How to choose a Hamptons chest of drawers for your bedroom

March 24, 2022 Posted by La Maison Look Navy Adventure

Every home needs a lot of storage space, especially in the bedroom. Hamptons chest of drawers can be a great solution to keep your things organised while offer endless styling potential. Whether you want a place for your socks and undies, accessories or bedding, Hamptons style chest of drawers comes in many designs, shapes and sizes. Besides being practical, Hamptons chest of drawers can serve as well as a TV stand or bedside table. Which makes it a multi-functional and universal furniture piece, not only in the bedroom.

There are various types and designs of Hamptons chest of drawers, from white chest of drawers, tall chest of drawers, black chest of drawers, 6 drawer dressers, small chest of drawers, tallboy drawers and wooden chest of drawers. Besides, you can find them in every interior design scheme, like french, coastal and modern. Before you make a decision, you want to consider a few tips to ensure you find the perfect match for your bedroom.

What to consider before buying a Hamptons style chest of drawers for your bedroom?

Enough storage is without a doubt the best way to create a calm and harmonious bedroom atmosphere. Keeping everything clean and free of clutter ensures you will be able to relax and enjoy a peaceful time.

Despite, a Hamptons chest of drawers can add a great focal point to your bedroom. A Hamptons style chest of drawers is relatively small, compared to a wardrobe or bed. It’s easy to express your own style and personality in the bedroom. Depending on its style and colour, it can blend in the room or stand out. Plus, it can be a nice decorative interior item. White chest of drawers is not only an organisation talent but a great base to display your favourite photos, place your jewellery and beauty products.

Black chests of drawers come in all kinds of styles and several features. We give you some tips to consider before buying Hamptons chest of drawers.

Hampton Armchair Simonata Blanc
Malval Black Chest of Drawers


How to pick the right size for a Hamptons style chest of drawers?

First, you want to think about the size you need based on your available bedroom space. A tall chest of drawers takes up minimal floor space but offers plenty of storage space. It’s the perfect choice for a tiny room. While, a small chest of drawers usually comes in a narrow shape, which is great if you would like to combine it with an Armchair or low stool. In this way, a small chest of drawers can as well work as a dressing table in your bedroom.

Either way, it is important that you keep the width and depth of the chest of drawers in mind. Thinking of the width, you want to make sure it has enough space around it. Otherwise, the room can feel cramped and smaller than it really is. While the depth of the drawers is essential when it comes to storage potential. If you want to store clothes or bedding, you require a large depth. For small clutter, you won’t need spacious drawers.

Furthermore, the height is another factor to consider. A low chest of drawers can work for adults as well as for children. They don’t take up much wall space, therefor you can place shelves above. A chest of drawers in combination with open shelves creates an airy atmosphere in the room. If you would like to use a chest of drawers as a TV stand for your bedroom, make sure it has a height which makes it comfortable to watch TV from the bed.

Before buying your Hamptons style chest of drawers, make sure to measure the spot where you want to place it. There should be plenty of space to walk around them and open the drawers properly.

Perfect Bedside Table
Malval White Chest of Drawers


What type of Hamptons style chests of drawers are available?

Not only the design and style is something to consider, but which type of chest of drawers works best for your needs. Do you require a lot of storage space, or simply some room for a little clutter?

2 drawer dresser usually come with 2 wide drawers, ideal to store jeans and sweater or sheets. Like our Conran Black chest of drawers. Perfect proportions and a contemporary design make it a statement piece for every coom. The two good size drawers with antique brass handles are practical and stylish at the same time. 

3 drawer dresser and 4 drawer dresser are compact and low chest of drawers that offer plenty of room in large deep drawers. They come with additional surface space for decor, books, jewellery or flowers. The low height allows you as well to place a large mirror or TV on it, or add additional display space above with matching shelves. A perfect example is our Malval white chest of drawers.

Whether you want extra storage in the bedroom our the living room, the Malval white chest of drawers is the perfect addition to any room. The simple yet classic design  allows it to fit beautifully in all interior schemes. It comes with four good size drawers with hand forged brass handles.

A tall 6 drawer dresser is called tallboy drawers. Its compact width combined with the high profile is an elegant solution for small rooms.

Last, the most common and practical type – the white 5 drawer dresser. It comes with 3 lager drawers at the bottom, topped with 2 smaller drawers. This type gives you plenty of storage variations, despite how large or small your items are. Our Moreno black chest of drawers has the potential to be a centrepiece of any room. The simple design and modern finish is truly the right match for any home.


Which style to choose for a chest of drawers?

The style of your Hamptons chest of drawers depends on your personal preferences and style. Do you want to match it to the other furniture in the bedroom, or do you want it to be a statement piece? Some designs like white dressers, black chest of drawers as well as bedroom dresser are easy to combine with various interior design schemes. A more traditional design, for example 4 drawer dresser or 3 drawer dresser, work well in French or cottage styled rooms.

From all the available options, select a white chest of drawers that works best for your personal needs while compelling your interior style. If you want to use a white chest of drawers as bedside tables, you can easily buy them as a set. Or follow our mix not match philosophy and choose each piece individually. Just make sure they complete each other in style and appearance.

Lifestyleshot Conran Chest
Conran Black Chest of Drawers
Aime Bedside Grande Chalk by @metriconhomes
Aime White Chest of Drawers


What material to select when buying a chest of drawers?

After you narrowed down your options based on size and style, it’s time to take a look at the material. The material the chest of drawers is made from has a big impact on the aesthetic of the overall look and feel of the room. A wooden chest of drawers is the most common option. Not only works solid wood well in modern as well as traditional interiors, it’s also sturdy and long-lasting. The type of wood determinate the quality and price of your white chest of drawers. Quality wood like oak and teak will cost more, therefor it lasts many years.

Another aspect to consider is the finishing. A glossy black chest of drawers is ideally for a modern or minimalist home, additionally it adds a sense of luxury to your home. White dressers perfectly underline the classic Hamptons chic. Furthermore, a whitewash finishing can give your home a beachy feeling.

In addition to the base material, you should check the additional elements to ensure ease of use.
Beginning with the handles, the main piece you will frequently use. Are they easy to pull? How about the grip? Take as well a look at the sliding mechanism of the drawers. Are they open and close smoothly? High quality chest of drawers comes with metal runner for the drawers.


Conclusion on chest of drawers

Selecting a new furniture piece can be a big investment. Take your time to prove every aspect above, before picking a new chest of drawers. The chest of drawers should suit you in style, size and function. There is a wide range of chests of drawers to choose from. Now that you know what to look for while selecting the right match for you, you can easily find the right piece for your requirements.

In short: With the right size, depth and height, you can find the perfect storage solution. Meanwhile, material and design will help you to achieve a compelling look and feel within your personal interior scheme. A white chest of drawers is a versatile piece, which you can enjoy for years and restyle as you wish. The black chest of drawers brings a touch of luxury to every modern home.

La Maison has a wide selection of chest of drawers in Australia. Take a look at our full range of chests of drawers here. Or get inspired by our buying guides and shop by look.