Bedside Guide: How To Choose Bedside Tables

August 4, 2021 Posted by La Maison Bedside Guide: How To Choose Bedside Tables

The perfect bookends for every bed are bedside tables. They are the most efficient method to turn any bedroom into a fashionable and practical area. If you like to have your favourite items nearby at night, functional bedside tables are a must. Bedsides are an easy way to organise your bedroom, as they make it simple to keep things close at hand. Discover how a bedside table can meet all your demands while providing a range of styles and functions.

More than simply a dumping ground for clutter, your bedside should be a work of art. It needs to shine because it is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your bedroom. Besides the bed, the bedside tables are an important component to determine the tone of your room’s design and style. Your choice of bedsides and their styling totally transforms your room appearance. Replacing your bedside tables is an excellent method of refreshing yourself, but what are the best options? What features do you need your side table to have? Read our bedside guide to make an informed decision when buying a bedside table.


The Necessity of Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are often seen as a decorative accessory, but they serve a crucial function in the bedroom. They are an essential piece of furniture that can make a big difference in terms of convenience, organisation, and style. Here are some reasons why bedside tables are a necessity in any bedroom:

  • Storage: Bedside tables provide a convenient place to store items you might need during the night, such as books, glasses, water bottles, and medications. Having everything you need within arm’s reach can make your bedtime routine more efficient and comfortable.
  • Organisation: Bedside tables can help keep your bedroom tidy by providing a place to store small items that would otherwise clutter your nightstand or floor. You can use them to organise jewellery, charging cables, and other items you use regularly.
  • Decor: Bedside tables are an opportunity to add a touch of style to your bedroom. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can choose one that complements your decor and adds visual interest to the room.
  • Convenience: Bedside tables make it easy to access your alarm clock or phone during the night. They also provide a place to put your glasses or book when you’re ready to sleep. By keeping everything within reach, you can avoid the hassle of getting out of bed to retrieve something you need.
  • Safety: Bedside tables can also provide a measure of safety. If you need to get up during the night, you can use the table to steady yourself and avoid tripping or falling. They can also be used to store a flashlight or emergency items that you might need in case of a power outage or other emergency.

In conclusion, bedside tables are not just a decorative accessory, but a necessary piece of furniture for any bedroom. They provide storage, organisation, convenience, decor, and safety. Whether you choose a simple, functional design or a stylish, statement-making piece, a bedside table is an essential part of a well-designed bedroom.

We created a bedside guide of top 10 most important features bedside tables should have. Keep these things in mind before buying bedsides table.

Bedroom Look Eclectic Boston
Aime Bedside Table

1. Bedside Table Height

What height should bedside tables be? A general bedside guideline is that they should be about in line with your mattress. Bedsides table heights that are too low or too high are inconvenient and uncomfortable to use. You should also think about the dimensions of the objects you put on your nightstand – a huge, heavy light on a little table will seem out of place. Decor pieces that are too big or too little in comparison to the size of a bedside table can throw off the equilibrium of your room and make it seem strange … as if you’re Alice in Wonderland, and you’ve just passed through the Looking Glass.

To avoid seeming too tiny or overwhelming, make sure the design you pick is the appropriate bedside table size. For example, make sure the shade matches the stand, so it doesn’t feel overly large. Also, don’t be scared to go for something unique. Bedside table width is also an important consideration. 

French Hampton Bedside Table Petite Angle
FRENCH Beside Table
Boston Bedside Table Black Angle With Transparent Background
BOSTON Painted Bedside Table

2. Surface Area Of Bedside Table

A table lamp, an alarm clock, and anything else you want within reach of your bed should fit on the top of your table. Choose a nightstand with plenty of surface area on top if your bedside tends to gather a lot of stuff. By shifting framed photographs on your walls, exchanging table lights for wall sconces, and putting other items in the drawers, you may free up room on your nightstand for necessary objects.

two black bedsid tabls
MALVAL Bedside Table with drawers

3. Storage Space Of Bedside Table

Bedside tables with drawers are another useful feature of bedsides, and perhaps the most crucial. It’s a good idea to think about the surface before being distracted by doors and bedside drawers. Consider how much room you’ll need there for your nighttime needs. You might enjoy something like wide a bedside table if you have a large table lamp or wish to showcase some objects. Then think about what you’d like to keep inside the table. A bedside table with drawers is ideal for storing socks and underwear, as well as other minor goods such as medications and reading glasses.


