Hamptons Dining Table Decor Made Easy: Styling, Setting, Decor and more

August 30, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hamptons dining table decor

A Hamptons home won’t be finished without the proper Hamptons dining table decor. The right styling and decor makes your dining room more inviting and entertaining. Implementing Hamptons style dining table decorations is an easy and inexpensive way to express your style preferences and create a great ambience for family dinners and gatherings. When you are styling a Hampton dining table you can keep it traditional, infuse a little coastal flair or turn it into a modern space – the choice is all yours.

The fundamental elements of Hamptons dining table decor are pieces that add visually interest to the table, such as lanterns, table linens, candleholders, vases and flower arrangements. Considering the major furniture pieces and colours scheme of your dining space will determine the direction of your Hampton style dining table decorations.

We compiled a guide for you full of design tips on how to nail the Hampton dining table styling at home. Here are our easy decorating ideas for you.


Hamptons Dining Table Styling

The Hamptons style interior is the perfect way to make your home feel elegant and classy chic. While the popular Hamptons style is inspired by the seaside summer destination in upstate New York, it finds frequently its way into Australian homes. Meanwhile, the Australians adapted the concept and turned it into a laid-back but sophisticated coastal look. It can be described as simplicity with grandeur, celebrating natural and organic materials.

The base for your Hamptons dining table decor will be your dining table, and ideally the chairs too. For a classic Hamptons style you can opt for a solid, sturdy wood dining table, for example the Hamptons dining table in rectangular shape. If you rather infuse the space with a modern touch, the Ovalis oval dining table painted black will set the right tone.

Hampton dining table and Bahama Folding Chairs
HAMPTON Dining Table, Photo by @threebirdsrenovations
Lifestyle shot Boule Chandelier Black
OVALIS Dining Table

Hampton Style Dining Table Setting

Styling a dining table is essential to keep guests entertained and flaunt your interior design skills for everyday life. The number one rule is to keep the dining table setting organised and decluttered to ensure it provides space for sharing meals and real conversations. Create a simple Hampton style dining table setting using following these steps.

1. Play with textiles

Whether a tablecloth, place mats or napkins, table linen is an easy and effortless way to enhance the Hamptons style. Opt for simple patterns or stripes for a fresh look, or plain linens to keep it clean and subtle. Depending on your overall colour scheme, you can play with hues of blue, grey and naturals. Natural, organic materials like jute, bamboo, rattan and seagrass can add depth and dimension to your Hampton style dining table setting.

Table decor with table cloth
table decor from different materials

2. Serve some ocean colours

Undoubtedly, blue is the main colour in a Hamptons palette. The range is wide, from rich ocean blue to light sky blue. Adding small touches of blue to your Hampton style dining table setting can really amp up your Hamptons dining space. A blue ceramic vase filled with white flowers or a whole table setting of blue plates or glasses will ensure the classic Hamptons look.

You might also add other blue accents around the space, a blue armchair in an empty corner for example.

3. Add some glamour

As the Hamptons style is all about relaxed sophistication, a little opulence on your Hampton style dining table setting will give it the right edge. Statement candleholders made of silver or glass will sprinkle glamour on the table. As well as decor items made from expensive-looking materials like crystal glass, marble or pearls. Setting subtle accents of glamour will enhance the grandeur feeling. Think about adding an oversized statement mirror to your dining room to create an open, large ambient.

Table decor with glass and big flowers
Mc Donald Jones Homes – Orient Bay Dining Chairs
ORIENT BAY Dining Chairs, Photo by @mcdonaldjoneshomes

4. Finish with greenery

Greenery brings like into any space, a Hamptons style dining table setting is no exception. As Hamptons is all about bringing the outside in and taking cues from nature, adding plants and flowers reflect the typical style. You can opt for palms, succulents, ferns or fiddle leaf figs and place them either in a ceramic vase or simple glass vase. Proportions the key to the perfect styling, and you want to go large.

Again, don’t focus on the table only. Place plants in pots of all shapes and sizes in the dining room. Keep the colour scheme in line and play with patterns and textures to add some interest to the space.

Hamptons style table decorations
ORIENT BAY Dining Chairs, Photo by @rylo_co

Hamptons Style Dining Table Decorations

Once you styled your dining room with classic and elegant furniture, you have already done half the job of creating a sophisticated Hamptons dining space. Decoration your dining table is the final step. So, let’s dive in.

1. Aim for subtle grandeur

You want to achieve a casual-luxe mood and not overload it with shiny objects. Choose elegant decor wisely and keep it simple. It can be a statement in shape or colour, but just don’t overdo it.

Hampton style table setting with blue table runner
McDonaldjoneshomes Lennox
LENNOX Dining Chairs, Photo by @mcdonaldjoneshomes

2. Add raw and natural accents

The Australian Hamptons style is bases on natural materials. Adding wooden bowls, linen place mats or rattan accents is a great way to achieve the coastal flair.

3. Create layers of texture

You don’t have to go straight luxe or natural only, combining the both will create an exquisite and abundant look and feel. It’s about combining opposites that make a table setting interesting and encourages conversations. Don’t be afraid of experimenting.

round hamptons dining table
HAMPTON Round Dining Table, Photo by @littlewhitelabel
Neutral table decor

Conclusion on Hamptons dining table decor

A well arranged Hamptons dining table decor is all in all an elegant yet relaxed styling. It creates a laid-back atmosphere for eating, relaxing and entertaining. Keep our tips in mind when thinking about your Hamptons dining table styling, and you will complement beautifully the Hamptons style for your dining space.

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