How To Choose Sideboards, Consoles And Buffet Tables

March 15, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style dining room with the dining chairs and dining table

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in your home. Therefor, it deserves not only your best styling, but all the attention from your guests. You can easily enhance the look of the room with the right furniture, which can be eye catching and functional at the same time. Storage furniture like Hamptons sideboard, Hamptons console table and Hamptons buffet add storage and display space to the dining room while completing your design scheme.

Storage furniture like Hamptons style sideboards, Hamptons style buffets and Hamptons style console tables differ in purpose, function and style. Choosing the right piece might feel overwhelming, not if you know what you need to consider. A Hamptons sideboard usually comes with plenty of drawers and storage departments. Meanwhile, a Hamptons buffet is not always equipped with drawers, but open and closed shelving and storage departments. Last but not least, a Hamptons console table is a stand-alone piece with a more open appearance and actual less storage space.

All of these pieces are a perfect storage solution for your home, not only for your dining space. Furthermore, a Hamptons sideboard, Hamptons console table and Hamptons buffet all work greatly in the living room or bedroom as well. Let’s dive in into the different use options and let us introduce you to some of our bestsellers.

Hamptons style interiors sideboard and buffet
Moreno Sideboard


What is the difference between Hamptons Sideboard, Hamptons Console Table and Hamptons Buffet?

Storage furniture is essential when it comes to the dining room. It makes it easier for you to keep things organised and build a connection between kitchen and dining. Plus, it gives you the option to play with designs and decor and follow your own style.

But what is the difference between Sideboards, Buffets and Console Tables? While they all are considered as low-profile furniture pieces for the dining room, they differ in usage and style.

A Hamptons style sideboard is the most practical option, for a lot of extra storage space in your home. Depending on the chosen material, they are very solid and long-lasting. The main characteristics of sideboards are the short or no legs, most of them reach the floor. Additionally, they come with various design features like glass, wooden or rattan doors. With many styles to select from, sideboards are a great storage addition to any room. In fact, they provide most storage space compared to buffets and console tables.

Buffets are more likely to be used in dining rooms, which is referred to their style. While sideboards offer more flexibility and their design adapts to almost every room.

A major difference between Hamptons style sideboards and Hamptons style buffets is their construction and their features. Buffets have long legs compared to sideboards, and they are typically taller. The historical name implies its purpose. A Hamptons buffet is the ideal storage solution for dinning supplies while creating an open and generous look and feel. It usually comes with drawers, small departments, as well as a hutch for displaying decorative items.

Compared to sideboards and buffets, a Hamptons console table has less storage space. While sideboards and buffets often come with doors to hide mess and precious items, console tables have typically an airy design with only small drawers and open shelves. Therefor, Hamptons console tables serve mostly for decorative purposes, for example to hold mirrors, vases and books or build a fundament for a photo gallery. Another difference is that it’s frequently placed in the hallway, not necessary the dining room.

Hamptons Dining Chairs
Louis Buffet


How to choose between Hamptons Sideboard, Hamptons Console Table and Hamptons Buffet?

The right piece gives you the opportunity to bring your room design together. Before making a large investment, ask yourself a few questions to determine the right choice.

Foremost, what will be the main use for the piece? A Hamptons style sideboard is best to store heavy items as well as hide items out of sight. While a Hamptons style buffet table is ideal to organise and display items, especially for dining purposes. Last, a Hamptons style console table functions mainly as a base to decorate your room, like displaying photos, flowers and other decor pieces.

Next, how much space do you have available? A Hamptons buffet will only work in a spacious room. In a small dining room, it will most likely be too cramped. Your space is also worth a consideration for picking a Hamptons sideboard. Do you have space for a large sideboard, or is it only enough for a narrow console table?

Last, after becoming clear about purpose and space, style is the final factor for choosing a sideboard, buffet or console table. The most modern option are sideboards, as they come in classic as well as fancy designs and many colours variations. Buffets are often used in French or cottage styled homes, as they have a more elegant note and typically come in washed wood finishes.

Hamptons Style Dining Room Including Oavils Dining Table Black And Lennox Dining Chair
Malval Buffet


How to select a Hamptons Sideboard?

Hamptons style sideboards are real multi-talents, not only in the dining room. If you have heavy items to store or display, like books or big vases, a wood sideboard offers the best stability. While a rattan sideboard is not suitable for those heavy items. It’s more of a decorative piece – for example, it works great in a coastal style scheme. Another option to underlay your Hamptons style at home is a French Style Sideboard. Its classic whitewash is a great combination with blue shades.

Black Sideboard or White Sideboard
A black sideboard or white sideboard are very versatile and fit easily in most design schemes. 

