How to Incorporate Floral Accents into Your Hamptons Style Homes

March 27, 2023 Posted by La Maison Hamptons style homes

The coastal charm and sophisticated elegance are the key attributes of Hamptons style homes and make it one of the most loved interior design styles amongst Australian homeowners. White, natural wood, blue and grey tones are a must for creating Hamptons style homes interiors, but what about floral accents? In fact, floral arrangements are a major element to Australian Hamptons style homes and a beautiful way of infusing fresh and vivid accents to your home.

Flowers are an easy yet effective option to add colour and texture to a room. And there’s a wide range of different florals used in Hamptons home styling. Depending on what you look, you would like to achieve you can opt for orchids, hydrangeas or roses & peonies. In the following guide, we break down for you how to incorporate floral accents into your Hamptons style homes.

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Modern Hamptons Style Homes Interiors

Australian Hamptons style homes differ slightly from the original vacation destination of Long Island. The Australian version is more laid-back, with influences of coastal and modern design. Think of a relaxing beach day, serenity and calmness – this is the feeling you want to achieve with modern Hamptons style homes interiors. Here are five key elements for styling a Hamptons home:

1. Colour palette
Choose serene colours inspired by nature. Crisp white, warm beige, soft pastel blue as well as bright marine blue work beautifully together. Furthermore, can grey hues be used in modern Hamptons style homes. Repeat the colour palette within your interior as well as decor, textiles, etc.

2. Furnishing
Generosity is key when it comes to furnishing Hamptons style homes. Inspired from luxury resorts, large upholstered sofas and armchairs with plain or striped, natural fabric are undoubtedly the main furniture pieces you need to achieve the Hamptons look. Sideboards, side tables and shelving from natural or white-painted wood can add extra dimension to the space. As well as rattan chairs or coffee tables.

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3. Styling
Cushions are a must to add colour and patterns to Hamptons style homes. You can keep it simple by layering subtle hues, make it stand out by using bold lines and paisley patterns, or even use ocean-inspired motifs. Textural accents can also be achieved with quality linens and slipcover seating arrangements.

4. Decor
Hamptons style evokes a sense of luxury and can be reflected in grandeur decor. Large vases, china blues, glass-based lamps and to-the-floor coverage curtains, don’t be afraid to go big to make it look opulent.

5. Floral accents
Greenery and natural flowers bring a fresh breeze into Hamptons style homes. This can be large plants along entrances or terrace, as well as beautiful flower bouquets in your living room. Besides, everyone loves flowers because of their fragrance.

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Choosing the Right Floral Accents for Your Hamptons-Style Home

Decorating with flowers is mostly up to your preference and style withing your Hamptons style home. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing floral accents for your space.

  • Choose flowers that match the physical space in your home and consider where you want to place them. When plants or flower arrangements are too big or small or not proportionate to the furniture piece, they will look out of place.
  • Complement or set accents with colour. Your overall colour scheme will determine the tones of your floral pieces. Try to avoid colours that don’t match your existing colour palette.
  • Decide about a scent. If you are sensitive to fragrance, rather opt for subtle smelling flowers. And keep in mind that some flowers have a very strong scent, and you don’t want to place too many of them in a small room.

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Ideas for Floral Accents in Hamptons Style Homes Interiors

Hydrangeas – Is the typical flower of the classic Hamptons style. They look stunning in a large arrangement as well as a single piece. You can get them in white for a clean look or as a pop of blues and soft pinks. Placed in a glass vase on your coffee table or a gorgeous console table, they will easily catch an eye.

Orchids – Represent pure elegance and beauty. Place a larger arrangement on your dining table or keep it simple with a single steemed orchid on your bedside table or in the bathroom – either way, orchids show a great taste.

Roses – Are the perfect flowers to enhance grace and beauty. And they are available in all kind of shades from soft pinks to dark mauve. Furthermore, they add a feminine touch to any Hamptons space. If you are looking for floral accents with a strong elegance, definitely opt for roses.

Floral Accent roses
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Where to Add Floral Accents in Your Hamptons-Style Home

In general, floral accents need space to shine and work their wonders, but they work in any room. Start from the hallway with placing a welcoming flower arrangement on a console table or sideboard. The most common place to add flowers into Hamptons style homes is the coffee table. By placing it on coffee table books, you can create a nice layering effect as well. Keep it rather simple in the bedroom with single flowers or easy to maintain plants on the bedside table to save space for your bedtime items. And don’t forget the bathroom, even though it might seem an unusual spot, flowers can add a lot of character to it, and they last longer in the humid atmosphere.


Floral accents might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to decorating, but they are surely the finishing touch in Australian Hamptons style homes. With a fine selection of fresh flowers, you can enhance the beauty of your space and enjoy their presence. Plus, they give you the opportunity to be creative and have fun.

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