Mismatched Dining Chairs: The Dos and Dont’s you need to know

August 12, 2022 Posted by La Maison mismatched dining chairs

When it comes to picking Hamptons dining chairs, there are many options available – whether matching chairs, mismatched dining chairs or a combination of chairs and a bench. Interior styling with mismatched dining chairs can be a great way of adding interest to your dining room and allow you to show your personality. It’s an opportunity to bring colour and various designs to your home. However, it may seem tricky to pair a dining table with mismatched dining chairs, as the possibilities are endless. And there is a big difference between intentional mixing or a random selection that’s been thrown together. It’s all about getting the right balance. When it’s done properly, the result will be a beautiful statement design that makes your interiors really stand out and wow your guests.

Read on for some expert advice to make sure you master the mismatched dining chairs trend.

How to style your dining table with mismatched chairs

1. Choose a base

Whether you already have a dining table or you are about to invest in a new one, keep in mind that the dining table is the base for the mismatched dining chairs trend. Not only the material of your dining table, but also its shape, will affect what Hamptons dining chairs you can combine to it. The dining table will set the tone for the overall style. Once you have decided on a design, you can start looking for the chairs that will go best with the material and shape.

Dining Setting Ovalis Dining Table
OVALIS Dining Table
Hmaptons Dining Table Grande With Transparent Background
HAMPTON Dining Table

2. Keep an eye on the height

The crucial part of mastering the mismatched dining chairs trend is the height. Keep the height among your unmatching chairs consistent to avoid a “zigzag” line, which would create a disturbance for the eye as well as the ambience. Having the chair heights on a similar level will ensure a balance within the overall styling. This includes the seat height as well. You don’t want your dinner guests to be bopping up and down and make it feel awkward and uncomfortable to sit around one table.

As long you keep this ground rule in mind, you can mix and match any styles you like.

BHDM Design e1660113960703
Image credit: BHDM Design via Pinterest
designthusiasm chairs 1 e1660113913195
Image credit: Designthusiasm via Pinterest

3. Ensure some balance

A great way to balance mismatched dining chairs is to choose the chairs in pairs and place them either opposite to each other or across the dining table. This way you can maintain a composed, symmetrical look but without the all matching style. Besides, you can still play with colour, material or style and add interest to the arrangement. Your mismatched dining chairs will be tastefully different, but still complement the room without looking overloaded.

Laurenliess e1660114618958
Image credit: @laurenliess via Pinterest
boligmag tiaborgsmidt scaled e1660114513575
Image credit: Tia Borgsmidt via Bolig

4. Play with colour

But not in the uncontrolled, crazy way. When it comes to mixing mismatched dining chairs, a wild combination of shapes and colours can ruin the whole look. Better opt for a consistent colour scheme and simply play with a variety of hues. The chairs can still be a mix of different materials and silhouettes, but the look will feel more intentional if you keep a cohesive look. You will be surprised how many diverse styles you can create by using one colour range only.

Another option is to go bold with bright colours for a truly contemporary look. It’s a fun way to introduce an eye-catching style into your dining room. Bright colours work well with a classic chair design, but don’t forget to use it in separation.

If you are unsure about the colour scheme, think about the overall style of your home and if you rather have a classic design you can live with for years or if you like it versatile.

Helen dining e1660115193431
Image credit: The Design Files via Pinterest
Hamptons Style Kitchen
Image credit: Red via Pinterest

5. Create a composition

A dining table with mismatched chairs is a great way to mix things up. Old and new, modern and traditional, black and white – the combinations are endless. You can vary different styles, materials or silhouettes. To truly master the mismatched chair trend, it is important to keep the whole composition in mind. Pull colours together, look for similar shapes or designs from one era, use corresponding materials – working with similarities will create a harmonious composition in your dining space.

Hamptons Dining chairs by Lamaison

In this section, we want to introduce you to some La Maison chair designs, that work very well for the mismatched dining chairs trend.

1. All good things are three

Especially if you have a big seating arrangement for 6 up to 12 people, a combination of three styles is a good choice. It’s a good start to implement mismatched dining chairs in pairs without overdoing it.

