How to style a Hamptons Coffee Table

November 4, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hamptons Coffee Table Decor

Not only the style of your Hamptons coffee table is important to achieve a certain look, but also the table decor itself. As the Hamptons coffee table is often the centre of the living room, the coffee table decor needs special attention. The way you style your Hampton style coffee table can pull together your overall room design or, in the opposite case, disrupt the flow and ambience of the space. Means you want to aim for a Hampton coffee table decor that is aesthetic and functional.

By incorporating decor items like bowls, vases, candles or coffee table books, you can easily make your space more liveable and inviting. Styling with Hamptons coffee table decor is not difficult as long as you keep certain rules in mind. Here are some professional tips on how to style your Hamptons coffee table like a pro.

What is a Hamptons Coffee Table

A Hamptons coffee table follows the traditional Hamptons style, which is refined yet relaxed. It has a timeless and versatile look, that will suit any home. The Hamptons style coffee table is usually designed light and airy with a coastal yet classic influence. It is a perfect piece of furniture to achieve the casual luxury of Hamptons style. Let’s have a quick look at our 3 bestselling Hamptons coffee tables.

The MALVAL White Hamptons coffee table is a must-have for the traditional Hamptons living room. Defined by classic design details such as the flared lip moldings and edges, tapered legs and hand forged brass hardware with an aged antique patina, it fits beautifully in a Hamptons or Coastal interior scheme. Its square shape is not only stylish, but big on function. Four drawers and a lower shelf provide generous storage, while the surface offers space to display your decor items.

Hamptons Coffee Table
MALVAL White Coffee Table, Photo by @cordonygroup

The CALAIS Round Hamptons Coffee Table is the perfect addition to a coastal inspired home. A beautiful hand-woven rattan side panel adds instantly a natural touch and interesting structure to your living room. Constructed from a solid wood base and plywood surface, it is a durable and strong item that easily holds heavy decor items.

Calais rattan coffee table black
CALAIS Coffee Table Black
Lifestyleshot Calais Coffee Table Old Grey
CALAIS Coffee Table Old Grey

The BROOKLYN Rectangle Glass Coffee Table comes in a stylish material mix and works best in a modern living room. A combination of elegant iron and natural rattan infuses glamour to your living space. It comes in a spacious rectangular shape and an additional lower shelf, ideal for displaying your books and decor items. Pair it with the matching armchair to complete the luxury Hamptons look.

Not sure how to choose the right coffee table for your home? Rear our guide how to pick the best coffee table for your living room

Brooklyn Hampton Armchair
BROOKLYN Armchair Hampton Blue
Brooklyn Rectangle Coffee Table Front
BROOKLYN Coffee Table

The Basics of decorating a Hamptons Style Coffee Table

As often in Interior Design styling, balance is key. Nothing ensures balance so well as symmetry, whether through pairing geometric decor items or by composing a frame through layering. Playing with height and scale when layering objects is essential. Start with a wooden tray or a stack of books, which make a nice, even foundation for layering. From here you can place items like candles, vases and other decorative pieces on top. Furthermore, coffee table books can represent your personality and be a conversation opener with guests.

More important than the decor items is the shape of your Hamptons style coffee table.

How to style a Round Hamptons Coffee Table

A round coffee table can be a great way to soften angular lines and shapes in a living space. To create an interesting arrangement, you want to ensure your decor objects sit in a cluster on the centre of the table. Working with the rule of three is the best approach to style a round coffee table. Means you play with three objects in different heights. For example, a tall vase with a flower bouquet, a lower and wider object like a candle and again an item that is smaller.

A large round coffee table like the JULIETTE Glass Top Coffee Table is a perfect all-rounder for a classic Hamptons living room. The curved iron silhouette makes it a classic yet contemporary piece.

Lifestyle shot Sassoon 3seater flax and brooklyn coffee table
BROOKLYN Coffee Table Set Round
JULIETTE Coffee Table

How to style a Rectangular Coffee Table

The easiest way to achieve a balanced Hamptons coffee table decor styling is to break the length of the table up into three parts. You don’t have to fill all three parts with objects, but it gives you a nice orientation to keep the styling symmetrical. By using the whole depth of your coffee table as well, you can create visual interest. Place a large decor arrangement in of the thirds and go from there. To complete the look, add smaller objects – these are also a good idea to reflect your personal style.

The BALLARD Wood Coffee Table comes with two removable trays, which can help you to divide the parts for decorating and daily usage.

Hamptons Coffee Table Decor
BALLARD Wood Coffee Table Black, Photo by @propertystylingcorp
Lifestyleshot Florence Coffee Table
FLORENCE Coffee Table

How to style a Square Coffee Table

If you only have a small living room, a square coffee table will be perfect for you. Similar to a rectangular coffee table, you can divide the surface into parts. But on a square coffee table, you don’t want to fill all four parts. Choose either one or two parts and leave space for remotes and your coffee cup. With less surface area to work with, you need to refine the objects you want to display.

The HENWICK White Coffee Table with baskets saves even more space. Simply place all the clutter in one of the four boxes, while bigger items find a hidden place behind the wooden doors.

Lifestyle Image Manado Coffee Table and Side Table
MANADO Wood Rattan Coffee Table
Lifestyleshot Henwick White Coffee Table
HENWICK White Coffee Table with baskets


When done right, your Hamptons coffee table decor will enhance a beautiful ambience and be an engaging piece of furniture in your living room. Aim for a Hamptons coffee table styling that looks aesthetically interesting but doesn’t interrupt your daily life. Following our tips on decorating your Hamptons style coffee table, you will surely create a styling that matches your home design and personality.

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