A white sideboard creates a light and spacious atmosphere, even in small rooms. Like our Louis Buffet, a modern interpretation of the traditional buffet design. Its elegant design and unique “tambour doors” bring elegance and timeless design into your home. Not only its design is bespoke, but also the storage options in form of several drawers and storage departments behind the beautiful presence.

For a more timeless and contemporary design scheme, you should go for a black sideboard. For example, our Moreno black sideboard. The clean design paired with modern brass handles make it a centrepiece in any room, while the spacious drawers keep everything in place.

LOUIS White Buffet Front With Transparent Background
Louis White Sideboard
Moreno Sideboard with Drawers
Moreno Black Sideboard


Rattan Sideboard
A rattan sideboard is a great choice to add structure and a natural touch to your home design. It works best within coastal interiors. Here, we can recommend our Manado rattan sideboard. Made from a solid hardwood frame, it offers a solid storage solution, like multiple cabinets with adjustable shelves and rattan-wrapped doors. The rattan-wrapped doors add a sense of structure and pattern, which enhance a natural and calm atmosphere.

French Style Sideboard
Choose a French style sideboard if you prefer the Country or Cottage Style at home. Like our Henwick french style Sideboard. It’s a flexible and practical piece, which provides you with plenty of storage options. Including the beautiful rattan baskets which add depth and warmth to the space. It’s practical in the dining area to store dishes, linens and all your dining decor. It works great in the living room as well, where you can use it as an entertainment unit and hide all your remotes and media items.

Manado Sideboard Front
Manado Sideboard
Henwick Sideboard White Front With Transparent Background
Henwick French Style Sideboard


How to pick a Hamptons Console Table?

A console table is the ideal piece, if you’re looking for a decorative interior item. It usually comes in smaller sizes, which easily fits in every room. Therefor, your choice really depends on your style preferences. Our range includes white console tables, black consoles, small consoles and narrow console tables.

For the typical Hamptons look, we recommend a black console table or a classic Hamptons style console table. Our Frejac Hamptons console table comes with a flared top detail, which adds a nice dimensional effect and creates a lasting impression. With three drawers in addition to the console’s shelf, it provides ample storage.

A more modern alternative is our Malval black console table with its simple and elegant design. Flared lip moldings, tapered legs and the brass details are the signature style for our Malval collection. The console table has two good size drawers on runners featuring hand forged brass hardware with an aged antique patina.

Frejac White Console Table
Frejac White Console Table, Interior Design/Styling by @alixhelpsinteriors
Photo by @inwardoutward
Hamptons style hallway
Malval Black Console Table, Photo by Woods & Warner


For smaller spaces or niches, the Ballard Console table with removable trays is a practical, space-saving piece. It comes in two colour variations as well as a matching coffee table, to keep your design in line.

A modern design and elegance is the key to contemporary living. With our Conran black console table you can bring style and functionality into your home. It has a clean, airy design while providing spacious drawers. A perfect storage solution for a small hallway or that little niche for a statement styling.

Ballard Antique Console Table With Transparent Background
Ballard Narrow Console Table
Conran Console Petite Front
Ballard Black Console Table


How to choose a buffet?

The most flexible storage solution is without a doubt the Hampton style buffet. They are not just a piece of furniture, furthermore they complete your design and help you to keep things organised. Buffets allow you to hide or store a lot of items as well as decorate at the same time.

In our range you find many Hamptons style buffets, a perfect addition to your luxury interior scheme. Choose between a narrow buffet, like the Malval buffet and hutch, or the large Frejac Buffet with the generous storage options. A small buffet is ideal to be used in pairs or to frame a sofa. While a large buffet and hutch is the perfect statement piece, where you can display your finest porcelain.

A black buffet and hutch can set a great colour accent in a ton in ton setting. With our Frejac black Buffet and Hutch you have a timeless item, which is practical and stylish at the same time.

If you prefer a simpler buffet design, without a hutch our Louis Buffet Sideboard is a great alternative. It has the classical buffet look, but is more a combination of a buffet and sideboard.

Lifestyleshot Frejac Buffet Chalk
Malval Buffet and Hutch


Each of the described pieces can add style and function to your home. Don’t worry too much about the different names, as long you keep its purpose in mind. If you need a lot of storage, go with a spacious Hamptons style sideboard. The Hamptons buffet combines storage and display options. While the Hamptons console table has mostly a decorative function. As so often in styling a home, the most important thing to keep in mind is your available space, your needs as well as your design preferences.

Ready to transform your space with these elegant pieces? Whether you’re seeking style, storage, or a combination of both, our online shop and showroom have a curated selection of Hamptons-inspired furniture waiting for you. Explore our collection online or visit our showroom to see these pieces in person.

PS: need inspiration on how to style your Hamptons sideboard, buffet or console table? Check our quick and easy guides here: