8 Ways to design a Hamptons style bedroom

August 30, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style bedroom

The modern Hamptons style bedroom has all the charm of a quaint seaside, paired with elegance and sophistication. Inspired from the holiday residence of Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style is the perfect balance of refined and relaxed interiors. So, if you crave a space that says “rest and unwind”, the bedroom is the perfect place to evoke the calm and serene Hamptons style with all its light and calm colour scheme and decor. A Hamptons style bedroom is a perfect place to recharge from the hustle and bustle of a busy day. Besides, Hamptons style bedroom furniture is not only pretty, but very practical. Which makes it easy to create a bedroom perfectly suited to all your personal needs and requirements.

If you would like to create a hub for winding down and relax, keep on reading and get inspired by stunning bedroom ideas. Learn how, with only a few simple styling steps, you can easily achieve the Hamptons style bedroom in your home.

8 Hamptons Bedroom Ideas

The colour scheme and design elements are the key essential of a Hamptons style bedroom. It should inherently reflect serenity and calmness, using heavily hues like white, blue, grey and beige. Laid-back furniture made of wood and rattan or cane are ideal to create the nature look and feel of a seaside residence. Incorporating natural textures definitely are a must too, for example sisal rugs, linen and cotton fabrics and flowy light curtains. All these items add warmth and comfort to a Hamptons style bedroom. Now, that you know the basics of a Hamptons bedroom styling, let us take a look at some Hamptons bedroom ideas.


Coastal Retreat

How calming and fresh is a room full of sunbeams? Even if you don’t have a full window front, keeping the room appearance as light as possible is a great way to enhance quietness and peace. Stick to crisp white walls, flooring and window frames. All you need to do to create a dreamy coastal bedroom is to add some soft accents and natural materials. A rattan bedhead will set a great focal point while adding structure to the space. Continue to make the bed the key piece of the room by adding lots of layers. You can lay with bed throws and cushions in a variety of fabrics and patterns – but keep it simple and subtle. Breathable natural fabrics such as soft cotton and 100% linen create the most comfortable feeling. This is also something to consider, if you would like to add a Hamptons style armchair to the bedroom.

LM rattan bedhead
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Navy at its best

Blue is always a good colour when you are thinking of designing a Hamptons style bedroom. The range to choose from is huge, from a classic light blue to a heavy dark navy. A deep blue shade can give your bedroom a totally different look. It is reminiscent of modern high-class Hamptons homes and city apartments. Combined with sandy tones like eggshell or ivory, it sets a beautiful, sophisticated ambience. To enhance the modern look, you can work with dark painted furniture and even two different bedsides to add additional interest to the room design.

Bedroom Look Eclectic Boston
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Sanctuary Cove

A Hamptons style bedroom is not only about the furnishing, to complement the look you need to add matching decor items. Hamptons style decor includes plenty of organic materials, for example woven bed throws and linen cushion covers with soft patterns and structure. You can also implement furnishings with soft fabrics, such as armchairs or the bedhead. To round up the look, simply add some seashells, corals or nautical artwork to the room.

JAN Banner Bedroom
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Bold Coast

The Hamptons coastal look doesn’t always have to be white and blue. Just as the sea is not always calm, so can your bedroom style be strong as well. To achieve a bold styling, you need to create a strong contrast and use rough, natural materials. A bedhead with a handwoven rattan panel sets a perfect base for the bold coast look. Black bedside tables frame it as a beautiful centrepiece, while being practical and chic. Additional black accents in the decor will pull the look together and give it an overall modern appearance.

LM Slider Bedroom Sep2020
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Luxe Statement

As the Hamptons style is all about laid-back luxury look, a luxe statement styling works great in a Hamptons home. This Hamptons style bedroom is oozing sophistication. The exquisite upholstered bedhead highlighted with button tufting is pure luxury. Combined with simple but classy bedsides, it is a refined and beautiful look. The addition of statement table lamps and a beaded chandelier create a grandeur mood.

Hamptons Bedroom Inspiration
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Calming Coastal

Coastal meets cottage can also be an approach to Hamptons style. Muted natural colours, wooden bedsides and textural rattan furnishing blend in perfectly and give a sense of calmness. This bedroom styling is ideal, if you want to create something long-lasting. As neutrals are classic and will never be outdated. Besides, you can always add some accents and rearrange the decor to change things up.

Look Calming Coastal
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Kids room

Of course, a kids rooms can totally incorporate the beautiful Hamptons style as well.

A simple design can work wonders sometime. Fresh white bedding and furnishing like the Hamptons bedside table let the room appear friendly and inviting. Place some flowers and a patterned table lamp.

Keeping the overall look monotone and not overload it with colour is the best way to style a kid’s bedroom and ensure they have their own little retreat to relax and recharge.

A kids bedroom will need more storage for all the toys and clutter. Which you can easily provide with bedside drawers, rattan trunks and spacious chests or sideboards.

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Lifestyleshot Frejac Chest Black
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Hamptons Style Bedheads by Lamaison

A Hamptons style bedhead is undeniably the focal point of a modern Hamptons bedroom. Therefor, you want to ensure to choose the right one as it sets the style for the rest of your space.


Rattan Bedhead

The Cayman rattan bedhead is a wonderful base for a Hamptons style bedroom. It adds instantly warmth and a natural touch to your space. Constructed from a solid timber frame wrapped with a rattan panel, it feels glamorous and relaxed at the same time. Rattan is a light weighted and sustainable material and therefor affordable, if you are on a low budget.

Lifestyleshot Cayman Rattan Bedhead King Single
CAYMAN Bedhead
Cayman Bedhead Queen Front With Transparent Background
CAYMAN Rattan Bedhead

Upholstered Bedhead

An upholstered bedhead is a traditional choice for the Hamptons style bedroom. Sturdily constructed with an ideal mix between coastal chic and luxury, the Margaux bedhead is a stylish piece of bedroom furniture. A curved shaped wooden frame paired with a beautiful upholstered panel, including deco-style button tufting, makes it a perfect addition to a sophisticated look. This bedhead will look gorgeous styled with crisp white sheets, a soft duvet cover and touches of ocean blue, incorporated through throw cushions and decor items.

MARGAUX Bedhead King Hampton Blue Front
MARGAUX Bedhead Hampton Blue
Lifestyle shot Manolu Bedside Black and Margaux Bedhead Linen
MARGAUX Bedhead Natural

Fabric Bedhead

If you prefer a modern Hamptons style for your bedroom, the Camille bedhead is a great pick. Crafted with a moulded timer frame and a soft fabric panel, it fits well in any design scheme. A modern nailhead trim gives it an effortless chic style and sets the right amount of a statement. The 100% linen fabric bedhead creates a soft and light setting. Plus you can choose from three neutral colours, such as natural, dark grey and Hampton Blue.

Lifestyle shot Manolu Bedside Chalk and Camille Bedhead Hampton Blue
CAMILLE Bedhead Hampton Blue
CAMILLE Bedhead King Natural Front
CAMILLE Bedhead Natural

Conclusion on Hamptons style bedrooms

You see, there is more than one approach to design a Hamptons style bedroom. You can stick to the basics or experiment with different, not so traditional styles. We hope we could give you some inspiration with our Hamptons bedroom ideas and inviting you to shop our wide range of bedhead collection. Each of our models comes in various colour choices as well as sizes.

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