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What is a good size for home office desks?

November 30, 2022 Posted by La Maison Black Furniture Home office desks

Working from home means we spend most of our time at the desk. With the latest trend of working remotely, home office ergonomics become more important than ever. When you are setting up a new home office or planning to redo it, choosing the right dimensions for your home office desk should be not overlooked. Whether you prefer modern home office desks or classic wooden home office desks, by choosing the perfect home office desk size, you can boost your productivity and enhance comfort for long working days.

This guide will help you to gain a better understanding of good sizes for home office desks, so you can choose one that suits your needs. Plus, we introduce you to our best-selling home office desks.

Modern Home Office Desks

Creating a space that is just for work can help to separate work from daily living and focus, plus boasting productivity. Some people simply use the kitchen table or work from the sofa, but what does it do to your brain? If you use your kitchen, living room, or even bedroom as your workspace, which is designated to your daily life like cooking, watching TV, and sleeping, your brain won’t have the special signal that “it’s work time”. Therefore, it will be challenging to focus on work. Not even speaking about ergonomics, which are awfully in these scenarios.

With proper home office desks and a separate workspace setup, you can create a beneficial psychological effect for your brain. Modern home office desks and matching chairs will make it much easier for you to get into a concentrated state. It will help you to manage your time and prevent body injuries. Plus, you will be more likely to enjoy your dining space or sofa and leave your workday behind you. Modern home office desks improved the work-from-home situation enormously for the good.

Hampton style study room furniture
CROIX Wooden Home Office Desk

What size of a desk do I need?

Choosing the right size for your home office desk might seem a challenging task. Not only the dimensions are important, but also your needs and the available space. Keep the following guidelines in mind when choosing a home office desk.

  • Measure your space
    You need to have an idea about the room space you want to dedicate to be your workspace as well as the placement of your home office desk. In a larger space, you won’t have many restrictions regarding dimensions and size. But in a smaller or limited space, you might need to look for space-saving options. Keep in mind to leave enough space behind your desk, so you can easily fit in an office chair and sit down comfortably. A good range is between 80-95 cm of space behind your desk and about 120 cm in the front to have a big enough range to walk around it.

Black Desk With Drawers
CROIX Desk Black, Photo by @furnishandfinishstyling
Hamptons Style Living Room With Lennox Chair
  • Consider your needs
    Think of, how you plan to use the desk. Is it for daily work, studying or crafting? Do you need extra space for monitors, printers or any other device? How about accessories? Would you like to place a vase or photo frames along with your work devices? A standard home office desk is suitable in most cases, but the needs of your work will dictate the best desk size, storage options and even style.

    Depending on your available space, you can go for a wider and deeper home office desk that can accommodate all your devices and favourite decor. For a smaller space, you can opt for a narrow work desk with drawers, which give you the option of more storage inside the desk instead on the surface.
Hampton style study room
CROIX Desk White, Photo by @ carlislehomes
Croix Work Desk Chalk
CROIX Desk White, Photo by @advantagestyling

3. Choose a shape
The shape of your home office desk is not only a personal choice, furthermore it depends on your available space and your needs. For example, an oversized L-shaped desk might sound good in terms of provided surface, but in a small home it will look odd and heavy. While a rectangular home office desk offers you options to separate the surface into a place for fixed, frequently used items, as well as coffee mugs and flower bouquets.

study room with suitable furniture
Space saving desk, Photo by @Kari Shea via Unsplash
Small workspace with smart storage
Smart storage desk, Photo by @Sandra Rei via Unsplash

Wooden Home Office Desks

A beautiful workspace option for Hamptons inspired homes are wooden home office desks. They are ideal to create a warm and comfortable ambience. Let us introduce you to our bestsellers.

The Modern Home Office Desk – Jasper
Jasper echoes glamour and vibrant city vibes. Clean lines and a black matt iron frame enhances the modern yet casual design. A luxe finish on wood grain veneer coupled with simply concealed drawers and finger-grooved edge pull make it the perfect work desk for contemporary home offices.

A good addition to this desk is the Oscar Bookcase. It is an imposing simple statement and big on storage and height.

open plan living and work space
Oscar Bookcase Front With Transparent Background
OSCAR Bookcase

The Classic Wooden Home Office Desk – Croix
Croix comes in the signature La Maison Hamptons style. Elegant cross details in the frame coupled with a hand painted finishing, and fine shadow lines makes this desk the perfect piece for a Hamptons home. The Croix offers a good deep work surface as well as two spacious drawers. Available in three colours, it effortlessly matches any existing home interior.

Pair it with the Frejac Bookcase, a Hamptons styled bookcase with timber cross-work behind and four levels of storage. These two are a beautiful combination and true multitalents when it comes to storage.

Croix Black Desk
CROIX Desk, Photo by @masterton_homes
Frejac Bookcase Black Angle
FREJAC Bookcase Black


A home office desk is not just a surface that holds your work devices and coffee mug. It is an important furniture piece that impacts the way you work, boost ideas and increase your productivity. Therefor, it is important to pay attention to your home office desk setup. Making sure it has the right size will save you not only back pain, but also procrastination and distraction.

At La Maison Australia you can find a fine selection of modern home office desks and wooden home office desks. All our designs are versatile and timeless, they match any home design and style. Choose your new home office desk online or visit our Sydney showroom.