Hamptons Style Home Decor: How to make it work on a budget

August 24, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style home decor

The Hamptons style home decor is a relaxed yet glamorous design scheme for Australian homes. The laid-back coastal look is all about Hamptons style furniture, high-quality materials and elegance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve this look on a budget. In fact, the Hamptons look is simple and affordable – plus you can integrate the timeless and versatile design easily into your existing decor. Means you don’t have to buy everything new. By playing with the right colours, choosing a few key pieces of Hamptons style furniture and adding some typical decor, you can create your own Hamptons home on a budget.

Bringing the Hamptons look into your home doesn’t have to cost the earth. We have a complete guide for you with advice how to make the Hamptons style decor work on a budget. Let us guide you room by room how to decorate Hamptons style in your home.

How to style with Hamptons Style Home Decor

The hallmark of a Hamptons home starts with colour, in fact it is the key principle to get this look right. The base colours should be light, whether crisp white, beige or grey tones. Use this colours for the walls, floor and window frames. This neutral base makes it easier to style and decorate the room. You can opt for wooden Hamptons style furniture for a warm contrast, or make it modern with dark painted furniture. Furthermore, you can add coloured highlights from earthy to blue hues.

As the Hamptons style is all about “bringing the outdoors, indoors”, interior and decor items with natural textures are a must. Besides, it is a great way to add depth and warmth to a room. You can add texture with a rug, artwork and cushions from natural materials like cotton and linen. Play with a furniture and decor mix to create interest in your Hamptons home. This can be a cane chair or rattan bedhead, linen curtains, clay pots and dried flowers – you can play with endless possibilities.


Modern Hamptons Style Bedroom

The soft, calming colour palette, breathable natural materials and simple design of the Hamptons style is ideally for a bedroom. It lends to a relaxed mood and comfortable sleep. When decorating your modern Hamptons style bedroom on a budget, you should opt for one focal point where you choose high quality Hamptons furniture and work around it. For example, the bed as the room’s centrepiece. Choose a high quality Hamptons style bedhead and pair it with matching bedsides. Make sure the bedsides are not only good-looking, but also functional.

From there you can add Hamptons style home decor like table lights, cushions and bed throws from soft cotton or wool, natural fibre rugs and vases or table lamps. Working with layers and creating a tone in tone look reflects perfectly the Hamptons style. Try to avoid complicated patterns or bright colours when decorating your modern Hamptons style bedroom, as this might be too distracting for your good night’s sleep.

Coastal Bedroom Style
ST LUCIA Side Table, Photo by @studiocollectiveaustralia
Carlislehomes Montaigne Side Table White e1660874425397
MONTAIGNE Bedside, Photo by @carlislehomes

Modern Hamptons Style Living Room

The Hamptons style is known for its spaciousness, oversized proportions and soothing colour palette. Which presents a luxury and sophisticated feel. But the interior and decor actually doesn’t have to be luxury in price. The trick to create a relaxed yet luxurious ambience, is to use a combination of large-scale furniture combined with opulent aesthetics.

We recommend investing in a good quality sofa, as this is the mostly used in your living room, and you want it to last for years. To achieve the typical Hamptons style, an oversized white sofa is the best key piece to choose. Its calm appearance is a good base for a modern Hamptons style living room. You can enhance the spacious feel with an airy coffee table made from rattan. Rattan is an affordable but also sustainable material. It is cheaper than solid wood or iron coffee tables. Playing with different kind of materials and structures adds instantly interest to a room. Another interior item that won’t put a big hole in your budget are side tables. They are available in various designs and styles. Whether you want them to match your existing furnishings or make it a statement piece, side tables have the ability to do both.

Thea White Sofa
THEA Sofa White
Lifestyleshot Calais Coffee Table Black
CALAIS Coffee Table

Hamptons Style Dining Room

Once you have set the ground design for your Hamptons style dining room, including wall paint and flooring, the next step is to select furniture that looks great and suits your needs. Hamptons style dining rooms often mimic patios and alfresco spaces. It’s all about neutral colour palettes and a lot of natural light. To achieve this natural look there’s an abundant use of organic materials such as rattan, wood and cotton for textiles.

The dining table will set the focal point in your dining room. Opt for a large table in solid wood, either in a whitewash or natural finishing, for a traditional Hamptons look. Cane or Rattan dining chairs are an ideal choice to achieve the “bringing nature in” scheme. Plus, they are light weighted and easy to move. Which means you can use them in and outdoors, which might save your budget a little.

alfresco hamtpons dining sest
HAMPTON Dining Table, Photo by @threebirdsrenovations
ORIENT BAY Dining Chairs, Photo by @rylo_co

Hamptons Style Furniture by Lamaison

Hamptons style furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. A few good quality key pieces can set the tone and help you to achieve the Hamptons style home decor on a budget. Let us introduce you to some affordable pieces from our collection.

Hamptons bedroom furniture

As mentioned in our guide, the bed is the key essential in a modern Hamptons style bedroom. The Camille bedhead is a great addition to a Hamptons bedroom styling. It comes in a traditional design but freshened up with a modern twist, a nailhead trim. A beautiful timber frame combined with an upholstered fabric panel brings a natural touch to your bedroom. Opt for Hampton Blue or Natural to nail the Hamptons style home decor.

A charming company is the Malval white Hamptons bedside table. The clean and classic design will emerge perfectly along the Camille Bedhead. Besides being a beautiful piece, it offers generous storage space with 3 drawers and a molded lip edge display for all your bedroom decor.

Lifestyle shot Milo Bedside and Camille Bedhead
Lifestyleshot Malval Bedside Chalk
MALVAL Bedside

Hamptons living furniture

If you don’t have the big budget for an oversized Hamptons sofa, how about combining two sofas and create an engaging atmosphere. The Seychelle 2 seater rattan sofa provides comfort while adding a coastal style to the room. It is a celebration of the beauty of natural materials, with a curved woven rattan back and arm rest details. The removable seat cushions help with easy maintenance.

Creating a harmonious balance with various materials is key in Hamptons style home decor. So, it comes naturally to combine the Seychelle rattan sofa with a gold painted glass table. The Florence side table is a perfect stand to hold your coffee cup and decor items, while providing some extra space on the bottom shelf. In a scheme of neutrals and natural materials, it brings a touch of elegance into your living room.

Seychelle 2 Seater Rattan Sofa with Natural Seat cushion Angle
Florence Glass Side Table

Hamptons dining furniture

For a Hamptons dining room styling on a budget, a round dining table is a great choice. It is space-saving but also fits more chairs than a rectangular dining table. The Hampton round dining table is a true statement piece for chic dining. Made of solid teak wood, it is stable and durable while showing a beautiful shadow line.

To pull the Hamptons look together, we recommend pairing the Hampton round dining table with the Lennox dining chairs. They come in two natural fabric choices – Indigo and Hampton Blue, both reflect perfectly the Hamptons look. A contemporary low back and the lack of armchairs make the Lennox dining chair a great addition to a round dining table.

round hamptons dining table
HAMPTON Round Dining Table, Photo by @littlewhitelabel
Hamptons Dining set
LENNOX Dining Chairs Hampton Blue


The great thing about Hamptons style decor is that you have all flexibility when it comes to furnishing and styling. Once you create a neutral backdrop, you just need a few key pieces to achieve the Hamptons home. Investing in good quality Hampton style furniture will bring you joy for years, while you still can play with decor and update it very quickly, if needed.

At La Maison Australia you can find all the essentials for modern Hamptons style bedroom, modern Hamptons style living room and modern style dining room. Browser our collection online or come visit our showroom in Sydney.

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