The combination of the Saint Malo slipcover chair, the Hampton dining chair and the Orient Bay cane chair works so well because they share a similar form and dimensions. All come with a beautiful high back and comfortable seat cushions. The neutral tones enhance a calm atmosphere, ideally for a Hamptons coastal dining arrangement.

The Saint Malo slipcover chair with its soft curved lines and a 100% linen to-the-floor cover adds a sense of drama to the room. Its padded seat accompanied by high armrests offer great comfort. A removable slipcover ensures low maintenance.

The Hampton dining chair is a classic piece of art, made of handwoven rattan. Rattan is a completely sustainable material that is environmentally friendly. Furthermore, it’s a sturdy but light weighted material with low maintenance. A special feature of rattan furniture is that it stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

The Orient Bay cane dining chair adds natural structure and an airy style to the trio. A fully handmade chair with beautiful spray-coat finishing, which makes it stain and dust-resistant. Due to the light material, you can move it easily, which makes it an ideal piece for in and outdoor dining.

Saint Malo Dining Chair Slipcover Saffron Angle With Transparent Background
SAINT MALO Dining Chair
Hampton Dining Chair
HAMPTON Dining Chair
Orient Bay White Cane Dining Chair Angle
ORIENT BAY Dining Chair

2. A classic contrast

You can never go wrong with a classic monochrome look. Black and white is a classic colour scheme, loved by interior designers for a good reason. Mismatched dining chairs in a monochromatic look can add a modern sense to your dining room. All you need to do is mix styles and materials to achieve the trend.

An effortless combination is the Bahama Folding chair paired with the Calais dining chair. Both come in an eclectic design and can add interest to any space.

The Bahama Folding chair has a folding frame made of solid teak wood. Therefor, you can simply tuck it away if you need more space around the dining table. Also, it’s removable and washable cotton slipcover is ideal for low maintenance.

The Calais dining chair combines a solid wood frame with handwoven natural rattan, which makes it a durable and long-lasting piece for generations to last. Along with the textural touch of rattan, the wooden frame comes with a rich, natural patina. It’s a charming combination with the fabric of the Bahama folding chair.

If you feel like adding a third addition to the look, the Malawi chair would be suitable as well. It adds some soft curves and textural touch to the composition. Available in Black and White.

Bahama Folding Chair Creme
BAHAMA Folding Chair
Calais Dining Chair Black With Transparent Background
CALAIS Dining Chair

3. Same but different

Combining different shapes and styles can be overwhelming. An effortless approach is sticking to identical chairs but in different colours. The Lennox Chair is the ideal chair to follow this approach. Available in three beautiful, breathable fabric choices, you can play with either two shades of blue or add additional accent in natural. This combination works beautifully in a classic Hamptons dining setting.

The Lennox chair is versatile, you can use as a dining chair as well as an office chair. A solid ash wood frame can hold a weight capacity up to 130 kg. Furthermore, the high-density sponge of the seating provides soft comfort.

Fabric Dining Chair Lennox
LENNOX Hampton Blue
Lennox Dining Chair Indigo Angle With Transparent Background
Lennox Dining Chair Natural Angle With Transparent Background
LENNOX Natural

4. A minimal touch

You are still not sure about the mismatched dining chairs trend? Then we recommend you a slow approach and easy approach to incorporate it into your home. You can change up only two chairs within your dining arrangement, ideally at the ends of your dining table. This will create a composed and symmetrical look. Go for chairs that break the design a little, for example dining chairs with armchairs if the rest is without, or combine fabric dining chairs along wooden dining chairs.

For this look, we recommend you the Manny dining chair. It comes in a modern design with a wooden frame and a comfortable cover. The curved legs and brass stud detailing on the back soften the traditional design.

Manny Dining Chair Natural Angle With Transparent Background
MANNY Natural
Manny fabric dining chair
MANNY Indigo

Find your Hamptons dining table with mismatched chair at La Maison Australia.

At La Maison we follow a mix not match philosophy, we encourage you to explore different styles and play with designs. Our collections offer a variety of dining table and dining chair designs, all with unique designs and high quality material. Whether you want mismatched dining chairs or match them, we got you covered.

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