as it lacks sharp corners of square or rectangular side tables. No more ouchies with round side tables!

(2)Rectangular Side Table

Have more space to spare? Why not choose a rectangular side table. With rectangular side tables, you can get to do more with your side table thanks to its larger surface area. You can get to place mood lighting while also displaying mementos, curios or even your favourite plant to help add to your room’s chic vibe. What’s more, rectangular side tables usually come with built-in drawers, thus giving you added storage for a clutter-free space. One of our favourite rectangular side tables is the St Lucia Black Bedside Table.It offers a spacious top surface and comes with three spacious drawers. Its extra chic with its aged brass pulls and expertly hand finished to make it look effortlessly sophisticated.

(3)Square Side Table

Similar to round side table, square side tables are also space-saving, but with a classic look. Due to its shape, it becomes easier to create an efficient & well-balanced room arrangement. One of our best-selling side table is the Frejac Side Table in Chalk. This sleek square side table features a recessed, tray-like top that’s both stylish and functional.  With its square shape and compact style, this is a space-saving side table that gives your rooms an elegant Hamptons-inspired vibe. What’s more, you’re able to fully utilise the space underneath the side table so you get added storage space.

Our Best-selling Hamptons Side Tables in Australia

We’ve made things easier for you. We consulted our in-house interior designers and looked at our entire range of side tables so we can bring to you seven of the best-rated Hamptons-style side tables that our customers love.

Brigitte Wooden Side Table

1.Brigitte Wooden Side Table

This is one of our top-rated, best seller side tables at La Maison. The Brigitte Wooden Side Table features a tray top, built in drawers and folding legs. It comes in a wide range of colours and finishes to perfectly match your living room or bedroom.

Pro-tip: One of our favourite version of this beautiful side table is the Brigitte in Natural. Its perfectly hand finished to showcase the timber’s warm beautiful wood grain for that beautiful Hamptons vibe.

Florence Glass Side Table

2. The Florence Glass Side Table

This beautiful square side table features a very elegant, modern geometric look with its gold painted iron frame. We’ve made this side table extra durable with tempered glass panels. Sexy, stylish, luxe. Our customers are in love with this glass side table.

The Manolu Side Table

3. The Manolu Side Table

This white side table is perfect for when you need extra space and storage. It comes with an extendable shelf for added surface area and comes built-in with a generous-sized, smooth-gliding drawer. This minimalist side table packs a punch and is perfect as a bedside accoutrement.

Tommy Wood Bedside Table Angle

4. Tommy Wood Bedside Table

This rectangle side table is simply elegant. Featuring sleek lines, decorative legs and a gorgeous, squared brass pulls, this side table is an absolute stunner.

Despite its modern look, it still have that charming vibe thanks to the dark wood finish. Not just a stunner, this wood bedside table is absolutely practical as it comes with two spacious drawers to store your knickknacks and personal effects.

Milo Side Table

5. Milo Side Table

This is a La Maison-exclusive side table that features cabriole legs, classic drawer pulls and a signature Newport Blue shade. Its classic sophisticated look is further complimented by two good-size drawers. A simple design that just works, this will go well with your interior style.

Conran Hamptons Side Table

6. Conran Hamptons Side Table

Featuring a black satin veneer wood finish and a classic Hamptons style look, this black side table is well proportioned to provide added surface area and storage space for your bedroom or living. Its slim iron frame makes it look extra durable without it feeling to heavy for the room. Modern yet timeless, we know you’ll keep on loving this side table for many years!

The Mayfair Small Side Table

7. The Mayfair Small Side Table

We are absolutely in love with this minimalist Hamptons-inspired side  table. This wooden side table with gorgeous vintage gold hardware and rattan details is great for that chic, coastal vibe. What’s more, its space saving & multi-functional, thus making it super versatile for any room. This is one of our best-selling side tables sitewide!


best-selling side tables


When designing the perfect room, its important to think about each and every facet of your space. The room’s interiors should not only be stunning and #instagoals, it should also work well for you and your lifestyle.

That is why picking the best side table for your room is key. It complements your big pieces and adds to the functionality of your room. It may be a small thing, but the perfect side table makes a big difference to your bedroom or living room.

La Maison is the best place to get luxurious Hamptons inspired side tables in Australia. Designer-picked and expertly crafted, we offer the perfect range of side table that’s well suited for your home. Choose from a wide range of round side tables, black side tables, rattan side tables to match any interior style.


Featuring the best timbers and hardware, our side tables are carefully built for long-lasting durability. Ending the craftsmanship journey, we carefully hand finish each and every part of our side tables to meet your exacting standards.

To give you further peace of mind, we deliver your side table fully-assembled to ensure the assemble construction quality. We’ll also give you one year warranty on your side tables to ensure that you’re fully happy with your side table.

Create beautiful living spaces today. Visit us online or in-store and view our wide range of designer side tables in-stock and ready for delivery. Shop a La Maison side table today!