3 Hampton Style Study Room Ideas you’ll love

September 13, 2022 Posted by La Maison Hampton style study room furniture

Over the last years, more homes have become personal workspaces – from a small working niche to a full functional home office. Working from home can look very stylish, such as a Hampton style study room. When designing a work space at home, it is important to choose a theme that inspires you and boosts your productivity. A Hampton style study room is ideal to provide both. With neutral colours, organic materials and soft textures you can create a serene and calm work environment, where you can focus and be creative.

With our guide on how to choose the right study desk, we gave you already some important tips on how to pick the right desk. Now, we want to give you inspiration on how to design a Hampton style study room. Here are three of our favourite study room design ideas and style tips to help you create your own Hampton style study room.

Hampton Style Study Room

What makes a Hampton style study room different to other styles, you might be wondering. The Hampton look is famous for being sophisticated, relaxed, airy and light – which are great essentials for boosting productivity as well as creativity. The Hampton style comes with a lot of whites whether it’s the wall paint, flooring or window frames. Combined with soft hues of grey, neutrals and blue, it creates a calm environment. The key point is to bring outdoor elements inside to enhance a relaxed vibe.

Furthermore, Hampton style furniture is designed to be pretty as well as practical, and is therefor ideal for a work space at home. Let’s dive into some study room design ideas.

Modern Office Furniture Croix Study Desk Black
Croix Desk Black, Photo by @furnishandfinishstyling

Study Room Design Ideas

1. The Modern Look

Opt for a modern Hampton style study room look, if you prefer a clean and simple design. This style is also suitable for small niches and an open-plan living, in case you need to integrate your work space into the living room.

Key elements to this look are a subtle colour palette, almost monochrome, and simple yet refined furniture, like the Jasper study desk. Its sleek design with a black matt iron frame and wood grain veneer sits beautifully in the space, without taking up too much space. Two spacious drawers give plenty of storage for all your work utensils.

Consider pairing it with neutral coloured furnishings and decor. Especially, a Hampton office chair from natural fabric such as linen will add a beautiful texture to the look. To complete the modern study room look, work with a few single decor items with unusual shapes and structures to add interest to the space without overloading it.

2. The Classic Look

The classic look of a Hampton style study room brings in all the casual, relaxing and timeless vibes.
Starting with a classic colour palette of either crisp white or natural greys as a base. When it comes to furniture, think of classic white finishing and the traditional cross-designed and moulded details. For example, the Croix white wooden desk. Elegant and simply designed, it is a key piece for a Hampton inspired work space. A deep work surface and two practical drawers will allow you to unfold your productivity.

You may pair it with a wicker or linen upholstered office chair to add some textures to the space. Simple colours, classic shapes and natural fibres will pull this look together into a calm oasis. Add a soft rug or indoor plants in a beautiful ceramic pot to create a soft appearance. For the ultimate Hamptons look add a matching bookcase to the space and fill it with your favourite books, rattan boxes to store smaller items and light scented candles to help you relax.

3. The Elegant Look

For an elegant Hampton style study room, consider using black and rich wooden furniture. It will evoke warmth and richness while keeping the overall look clean and modern. Pair it with large armchairs on the side, whether they set an accent through shape or style, to create an opulent look and feel.

Large decor items like mirrors, paintings or table lamps will add dimension to the desk and refine the elegant look. A well-curated selection of interior is the key to achieve the elegant look. Choose beautiful but also useful pieces when styling an elegant Hampton style study room.

Croix Desk Natural
Croix Desk Natural, Photo by @ carlislehomes
Croix Black Desk
Croix Desk Black, Photo by @masterton_homes

Hampton Style Study Desk

All these study room design ideas you can recreate at home with our best-selling study desk – the Croix wooden desk. It comes in three beautiful finishing – white, black and natural – and fits beautifully in any design scheme. The classic style combined with practical storage and a spacious surface makes it the perfect desk for a home office as well as a small working corner. Along with the Frejac bookcase in a traditional Hamptons design or the Oscar modern bookcase, the Croix study desk is a key essential for a Hampton style study room.

Croix Wooden Desk White Angle
Croix Desk White
Croix Desk Black
Croix Desk Black
Croix Natural Wood Desk Angle With Transparent Background
Croix Desk Natural

Hampton Office Chair

A perfect Hampton office chair will offer you great comfort to make long working hours easier. The Lennox chair combines beautiful natural fabric with fine design and soft seating. A low contemporary seat design provides comfortable back support. Available in three colours, you can choose from Natural, Indigo or Hampton Blue. Make it a statement or incorporate it into the scheme, the choice is yours.

Lennox Dining Chair Natural Angle With Transparent Background
Lennox Chair Natural
Lennox Dining Chair Indigo Angle With Transparent Background
Lennox Chair Indigo
Fabric Dining Chair Lennox
Lennox Chair Hampton Blue

Conclusion on Hampton Style Study Room Design

You see, the Hampton style is perfect to create a beautiful, serene work space at home. Once you designed the base with crisp white or neutral walls and flooring, ensure you opt for Hamptons style furniture that is just as functional as it is pretty. Combining style and function is important to create a space that allows you to focus, be productive and creative.

At La Maison Australia, you can find a selection of functional yet timeless designed study desks, practical bookcases and comfortable chairs in soft fabrics or sustainable rattan. Browse our collection online or visit our showrooms to find the right fit for your study and work space.