Dining Table Shapes: Which one is the best for your home?

June 20, 2022 Posted by La Maison Shop Dining table

Dining tables are the heart of every home. A place for gatherings and entertainment with friends and meaningful conversations with the family or partner. As you may spend hours upon hours at the dining table, finding the right dining table shape is essential for joyful moments. Picking the right dining table shape for your dining room is important to create an inviting room but also a space, that works for your needs. As these days, the dining table is more than a place for meals. It can be a creative space to craft, bake or work.

Mostly you can choose between rectangular, oval or round dining tables. Each of them has different advantages, and we want to help you find the best match for you. Generally, the overall shape of your dining table should be your first consideration before deciding on materials and style. We put together a small guide with examples for each shape to show you the possibilities.

How to find the right dining table shape for your home?

In general, the dining table is naturally the main focal point in the kitchen or dining room. Therefor, you will certainly look at styles and designs when decorating your dining space. But beyond making it a centrepiece, it’s essential to find the right shape and size to find a suitable table that fits all your needs. 

Besides design and shape, the dimension of your dining room play a major role as well. You want to fit your family or a certain number of guests, but need to consider that everyone including you has enough space to move and eat in peace.

With the right dining table shape, you can ensure it serves you well and create a space that’s aesthetically pleasing and practical. So, let’s take a look at the options and what are the advantages to the available dining table shapes.

alfresco hamtpons dining sest
Hamptons Dining Table, Photo by @threebirdsrenovations
INDI Coastal Dining sets
Indi coastal rectangle dining table


Rectangular Dining Tables

The most common table shape is the rectangular dining table. And there’s a good reason for that. As most dining rooms are typically in rectangular shape, the matching rectangular table shape works best. Besides a harmonious room balance, the rectangular dining table can accommodate more people and is ideal for more than four people. Its angular shape also allows you to place it against a wall or use it as a visual room divider, for example in an open-plan living concept. This works unlikely with oval or round dining tables. Because of its lack of angles, it would take up much more space and not clearly divide a space.

The Polly rectangle dining table is constructed from solid teak wood with a beautiful slatted surface. Its natural appearance brings warmth and comfort to a dining space, whether it’s inside or on the patio. Polly is a good choice if you’re looking for a sturdy yet stylish dining table.

The Indi Coastal rectangular dining table might suit you better, if you prefer something light and airy. Its thin galvanised powder coat base leaves plenty of space under the table. Build with weather resistant materials like teak wood and iron, the coastal rectangle dining table works perfectly in a covered outside area without loosing its quality.

Round Dining Tables

The biggest advantage of round dining tables is that it works perfect in small and big spaces. The circular shape is ideal for small rooms, due to its lack of corners it is space-saving. And at a round Hamptons dining table, you can always squeeze in an additional guest. In a big dining room, round wood dining tables can set a beautiful focal point. Especially if the round Hamptons dining table comes in a statement design, with an impressive stand, for example.

Despite the size of the room, a Hamptons style round dining table creates an intimate dining atmosphere. While at a rectangular table, you are always stuck talking with the people directly next to you or across you. Unless you don’t mind shouting over the table. Round dining tables ensure that everyone can see and hear each other and has easy access to the food dished.

The Grace round wood dining table combines luxurious style and contemporary design. The geometric shaped stand makes it a statement piece in any room. Crafted with solid teak wood, it’s an essential piece for outdoor dining.

The round Hamptons dining table comes with an impressive base and a sturdy table-top. Beautiful natural shadow lines add a sense of coastal glamour to the room. A perfect piece for Hamptons inspired dining rooms.

Oval Dining Tables

You have all the space, but still can’t decide between Hamptons style round dining table and rectangular dining table? You might want to consider an oval dining table. The oval Hamptons dining table’s unique shape combines the advantages of both. The natural layout of a rectangular table with the flexibility and intimacy of a round dining table. Plus, the sensuous curves of a round table but a lengthier, more spacious surface.

An oval dining table softens angular lines and softens the overall appearance of a room. It incorporates interesting curves into a space and can enhance a modern look and feel. Compared to a rectangular dining table, an oval hamptons dining table breaks harsh lines and corners and makes it easier to move around. Especially if you have kids, an oval dining table will provide great safety.

Furthermore, the oval hamptons dining table is a secret recommendation for narrow dining rooms or niches. You can still fit many people while having the breezier look.

The Ovalis dining table is a multi-functional interior piece. Whether for large dinner parties or as a homeschooling base, this gorgeously designed oval dining table will last you for many years. The smooth texture and deep grain add an instant feeling of nature and relaxation.

Conclusion on dining table shapes

When it comes to choosing the right dining table shape, the right match is ideal for your available space, the size of your family and last but not least your personal and style preferences. At La Maison we have a wide range of dining table shapes such as round hamptons dining table and coastal rectangular dining tables. You can also choose between several sizes, depending on your room size. Come visit our showrooms and take a look!