4. Materials Of Bedside Table

The material used to construct your bedside has a significant influence on the look and feel of your bedroom. Traditional-style bedrooms benefit from natural wood or painted bedside tables with distinctive brass or iron fittings. Whilst modern bedrooms benefit from bedsides with polished metal or glass embellishments. If you want to use it to hold a large lamp or store bulky goods, go for a more sturdy and balanced nightstand.

Brightonshomeau Tommy Bedside
TOMMY Natural Wood Bedside, Photo by @brightonhomesau
Malval White Bedside Table
MALVAL Painted Bedside, Photo by @alannasmitdesigns

5. Bedside Table Colour

It doesn’t seem to make sense to spend money on new bedside tables if you’re not going to show them off. If you choose white bedside tables that are the same colour as the walls, your furniture will be subtle. Instead of blending into your surroundings, look for colours that compliment them. Colours that are a few shades lighter or darker than the paint in your bedroom will give a modest pop of colour without dominating the space.


6. Bedside Table Matching Pieces

Consider incorporating a neutral colour palette to enhance the serene ambience, and strategically place soft furnishings like plush rugs and cosy throws to elevate the comfort level in your contemporary-styled bedroom. Additionally, integrating smart storage solutions can optimise the functionality of the space while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Bright bedroom with bedsides
BRIGITTE Natural Wood Bedside Tables

7. Appearance & Aesthetics Of Bedside Table

Maintain a balanced look in your bedroom. Bedside tables that are too small for a huge bed are too little for a large bed, and vice versa. If you have a tiny room and a huge bed, bedside tables may not be necessary. That’s preferable to cramming too-small ones into the space and making it seem claustrophobic. Three-drawer chests as bedsides look great next to a bed with a bedhead because the bedhead provides a higher surface.


8. Functionality Of Bedside Table

When you want to use every possible bit of space, even such things as bedside tables should be functional. They can serve you with storage, as for other things. For example, you can make it to function as a small writing desk or a powder table. At the same time, this desk or table could also feature several drawers to store some things. Choose a bed with built-in bedside tables for a sleek, modern look.

La Maison bedroom with bedside
MANOLU Bedside Table

9. Lighting tips for bedside tables

A table lamp is ideal if you have the space, since you want to be able to access your bedroom illumination quickly. Choose one with a chord switch so you don’t have to reach for the bulb. If you’re sitting up in bed, the lamp’s bottom should be around the same height as your chin. A light that is about 1/3 the size of the table is excellent for a small bedside table. Maintain a proportional relationship between your lights and your bedsides, and make sure you have enough space for your other belongings. Wall-mounted lighting sconces are ideal if you’re short on space or prefer a more minimalist aesthetic.


10. Reliability Of Bedside Tables

Reliability does matter if you want to buy bedside tables, as they can’t be changeable daily. To buy furniture that lasts longer and in good shape is hard to find and depends on the material and structure of the bedside tables. So last but not least, you have to check the reliability. To check the reliability, do check what material it is composed of and what the expected life of that material is.

Bryce Bedside Table With Right Side Handle With Transparent Background
BRYCE Bedside Table
Caron Bedside Table Black Angle With Transparent Background
CARON Bedside Table


When looking for the ideal bedroom bedside tables with drawers, keep all of these in mind. Always consider your requirements and the style you want to express in your bedroom. Measure the bedside table dimensions and mattress, then select materials that complement or match the rest of the room. You want your sleeping place to have a calm vibe, and nature may help you achieve that. Fresh flowers or potted plants are essential for bringing in a natural touch. If you have a hectic lifestyle but still want to add a bit of green to your bedroom, you may want to select something that doesn’t take much maintenance. A candle or diffuser is a wonderful accent to a piece of greenery.

Ready to elevate your sleep sanctuary? Explore our curated bedroom furniture collection online for inspiration, or immerse yourself in the experience by visiting our showroom.