Top Furniture and Home Accessories Ideas for Hamptons Style House

March 15, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style living room

By now established in almost every part of the world, the Hamptons style offers casual luxury and a timeless, resort-like essence. Based on the use of natural materials, authentic textures, and an all-white color palette, this interior design style has gained the love of a lot of homeowners, nowadays. The Hamptons style house is so popular because it creates a welcoming home atmosphere with a luxurious, yet timeless feel. However, a Hamptons style interior doesn’t mean that it can’t be affordable too. It is up to every homeowner to create a balanced Hampton-style home that matches their needs and personal style.

Key Characteristics of Hamptons Style

Hamptons-style homes are defined by the use of natural materials, a neutral color palette, and beach-inspired furniture and accessories. All these elements work perfectly together to create a relaxed, and timeless essence. The major characteristics of the Hamptons style are the following.

Use of natural materials

Natural materials will always be a mainstay of the Hamptons style house. Wood, stone, timber, marble, and linen can be found in different parts of the house. Surfaces and finishes are based on these materials, offering warmth and authenticity. The same applies to interior furniture and homewares. Pieces made from leather, timber, and linen are all popular choices.

Neutral color palette with pops of blue and white

A Hamptons-style interior and exterior uses colors inspired by nature. Warm beige, off-white, aqua, grey and cool blue are all excellent options. It is worth remembering that the foundation color for all Hamptons style houses is vivid white.


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Nautical and coastal influences

Pairing warm neutral colors with different shades of blue, like navy or baby blue is a key element to creating an appealing Hamptons style. Coastal blues are also, typical of this interior style. In general, the Hamptons design is greatly influenced by both nautical and coastal elements. This, in turn, affects a lot the type of furniture and accessories homeowners choose. For example, linen sofas in a deep navy blue, art on the walls showing layers of yachts and images of the ocean, as well as lots of striped upholstery are key elements to creating an inspirational Hamptons style interior.

A relaxed casual feel

Many consider Hamptons style interiors as the American version of French designs, including Baroque and Rococo. The relaxed and casual feel of the Hamptons design is depicted in both the indoor and outdoor spaces. The coastal-inspired color scheme, the classy and spacious rooms, as well as the sense of lighting in all parts of the house create a relaxed and authentic feeling.

Importance of Furniture and Home Accessories in Hamptons Style

Choosing the most suitable furniture and home accessories is the core of achieving a successful Hamptons design. Luxury and relaxation are the key elements when designing your Hampton house interior. Generous sofas with neutral colors, upholstered with pale, off-white colors, large couches with lots of cushions, as well as white side tables are all popular choices. Comfortable and luxurious furniture with cushioned seating is a must for a Hamptons house, as is the use of soft furnishings, especially in the use of curtains and sheers. Accessories can also, play a key role in the atmosphere of the house, and owners should try to pick beautiful pieces that perfectly match the house’s essence.

Types of Hamptons Furniture

When choosing the best Hamptons furniture, it is important to have in mind that it’s not all about style, but functionality, as well. This is why it is best to choose furniture that’s both comfortable and stylish. La Maison offers a variety of Hamptons furniture, including sofas, chairs, bar stools, tables, and beds. Their Hamptons sofa in white or natural linen, along with the Maison four-poster bed in white or natural timber are great examples of what homeowners should look for. The Hampton dining chair, along with the Bailey coffee table in natural timber is also, a great option for creating a relaxed, Hamptons-styled kitchen. The great thing about all these pieces is the fact that they are not only stylish and authentic but are made of high-quality materials and offer long-lasting relaxation for years to come.

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Types of Hamptons Accessories

An inseparable part of a Hamptons style interior is the use of different accessories to complement the style of your house. These accessories should be defined by neutral colors, and incorporate a nautical and coastal style. For example, the Blue Stripe Cushion and Throw Set, as well as the Ceramic Vase in white or blue provided by us are excellent choices. Other Hamptons accessories include glossy ceramics, wooden or nickel picture frames, and elegant decorative trays. The Nautical Wooden Archor and the Seagrass Basket Set are also, great choices since they ate both decorative and functional at the same time. It is important to remember that apart from creating a cohesive look throughout the house with the use of the right accessories, it is also, vital that you choose accessories that are functional, as well.

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Tips for Achieving a Perfectly Balanced Hamptons Home

Achieving a perfectly balanced Hamptons style house may feel overwhelming at first, but by staying true to the key characteristics and elements of this style, you will soon become familiar with the specific needs of this design. Hamptons style is based on some specific elements, with the most prominent being the use of natural materials and neutral colors. When choosing your furniture and accessories, it is important to have this in mind. Thus, stick to a neutral color palette, based on white and blue accents to bring in a coastal and nautical vibe, as well. Our Blue Stripe Cushion and Throw Set to add pops of color are excellent inspirations.

Wherever possible, use natural materials, including wood, ceramic, linen, and marble. This applies to all your house’s spaces, including the kitchen, bedroom, and living room. La Maison’s Seagrass Basket Set and Ceramic Vase are beautiful choices, that are not only elegant but functional, as well. Another practical tip to have in mind is to always try and keep things simple. In order to create a relaxed, and comfortable atmosphere, it is crucial to choose well-crafted and high-quality furniture. Spacious sofas covered in soft natural fabrics, oversized chairs in soft blues and beiges, as well as natural wood furniture should not be missed from a Hamptons style house.

Although sticking to the key elements of creating a Hamptons style house is important, homeowners should not forget that their house reflects their personality. Therefore, try to have fun and explore all the different options and ideas that come to mind when you wish to create a Hamptons style. Our products can be a great source of inspiration and guidance, Roam through the available options and choose the ones that complement not only your house’s Hamptons style but your personality, as well.


The Hamptons house style is here to stay. This luxurious, yet relaxed and comfortable interior design style offers homeowners several benefits and is widely accepted as a unique and desirable home style. Creating your own, balanced Hamptons house style is not that complicated. Homeowners need to choose furniture and accessories that match not only this specific style but their personality, as well. La Maison is here to help you learn more about planning your dream Hamptons house and find inspiration in their popular designs, furniture, and accessories ideas.