The Complete Guide On How To Buy A Hampton Style Sofa

September 27, 2021 Posted by La Maison Hampton Style 3 seater Sofa Saint Malo

People are becoming more familiar with the Hampton interior style, therefore a Hampton style sofa is becoming a necessity in home styling. If you have to replace your sofa or buy a new one, the Hampton style sofa is a good choice for timeless design. Purchasing a sofa may be difficult, especially if you are unsure of what you want. When it comes to selecting one of your home’s most important pieces of furniture, there’s a lot to consider. From selecting an appropriate design to ensuring that it suits your needs.

Purchasing a couch requires time and thought. You must choose a style and colour that complements your living area, as well as a durable material for your needs. And most of all, it must fit through the front door. So, before you plan your budget, familiarise yourself with the various sizes, fillings and textures. A new sofa doesn’t have to be expensive, but although there are certain points where you may save money, there are others where you should invest.


A Step-by-step Guide of Hamptons Sofa

We’ll walk you through the numerous options in 5 simple steps. Our guide is designed to help you make the best decision possible for a Hampton style sofa. Each step answers are the most often asked concerns and take the important factors such as size, style, colour and upkeep into account.

So, how do you choose a comfortable sofa for your Hamptons style living room when you are furniture shopping for your home? You must look for a few things. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn all you need to know about purchasing the right Hampton style sofa.


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1. Take Proper Measurement for Hamptons Style Sofa 

The first step is to shop sofa by size, evaluate the Hamptons sofa dimensions compared to the available space. Corner sofas may be bigger than they look, and recliners may need to be set back from the wall in order to recline comfortably. The practicality of your Hamptons sofa’s location should be taken into consideration as well. Will you be able to clean beneath and around the Hamptons style sofa and is it in a spot where the remainder of the room is obstructed? It is vital to examine these considerations once you have made sure that the sofa fits physically:

  • Is the door framework in place?
  • Are there barriers to consider, such as stair banners?
  • Do the delivery crew have adequate area to manoeuvre the couch?

To determine whether this is a problem, be sure that the product description of your sofa contains a minimum access width before you purchase. This shows how broad the corridors and the entrances need to be. Next, determine how long the sofa you’re bringing into the house is. If there are any right angles or impediments to overcome, make sure the sofa can be carried vertically while maintaining height clearance. The optimum option for flat complexes would be if the building has an elevator. But make sure it can accommodate the furniture – both in terms of size and weight. If there’s no elevator available, measure the halls and stairwells as you would your house. If you have any doubts, contact the store’s customer service before making a purchase.


2. Manufacturing and Material

Though it’s important to choose a couch that complements the aesthetics of your house, it’s equally critical to consider the materials it’s constructed of when making your purchase. It’s as simple as that: the better the materials, the longer the sofa should endure. Unless you have chosen a metal-framed sofa bed, most Hampton style sofas are made of various types of wood. Kiln-dried hardwoods such as maple, pine, oak, and birch are usually listed as the strongest sofa frames. Many manufacturers believe them to be the finest for couch-making – but this comes at a price. Engineered woods, such as plywood, are another choices for frame materials. Plywood is created by gluing together big pieces of wood and applying a lot of pressure using a specialised press.

Many producers now believe that high-quality plywood is just as excellent as traditional hardwoods, thanks to advancements in this method. Always check to verify if the wood used is from a sustainable source and treated for insects and dampness. There are a few things to look out for when it comes to the joinery inside the sofa frame. Screws, glues, brackets, and dowels are all indications that the frame has been correctly constructed. If you’re unsure, inquire about the production procedure with the merchant. Check to see if they can tell you what’s inside the sofa and how much quality control it went through before it arrived in the shop. Last but not least, the upholstery of a couch must be up to par, from built-in cushioning to the use of textiles or leathers.


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Thea Sofa


3. Comfort & Support

A modern sofa’s depth can range from 75 cm to over 1 m. Hampton style sofas are undoubtably more comfortable, as their length can range from 2 m to more than 3 m. Take note of the sizes to ensure that the Hamtpons couch fits where you want it to, and compare them to other sofa product descriptions as well. This gives you an idea of how the Hampton style sofa compares to the rest of the market in terms of size, as well as ensuring that it is the right size for you. You should also make sure the sofa depth is about the 100 cm mark, which is considered comfy. Many people believe that this is the ideal depth for sitting or curling up with your feet underneath you.

If you want any type of back support, make sure the sofa has a high back. Ideally with cushions that support your spine in their natural sitting posture. Most sofa backs are between 75 cm and 1 m high, which should be sufficient for most people. However, if lumbar or upper back support is a major selling point for you, pay attention to the design of the cushions. Although some manufacturers provide orthopaedic seating, most users will find that the included cushions are sufficient for their comfort needs. When sitting and transitioning to standing, a seat with an inclined back relieves part of the strain on your upper body and back. Whereas an angled seat that points forward relieves muscular tension.


4. Support of Cushions

Cushions are essential to the general comfort and look of a sofa. Whether they’re the huge variety at the base or the tiny, beautiful ones on the seat. The type of filling used in a sofa indicates the product characteristic, as well as whether the cushion’s feel is soft, medium, or firm. So, it’s a good idea to study the cushion’s composition and density to have a sense of the comfort level you are getting. Because recent advancements in couch fillings are more cost-efficient and controllable, feather fillings are utilised less commonly these days. Feather-filled cushions, which resemble fiber-filled Hampton sofa in appearance, require daily maintenance. Feathers, horsehair, coconut fibre, and duck down were once common fillings, but they are now uncommon.

Manufacturers commonly utilise foam because it is more supportive and, when polished, has a fitted appearance. High-resilience foam is the best choice, since it compacts (and so loses volume) considerably more slowly than ordinary foam. However, repeated rotations of the foam-filled cushions can help to prevent this to a degree. If you want a Hamptons couch that appears softer and cosier, fibre fillings are ideal. These types of cushions adapt to your body form readily, but may also be rapidly plumped up as needed. Pocket sprung cushions are becoming more prevalent on Hampton couches, despite their popularity in mattresses. Individual springs within the cushion make it suitable for both large and small Hampton couches, and the firmness of the cushion depends on how tightly the springs are coiled.


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5. Functionality

The Hampton style sofa’s usefulness is also important to consider. Is it necessary for you to sit down with your friend for drinks? Then three-seat or Chesterfield Hampton style sofas will be ideal for you. A recliner is ideal if you have a large-screen television in your living room and all you want to do is sit back and relax. It only depends on you what type of functionality you really want and how you would utilise the sofa.

Both in the store and online, there are several styles of sofas to choose from. 3 and 2 seater sofas, L-shaped sofas, reclining modern sofas, and so on are all available. Hampton style sofas are a certain style of design that distinguishes them and gives them a sense of self. These Hampton style sofas are designed to go well with Hampton-style homes. These residences have a particular aesthetic that is laid-back, beachy, and elegant. This style, which is inspired by American residences in the same-named coastal districts, and are gaining appeal in Australia.


Conclusion on Hampton Style Sofas

Trying before buying is the safest way to find your perfect sofa. Visit one of our showrooms and find your perfect match.