Hamptons Style Décor—Use White, Light Blue, And Ocean-Themed For Your Home

March 15, 2023 Posted by La Maison Luxury Hamptons Furniture

Nothing feels more luxurious than a summer in the Hamptons. The good news is: you too can recreate this casual, breezy and elegant feel, no matter how far you live from the sea.

But what exactly is the Hamptons Decorating Style? And how can you integrate it into your interiors?

We’ll take you through the essential elements needed to capture the essence of the classic Hamptons Decorating Style so you can create this luxurious coastal vibe in your own home.

The Hamptons Style Decorating: Origins And Characteristics

Light, airy, and timeless—the Hamptons style showcases laid-back luxury at its finest.

It originated from the popular villa town along the coast of Long Island, New York, called The Hamptons—a seaside escape for the rich and glamorous that’s known for its serene views, pristine waters, and luxurious beachside mansions.

The Hamptons Decorating Style is defined by classic and elegant designs that meet rustic, casual beach feels. With clean lines and nautical vibes, the Hamptons Style evokes a lifestyle of relaxed, coastal sophistication.

Spacious interiors, natural light, and marine motifs are the hallmarks of this style. The signature interior look has been termed as “beachy-chic”, featuring crisp white walls, coastal blues, and nautical accents.

Using White in Hamptons Style Decor

Coastals Hamptons living room furniture

Crisp white is the key color of the Hamptons style.

This color scheme is subtle and elegant. Think bright or semi-matte white with clean undertones that co-ordinate well with beige and linen. Not only does this color reflect the calming nature of the ocean, it also helps brighten up the space and magnifies the natural light so interiors look more spacious.

Paint your walls and ceiling a bright white, including the edge details of windows and doors. Aside from creating the illusion of more space, white walls also act as a blank canvas to enhance other elements of your home (like furniture, plants, and artwork) and make them stand out against the neutral backdrop.

You can also incorporate an oversized classic white sofa as a focal point for your interior space. For the rooms, you can dress your bed in classic white linen and puffy quilt covers to add comfort and warmth.

Incorporating Light Blue in Hamptons Style Decor

To add contrast to the bright white base color, Hamptons style interiors are often dotted with soft blue furnishings and accents.

This light blue color palette involves two main shades: a soft coastal blue reminiscent of a calm ocean, and a light sapphire blue more popularly known as “duck egg blue.” These colors not only complement the quintessential white, they also add a nautical undertone to the interiors for a more beachy vibe.  

You can use blue for decorations and accessories to evoke the classic Hamptons look, for instance, in the vases, and sculptures. Lean into the coastal influence by using summer patterns like paisley, floral, and stripes for the cushions and blankets, and even the wallpaper.

Botanical or geometric printed rugs in light blue also make visual striking accents, especially when paired with a light grey shade that gives it a nautical edge. Blue mosaic tiles are also an excellent addition for the bathroom to give it a beach house feel.

Ocean Themed in Hamptons Style Decor

Ocean Coastal kitchen design
Photo by @house.society

The Hamptons style cherishes the characteristics of a natural and rustic-modern beach house.

This means lots of ocean-themed decor to create seaside feels and outdoor energy. This style also incorporates lots of natural, textured material that is used in a high-end and artistic way to capture that casual, coastal look — but with a contemporary twist.

When it comes to furniture, look for woven natural fiber like rattan and sisal to add texture and symmetry. Add lots of wooden elements like repurposed driftwood and even rope accents.

For the tables and cabinets, make sure to choose light-colored wood that blends well with the white-and-blue color scheme.

Add visual depth to any space by using nautical-themed decor like wall art featuring ships, vast oceans, and long coast lines. For a more understated look, you can incorporate the ocean-theme by using more subtle elements like blue-and-white stripes on the beddings and throw pillows.

Tips In The Hamptons Style Decorating

  • Create lots of open space. Avoid overcluttering your space. Since Hamptons homes are all about spacious, breezy interiors, arrange the furniture to allow lots of space for free movement.
  • Create visual layers that draw the eye. This can be done using rugs, or by alternating the height of furniture to create dimension.
  • Let in the natural light. To create a stronger connection between indoor and outdoor, make sure you allow lots of natural light to flow in from the windows.
  • Use neutral-toned ceiling-to-floor curtains or white plantation shutters. Not only will these complement the white-and-blue colors, they also create a sense of continuity with the walls and ceiling.
  • Choose oversized, comfortable furniture. Hamptons homes are made for entertaining guests, so keep the space warm and cozy by using extra-large furniture pieces with plush cushions for tailored comfort and relaxed elegance.
  • Showcase your personality using wall art. Corals, ferns, and botanicals are timeless classics that work exceptionally well in Hampton Style interiors.
  • Mix patterned cushions. This creates strong lines and contrast against the white neutral backdrop and gives you a creative outlet to play with the different shades of nautical blues.
  • Use ornate mirrors are decor pieces. Mirrors are a great way to reflect the natural light and make your interior space look larger.
  • Use wood accents instead of shiny metal. Wood is a warm, natural material that adds the signature relaxed and organic feel of a Hamptons Style home.
  • Stay away from bright, bold colors. The Hamptons color palette is subtle and understated, leaning into ocean colors of soft blues and light greys.
  • Play with lace, florals, ceramics, and glass to give a variety of textures.

Hamptons Style Furniture By La Maison

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La Maison has curated a stunning Hamptons collection that will transform your home into a luxurious Hamptons haven. This curated line features high quality, bespoke furniture that blends classic Hamptons style with contemporary designs so you can find the look that best fits your interior space.  

This collection features a range of different pieces from bedside tables, sofas, and relaxed armchairs that make excellent focal points to ground your interior space. They come in a variety of natural, classic materials, from white linen to woven organic fibre, that creates clean and refined lines that embody the Hamptons Style aesthetic.

The La Maison collection stands out with its classic and coastal accents with eye-catching prints and soft tones. Dive into the blue-and-white Hamptons color scheme with a selection of distressed geometric rugs that add texture and visual depth to any neutral background.


Creating a space that reflects the understated coastal elegance of the Hamptons Style is no easy feat, but understanding the basic characteristics and elements of this unique style will take you one step closer to your dream home.