How to Care for Your Hamptons Style Furniture

March 10, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style Furniture

Your Hamptons style furniture is a big part of what makes your home truly feel like a home. But over the years, furniture goes through a lot of wear and tear, especially in big households with kids. Every piece of Hamptons style furniture, whether it is a small item like a side table or a large piece like a buffet and hutch, needs regular care and maintenance. With the right attention and care, you can ensure that your furniture will last you a lifetime.

Furnishings come in a variety of materials and each has its own specifics regarding care. So, how do you keep your furniture beautiful over the years? In this article, we cover a range of maintenance techniques, depending on the type of furniture for each room in your home.

Hamptons Style Furniture: General Care Guide

Do you remember the excitement when you bought a new Hamptons style furniture piece at home? In the beginning you would see it precious and make sure to protect and clean it every week. As months go by, the tendency of a regular care might fade, and you start wondering why your furnishings lose their shiny appearance. But if you follow a few basic rules and implement them into your daily life, the life span of your Hamptons style furniture can be increased exponentially.

Your furnishings need to be cleaned regularly, whether it’s Hamptons style bedroom furniture or Hamptons style outdoor furniture. Some things you might need to clean every day, such as your work desk or dining table. Other items will need a wipe and dust off every week, while bigger items, sofas for example, might need a dry cleaning now and then.

Furthermore, you also need to consider that different materials requires different types of care. We will go into details below.

Hamptons style home
Photo by @ Collov Home Design via Unsplash

How to Care for Your Hamptons Style Outdoor Furniture

The optimal way to clean and maintain your Hamptons style outdoor furniture is to educate yourself about what it’s made from and what specific treatment each material needs. Is it made from metal, wood, wicker or maybe even synthetic? Each type has an ideal maintenance routine and the more you know, the better you can prevent it from damage. Make sure to ask the manufacturer or furniture shop about the right care before a purchase.

General cleaning tips for Hamptons style outdoor furniture:

  • Protect your furniture from strong weather elements like heat, cold and strong rain with covers or place it under a covered area.
  • Dry furniture when it gets wet and remove bird droppings as soon as possible to avoid permanent damages in the material structure.
  • Be wary of harsh cleaning chemicals and try them out on a non-visible spot before using them on the whole furniture piece.
  • Clean our Hamptons style outdoor furniture regularly, at least twice a year. Flipping the furniture to inspect it from all sides can help you to detect rust, mold or mildew.
Calais Outdoor Dining Chairs
CALAIS Outdoor Dining Chairs, Photo by @msmimsimpson
Saint Malo combined with a round dining table
SAINT MALO DIning Chairs, Photo by @stevecordony

How to Care for Your Living Room Hamptons Style Furniture

Your living room is most likely the most frequent used room in your home. Hence, while it is sensitive to dust and stains. Implementing dusting into your daily routine is a good way to ensure your wooden living room Hamptons style furniture stays bright and shiny. This will prevent accumulation of dust, which is especially visible on darker furniture pieces. Aside from the daily dusting, you can use the vacuum once a week to additionally clean the upholstery from dust and dirt.

Nowadays, upholstery fabrics are extremely susceptible to stains. And yet, if someone spills something, make sure you clean it up quickly before it sets into the fabric. Another key factor to keep your upholstery looking fresh, is turning the cushions frequently. This reduces sag and wear and tear.

Lifestyleshot Juliette Coffee Table
Living Room Hamptons Style Furniture
Simonata sofa grey
SIMONATA Sofa, Photo by @theedit__interiors

How to Care for Your Hamptons Style Bedroom Furniture

As nice as it might look, having your bed or an armchair placed under the window, you should refrain from placing any furniture Hamptons style bedroom furniture in direct sunlight to avoid fading and heat damages. Right after the bed, your bedsides are the most important furniture pieces in the bedroom. You can protect the surface by not overloading it with decor and heavy items, which can cause scratches and bumps. This rule applies also to console tables, bookshelves, chests and desks. Whether your bedhead is an upholstery version, wood or rattan, make sure to frequently clean it from dust with a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth and lukewarm water.

Manolu white bedside table
MANOLU Bedside, Photo by @theedit__interiors
Saint Malo Armchair
SAINT MALO Armchair, Photo by @stevecordony

How to Care for Your Hamptons Style Dining Furniture

Regardless of whether you use your Hamptons style dining room furniture on a daily basis or only for special occasions, maintaining those pieces is a must. Always wipe your dining table after use with a cloth and mild soap to avoid stains and dust build up. Furthermore, as your dining table is prone to scratches, follow these tips to keep it protected:

  • Don’t leave crumbs and food on the table, as they can stain and/or scratch the surface easily.
  • Be cautious of sharp elements when placing them on the table, use coasters and place mats which are also a protection for condensation marks, heat and food stains. It should be obvious that you should avoid sliding plates and pots across the table.
  • If you want to be extra cautious and avoid scratches at any cost, use a decorative tablecloth.
INDI COASTAL Dining Table Petite
INDI Coastal Dining Table
Ovalis Dining Table and Bahama Dining Chairs
OVALIS Dining Table


Cleaning and maintaining your Hamptons style furniture aren’t difficult tasks. It is an important routine in order to protect your furnishings from everyday wear and tear and make them last for years. Although La Maison products are made of high quality and provide long-lasting durability, it is also in your personal responsibility to clean your Hamptons style furniture the right way to ensure it stays in a good condition. Read our care of products tips for further information.

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