3 Hamptons Style Hallway Ideas that are simply breathtaking

September 27, 2022 Posted by La Maison Manado Rattan Sideboard

Most people put a lot of effort into styling their Hamptons home, but often neglect the hallway. A Hamptons style hallway is the best way to welcome and impress guests and kick off the Hamptons scheme throughout your home. Whether you have only a narrow niche or a full hall as an entrance, there’s a lot of potential to transform those spaces into a beautiful and functional room. Despite the available space, the Hamptons style hallway is a place full of personality, practical storage options and an important factor to wow your guests.

In our guide, we explain the essentials of a Hamptons style hallway. Plus, we share some beautiful ideas on how to design a Hamptons style hallway and make the most of this space.

hallway styling by masterton home
Louis Buffet, Photo by @masterton_homes
Sideboard styling with decor items
Moreno Sideboard, Photo by @propertystylingcorp

Hamptons Style Hallway

The Hamptons style is all about embracing nature and welcoming inspiration from the outside environment. Therefor, especially the hallway is the ideal space to implement the Hamptons style and create a bridge from the outside into your home.

If you’re building your home from scratch, try to include as many glass windows as possible to achieve a bright and light ambience. If your hallway is lacking of windows, you can still create an open space by using a soft, neutral colour palette of light furnishings. In terms of choosing furniture, you want to go with a mix of natural materials such as solid wood, rattan and organic textiles as well as sleek metals, aluminium or iron for example. A well-balanced combination of those materials will create a comfy but also modern Hamptons style hallway.

When it comes to furniture, functionality is the key to makes the most of the hallway space. Whether it’s a console table for your flower arrangements, table lamp and decorative bowls to hold your keys and clutter, or a practical desk that additionally offers you a space to work from. Particularly in a small hallway, you want to think about how to use the available space wisely.

There are many ways to style a hallway in the Hampton scheme. Let’s take a look at some inspiration and Hampton style hallway ideas to give you a feeling how a Hampton style hallway can look like.


3 Hampton Style Hallway Ideas

1. Keep it simple but classy

A masterpiece in hallway styling, this space has everything a good Hamptons style entryway need. Modern white wall panelling, organic tile flooring and accents of natural light. Beautiful chandeliers constructed from glass and iron help to achieve a light ambient. The monochromatic colour scheme gives this spaces a sophisticated yet modern feeling. You can easily extend this style consistently throughout your home.

The centrepiece of this styling is also a practical storage solution. With a sideboard like the Louis buffet, you can set a beautiful accent in your hallway. It’s a generous display for decor items like vases, books and candles. Besides, it offers great storage with smooth sliding drawers and several storage departments.

Louis Buffet Black in all white hallway
Louis Buffet, Photo by @ orchard.cottage.leura

2. Make it look bigger

These looks work great in small or narrow hallways. All you need is a narrow console table, an oversized mirror and plenty of greenery. When choosing a console table for a small space, make sure its dimensions won’t take up too much space and opt for at least two levels. A console table with a lower shelf, for example the Frejac console table, provides you an extra storage option. This way you have the to surface for decorative items, while you may store other things in baskets on the lower shelf.

In small hallways, you can play with optical tricks to make the room look bigger. Like an oversized mirror, which will create a visual illusion. If you have a narrow hallway, opt for round decorative objects and volume. While in a square designed hallway, thin and long decor items create harmonious proportions.

Hamptons style console table styling
Frejac Console Table, Photo by @propertystylingcorp
Hamptons style hallway
Malval Console Table, Photo by Woods & Warner

3. Create a whole room

If you belong to the circle of lucky people who literally have a hall for the entryway, your options to design a Hampton style hallway are endless. Basically, you can create an additional room. Whether it’s an office space or a small living area for visitors who just quickly pop by. With armchairs or ottomans, you can integrate a comfortable seating option – which is practical for putting on shoes or as a waiting spot. A desk in the hallway has the same function as a console table, but gives you additionally the option to use it as a work space.

How to Style Hallway Table

Almost every home has the ability to transform the hallway into a welcoming space. Our favourite piece is for sure the hallway table, as it has plenty of styling and storage options. Colour, texture and scale of various items such as table lamps, objects, artwork or photos, and books are all important considerations when it comes to how to style a console table. Styling a console table gives you the opportunity to show your personality while also adding more function to your Hamptons style hallway.

Incorporating a scented candle, a box or bowl to collect keys, interesting decor pieces, and greenery is the key to enhance a welcoming ambience. Try to keep a visual balance by scaling different objects and shapes. Baskets are great essentials that bring you extra storage, whether you put them on the lower shelf or just the floor. Plus, made of rattan, they also add textural details to the space. To make things more interesting, try layering and stacking different objects and play with shades and tones.

Frejac White Console Table
Frejac Console Table, Interior Design/Styling by @alixhelpsinteriors
Hamptons Style Including Malval Console White And Monet Mirror
Malval Console Table, Photo by @novaricollective


Your Hamptons style hallway shouldn’t be an afterthought. It should be the opposite, allow it to lay the ground for the rest of your home. With carefully selected furniture and interiors, a Hamptons style hallway will beautifully pull together your home style.

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